Thursday, September 24, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240909.24 - Duty Log "Funeral Prep - Commodore Rehu

[USS Charon, Morgue]

Shiarrael stood silently as one of the medical techs led her into the morgue.  It was cold, dry, and lacked the refreshing sanitized smell of sickbay.  Instead it smelled of death- not of rotting but lack of any true scent.  The tech carefully reached over and pulled the two trays open revealing the two corpses carefully preserved in stasis units.

"You can leave us."  Shiarrael spoke to the tech who nodded his head and left.  Standing alone she frowned.  The first body was Lieutenant Hightower and the second was Ensign Ramer- both were murdered by Joseph Bosque.  Both died guarding her children- it was senseless death and it felt empty to Shiarrael after she learned the truth.  These men deserved something more than being sent back to Federation space only to be forgotten.  She sighed but smiled "you will not be forgotten."  She placed her hand on the glass case "you will be remembered forever."

Behind her someone stirred.  Shiarrael turned around and nodded her head "thank you Commander."

"I'm no longer a Commander."  Ceer motioned to his collar "I'm just Ceer now."

Shiarrael nodded.  "Is staying on Lyrilla what you truly want Commander?"

"I've spent almost a century in Starfleet.  I have more than earned this retirement."  Ceer smiled "I think I can be happy here." 

"I see."  Shiarrael returned his smile and looked at Hightower again "a true pity." 

"It always is- but at least now they will be remembered."  Ceer saluted as eight personnel dressed in their Starfleet whites entered the morgue carrying two torpedo casings.

Shiarrael saluted briefly and then left the morgue.  Outside she gestured to a young yeoman "inform the crew that memorial services for Lieutenant Hightower and Ensign Ramer will be held in five hours on Lyrilla."

"Yes ma'am."  The young woman said and rushed off.  As she watched the body filled casings get carried out by the honor guard she couldn't help but wonder how many more she would bury.


<<OOC:  Taking care of something I never finished after the first plot :D>>

Commodore Shiarrael Rehu
Commanding Officer
USS Charon