Thursday, September 24, 2009

[USS Charon] SD 200909.24 || Joint Log || CHO Lt. Tyrax & CMO Lt. JG Bai || "Hic!"

<<takes place after the JL with the Commodore but before the 'rude encounter' log>>
[USS Charon, deck 10]
"Most inconvenient." the young woman muttered, turning on the sonics that would dry her soaking wet and miserably cold hair.
Not even half a cup of Rhennish, but the effect was about the same as if she had downed a bottle of Andorian Ale. The cold water had served to stop her head from spinning and her nose was almost back to functioning normally without her having to focus on it, but…
No, this would not do.
Grabbing a large towel, Sakarra stormed out into her sleeping area to find a uniform, only to nearly trip over Mr Tisdale who apparently had another disagreement with the replicator. 
"Look you damn tin box, a Reuben can't be all that hard to… holy… say, Lieutenant, should I have knocked or something?"
"Please do not bother, Commander. And if you wish to replicate non-Vegetarian foods I suggest you access the main frame rather than scramble my personal settings."
"Right. Nice…" he still seemed in the process of regaining his composure. Either that or he had never seen a half-Vulcan wrapped in a towel before "… shoulders. Really nice."
A raised brow and a wrinkled nose later, Sakarra was pulling fresh clothes out of a drawer and then moved out of sight. If bare legs and shoulders could throw the human off track, Betazoid Deities alone knew what would happen to the man's world view if he saw an unclothed Vulcan with a case of the hiccups.
[7.2 minutes later, sickbay]
Breathing deeply, Sakarra walked into the thankfully not too crowded medical bay. From the looks of it, most of the Lyrillians had returned home by now and the few Charon crew milling about all seemed to be doctors or nurses. 
Unfortunately, none seemed to be available to take over the case of a mildly intoxicated Vulcan, until Sakarra spotted a young woman with the most astonishingly black hair she had ever seen on a human moving towards her.
"Can I help you Lieutenant?" Indira had seen the woman walk in, and though they had not yet been formally introduced, she knew her to be the Chief Helm Officer. 
Gesturing towards one of the biobeds at the edge of the room, she cocked her head slightly to the side. "Why don't you take a seat over here?"
Sakarra greeted the doctor with a polite tilt of her head, recognizing her from the crew files as well as the promotion ceremony, and then moved towards the corner the young woman had indicated "Indeed doctor Bai, I hope you will be able to assist. Although my request may seem slightly … unusual."
Another hiccup threatened to make itself heard and the young half-Vulcan almost let out an exasperated sigh as she slowly settled on the biobed. 

"It would appear that I .. overindulged."
Never mind that not indulging would have been rather rude and that the Commodore had obviously felt Sakarra should be able to take the Conn right after consuming more alcohol within a few minutes than she had in the past ten years. Rather flattering in a way, but then as now, Sakarra and alcoholic beverages tended to get along like a house on fire. Meaning one way or another, there would be trouble.
"Happens to the best of us."  Indira took a quick scan just to confirm.  She smiled and filled a hypospray with purge, pressing it to the young woman's neck.  The relief would come pretty quickly, which Indi was pretty sure Sakarra would appreciate, by the look on her face as she tried to suppress another hiccup.  "Personally, I always recommend sleeping it off, but some days that either just doesn't work or there just isn't enough time."
"Quite so, doctor." Sakarra nodded and then exhaled softly when the purge began to take effect. Slowly but surely, her sensory perceptions began to settle and neither nose nor ears any longer insisted that Charon was about the loudest, most intensely smelling place in the universe. 
But even in 'almost back to normal' mode, the young woman's ears were sensitive enough to detect the pitch of a question in the doctor's last statement.
"The sleeping is not an option, unfortunately. And although my last encounter with an alcoholic beverage was over a decade ago, I remember the effect being rather the opposite of restful."

"I figured as much.  Which is why I didn't suggest it for you."  Indi shook her head slightly and chuckled.  "Hell, even usually when I do suggest it, no one actually does it."
Her eyes spelling gratitude in no uncertain terms, Sakarra studied the face of the Indian woman in the sickbay's bright, artificial light. 
"I appreciate you taking the time for this small matter, doctor Bai."
After all the medical staff had been through recently, one should think they would not mind a little peace and quiet.
"Lieutenant, this is what I'm here for. Please don't feel em..." Indira coughed as she tripped over calling the Vulcan 'embarrassed'. 
"Reluctant, to come see me again." One could never accuse Indi of picking the best words for every situation, but damnit, she tried. 
"And as my standing offer to the rest of the crew, I make 'housecalls' too, if you should ever need one."
"A most generous offer." Sakarra briefly quirked a brow at the young healer. Definitely a most pleasant demeanor, one that reminded her of another doctor equally passionate about his profession. 
"I will remember." she slid off the biobed and gave another courteous incline of the head. "Shaya tonat, hassu." 
Taking a deep breath that to another Vulcan would have spelled relief in bright red letters, the young woman made towards the sickbay doors and the bridge.

Indi tilted her head to the side slightly as she watched the woman leave.  Vulcan and Betazoid rolled into one, made for an interesting blend indeed.  She smiled and turned to put the hypospray and medication away.

Lieutenant Sakarra Tyrax
Chief Helms-Vulcan
USS Charon

Lieutenant JG Indira Bai
Assistant Medical Officer
USS Charon