Saturday, September 12, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240909.12 - Personal Log | CHO - Sakarra Tyrax

[USS Charon, deck 10]
"Mr Tisdale, may I ask what you are doing?"
Sakarra had stepped into her quarters after yet another double shift to find her living area somewhat… rearranged.
The Commander himself presented a slightly unexpected sight as well, and for a brief moment the young woman wondered how anyone could willingly wear bright orange shorts with a floral (hibiscus?) motive, match it with something sleeveless in an equally loud color and not drop unconscious from embarrassment.
"Well it's hot in here." The green-eyed human huffed in an indignant way before resuming his inexplicable activities "And one more night on that couch of yours would have given me the worst backaches in the history of space flight!"
"That would explain why you have obtained another one. However, it does not explain what happened to the original one, nor why my personal items are scattered in … places one would not expect them."
To put it mildly.
At least he had left her meditation corner untouched. Mostly untouched.
She let her gaze linger on a Starfleet uniform gracing a tall, wrought metal candle holder and then on the small coffee table in the middle of the room, blocking the way to her sleeping area.
"You have personal items in here? Sheesh, who would have thought. Where are you hiding them? Don't give me that look, I didn't touch your books or your fancy sword." Commander Tisdale seemed to finally have succeeded with his efforts because he gave a very satisfied 'Haaarumph" and stepped back to admire his work.
Apparently, the new couch was of a 'fold-out' variety because right under the room's only window - a space Sakarra had left empty on purpose - the something hidden under piles of pillows actually resembled a bed.
"Care to give me a hand with that table though? It's a tad heavy."
"Naturally, since it is iron and glass."
"Oh, we having a 'state the obvious' contest now? You going to help or what?"
Sakarra decided that debating with this human was fruitless and simply picked up the table "Well?"
"Nice trick, that. Big bad Vulcan and all. And 'well' what?"
"Where would you like it?"
"Don't know, it's your living room."
For just the fraction of a second, the young woman felt inclined to respond in a rather drastic way, say, placing the table on top of the Commander's head. She let the irritation pass and moved the table over to the wall where the old sofa had stood.
"Uh, watch out for.."
"Yes, Commander I have indeed seen the heap of garments amassed here. May I suggest that folding them at least would make finding a fresh uniform somewhat easier."
"I just didn't want you to trip over them. Don't worry about me finding my own stuff."
"Vulcans rarely trip, Mr Tisdale." It became increasingly hard not to sigh and she cast a glance at the doorway to the sleeping area and the bathroom.
"Go ahead, I already had my shower. Won't peek, either. No matter what you hide under that uniform and those thick robes, I prefer a woman with a bit more warmth to her."
At last, she couldn't help but quirk a brow. Giving a curt nod, she strode off, leaving her bunk-mate to rearrange whatever he felt needed rearranging. The damage was done, so worrying about any more of it was quite illogical.

When she stepped out of the bathroom after having spent 23.4 minutes under steaming hot water, wearing a dark blue variety of what the commander had referred to as 'those thick robes', she found the man still happily bustling about.
"If you do not mind, I still have some reports to.."
"Whoa" he spun around and then to Sakarra's mild surprise, cracked a grin "Well, who would have thought. A Vulcan with her hair down, literally. Makes you almost look like a living being. But do you have to sneak up on people like that?"
"I do not sneak, Mr Tisdale" the young woman pointed out "It may simply be difficult for you to hear me over the noise you are creating."
She sat down at her work desk and brought up the screen after moving two empty tea cups to the side. Apparently the concept of returning these to the replicator for recycling had not occurred to the Commander.
"Yea, I get that a lot." he chuckled, prompting another raised brow from the young half-Vulcan who had expected another snide reply.
"Hey, want some tea to go with those reports? I'll just finish off with my new bed and then head down to rec. Charlie's got a real band together now and I think … ah never mind. Don't reckon' you're into jazz, eh?"
"Some Jestral would be much appreciated, Commander" Sakarra murmured, resisting the urge to rub her temples.
"That's Betazoid, right? Comin' up."
14.3 minutes, a bumped human knee and some shouts at the replicator which somehow failed to produce the desired cotton sheets later, the quarters had fallen mercifully quiet.
Leaning back in her chair, Sakarra allowed herself a small sigh.

[End Log]

Lieutenant Sakarra Tyrax
Chief Helmsman
USS Charon