Monday, September 7, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240909.07 - Joint Log - Commodore Rehu & Ensign Doyle

Shiarrael studied the holographic display rotating above her desk.  It was a detailed diagram of the destroyed Romulan outpost.  It looked like the asteroid had been shredded by a giant thrai.  Shiarrael frowned and slide a finger through the hologram causing the image to fizzle slightly; she specifically traced the red lines on the diagram that visually illustrated weapons residue "disruptor fire."  She whispered.  The problem of who could have attacked the outpost was a menacing one but she had plenty of time to consider it.  "Computer end display."  The hologram exploded into tiny pixels and rained into oblivion above her like a shower of sparks and fizzled away.

There were more pressing matters at the moment for her to consider, such as the right person to fill the now vacant Chief of Science position left by Commander Ceer.  Shiarrael sighed- a weak sigh that only hinted at her true exhaustion.  Across from her were two sets of PADDs, one set had three, and the other had just dwindled to one.  She picked up the one and looked at it again.  After solidifying her thoughts for a final time she pressed her commbadge.

[USS Charon, Personal Quarters]

Nathanial reviewed his new pip and ribbon in the mirror. The ceremony was short and to the point, which for some reason he liked. He reached over to the honor blade, he was about to unsheathe it when his comm badge went off.

"Ensign Nathanial Doyle here" he said while tapping the badge

"Ensign, Report to the bridge."  Shairrael ordered.

"I'll be there right away" he finished off.

No rest for the wicked he thought to himself. He quickly checked that he still looked the part and headed up to deck one and the Captains ready room.

[USS Charon, Captain's Ready Room]

As Nathanial approached the ready room the doors opened as if expecting him, he entered and stopped in front of the Commodore's desk. "Ensign Nathanial Doyle reporting as requested sir!"

"Sit, down, please."  Shiarrael smiled finding the excitement in the young man's tone refreshing although a bit out of place with her own tired mind.  "How have you found this assignment so far Ensign?"

Nathanial recounted the last time he was in the Captain's Ready Room, he had spoken quite a bit and it was not received in the most inviting of manners. Short, and sweet Nathanial he thought to himself.
"Enlightening as the Vulcan's would say"

"Interesting that you would choose a Vulcan euphemism in the presence of a Romulan."  Shiarrael glared at the newly promoted Ensign and chuckled when his skin pallor paled slightly "Ensign as I'm certain you are aware- Commander Ceer has requested retirement from Starfleet.  I have granted his request but it leaves a major vacancy in the science department.  A majority of which is comprised of talented but young officers such as yourself."  Shiarrael studied the young man- part of her wondered if this was a good idea.  Dicari was a good officer but his recent actions had shown that youth and inexperience when mixed with responsibility and expectation can become an issue if not properly developed.   "I have decided to offer you the position of Chief Science.  Do you believe you are up to the responsibility of such a position?"

Nathanial took a few seconds to process the question. And then a few more thinking about the question. Chief of Science? he thought to himself. It most definitely tied in with his long term goals. Chief of Science? he repeated in his head. He had worked hard to integrate himself into the social structure of the Charon, and he would be a fool to turn down such a position, the question now remained... Is this a test?

He looked directly at the Commodore. "Yes sir, I believe I am up to the task."

"I will expect nothing short of your best Ensign."  Shiarrael's expression tightened "before we discovered this planet we were en-route to survey a nebula."  She picked up one of PADDs on her desk and glanced at it before setting it down and then sliding it towards Doyle "you should recognize it- we have preliminary sensor details along with more in-depth information from a five day sensor sweep via the sensor pod ordered by Commander Ceer some months ago.  I have decided that we will continue on our previous course and conduct a short survey of the nebula after we have finalized the situation here.  You will be in charge of the survey."

Nathanial picked up the PADD and glanced at it before shifting his attention back directly to the Commodore.

"You will have my best, and the best from the Science Department as well, Sir!"

"Do not waste my generosity."  Shiarrael's expression soften somewhat "dismissed."
Nathanial stood up at attention and then turned and left. All of a sudden the work he was doing was now even more important, for if it was not up to the Commodore's expectations, it would be his head on the line, as the expression goes. He headed into the turbolifts. "Deck 3" And looked at the PADD in his hands.
Commodore Shiarrael Rehu
Commanding Officer,
USS Charon
Ensign Nathanial Doyle
Chief Science Officer
USS Charon