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[USS Charon] SD240909.19 Personel log Andrew Harry George TATLOCKAbove us the stars

 <This log is set before Tatlock joins Starfleet>

<<This story is being written now as before I had no oppertunity to write it.
I am writing the story as a memorial and a mark of respect to a true event that happened during the second world war, Its a story of determination strentgth guile and brute force, some men went down to the sea in ships and some in submarines. This is a story with the spirit of all military units be it in the past present or the future, even from other planets if and when they are found , they all know that they are doing the right thing and doing thier duty.>>
This adventure that Tatlock is involved in was during a small conflict between Carpathia and Rumulus , after a small amount of shooting in the conflict both sides pursued peace , it is sais that the actions of Fraser and his men may have helped the outcome.
Ladies and gentlemen of the MSB please sit back and enjoy this story and
The intelligence officer handed the images of the mighty battleship that the agents had obtained.
Carpathian home fleet commanders office.
Admiral burns looked at the images, The agent also produced the scematics of this vessel, The details were scetchy at best but as this monster was big then they knew that it had an impressive weapon systems and could blast anyone or any size vessel that the federation ships in fact any kind if vessel from any race.
The admiral said to his junior officer "This monster has to go " The junior officer nodded but said nothing....
Special weapons camp undisclosed location...
BOOOM another explosive charge went off , the group of men walked back and examined the wreckage of the metal plate.
Captain  Donald Fraser was amongst the group of men,
"Well thats what you get for using a couple of ounces of trilide."
Fraser was a long serving Carpathian officer who was a kind of eccentric weird, madscientist rolled into one, He was a genius at planning small unit combat missions. The officer had a machine that was small enough to hold 4 men a few explosive charges and had a very small cloaking device that had been aquired from secret sources.
A few days later
The men were bought up to attention and Fraser arrived.
The officer met the officers and enlisted men who had volunteered to be part of team, the officers Fraser did not know but the enlisted men most had served with Faser before.
"Lt Duffy sir "
"Welcome Mr Duffy"
"Whats that under your uniform Duffy?
"A shirt sir"
"Was it standard issue at engineering?
"No sir"
"Not in this unit either."
"no sir"
Fraser took a few steps back "Look here you lot , you cant go around wearing what you want ,looking like a bunch of fighter pilots This may be special operation but we dress correctly. "
Lt Davis Sir"
"Pleased to meet you Davis"
"Ensign Goodman sir"
Ah Goodman welcome "
"Tatlock isnt it?
That right sir"
"Ive heard that you did some work on special ops before?""
"Yes we were there for quite a few weeks"
"Glad to have you here"
"Thankyou sir"
"Cadet Perkins sir"
"Perkins , how old did you say you were?
Im 18 sir"
"Ah steward Smart how are you?
Good thankyou sir "
Glad to have you Smart"
Bowman isnt it?
"Are you married yet?
"you will find someone "
"maybe sir"
Fraser met several other men who were stood in the squad.
"ok, fall out take you gear get it stowed then report back in two hours"
The men did as they were they walked back to the barracks everyone was talking about what they thought the mission might be.
They arrived at the barracks to find that they had been divided up into three crews , two officers and two enlisted.
CPO Dutton who was Fraser's right hand man informed them that Fraser said that the crews should put aside thier ranks, work together as a team and basically spend as much time together.
With the two hours up the men reported back to the space dock where there were some pretty intresting items.
The men observed some pretty odd looking space suits,
"Gentlemen lets get right into it"... Fraser gave them the rundown on these suits, he told them that the odd looking device on it was a miniture cloaking device and it could make the Eva suit invisable, Fraser told the operator to cloak, the operator turned the dial and simply vanished.
The men went over and touched the invisable suit,
"You wouldnt know it was there unless you run in to it." Fraser said.
He then motioned the men over to take a seat. they all sat,
Fraser uncovered an image of a huge Romulan battle ship .
"Men this is our target, we have to destroy it before it comes into space and creates havoc, at present its on Thier premier space dock being refitted."
The men took a close look at their target and looked kind of worried.
Fraser coughed to get thier attention..
"Heres the plan, we are going to be aboard a vessel piloted by Lt yessel, Lt Yessel entered the room,
The men looked very shocked "Bloody hell a Romulan" some yelled.
Fraser toled the men to calm down and the Romulan pulled his mask off to show the shocked men that he was really a human in cognito. Fraser went on to explain that Yessel was going to Captain the mission and be the drvier of a Vidiian cargo ship that had beein captured, The men were still getting over thier shock as Fraser was explaining details.
That evening ....
Fraser was in his office he recieved a message that the Admiral had refused him and his men the privilage of being the first to attack the enemy ship.
The message read to the effect that the Carpathian policy was not to risk the lives of men on schemes moreover the wepons were untested.
Fraser read this message out to the men over breafast the next morning.
"You know, they shouldnt send this kind of message when the home fleet is on our doorstep, heres what we will do....
The next night Fraser's men were getting suited up , Fraser arrived in his best uniform, He was going to see the Admiral.
"I suppose the charges are dummy ones? Duffy replied that they were.
"Good you all know the plan, be safe and good luck"
Fraser departed for the Admirals flagship. The men had finished suiting up and prepared to depart.
Aboard the Flagship,
Fraser had been recieved by the Admiral , they exchanges courtises and the Admiral offered Fraser rereshments,they talk about various subjects .
The Eva trip.
The men who were on the mission and were well on thier way, with their cloaking devices working they managed to sneak past the patrol vessels and arrived at the flagship, within half an hour the men had placed the dummy mines on various places on the flagship hull.
Back on the flagship
Fraser started to sweat a little  as he had heard no bangs or alarms. he kept looking at his watch, The Admiral noticed that Fraser was looking at his watch." Stop messing with that watch Fraser"
"Sorry sir"
"What did you want anyway Fraser"
"Well sir I wanted your views on the EVA cloak suit"
" Ah I knew it, well Fraser they are untested and have no tactical use"
Alarms sounded all over the ship , The admrial jumped up and asked what were the booms, Fraser was grinning from ear to ear "
"Sir I regret to in form you that if those charges were real then you would be floating out inspace .
The admiral put his glass down smiling and nodded to Fraser "Carry on "
Fraser nodded and left the flagship. He went back to the barrack were his men were waiting for him.He arrived back to where his men were and he said, "Bloody good show, we convinced the Admiral we go tomorrow any questions?"
The men were excited and hardly slept. the next morning everyone went about thier work with a form of urgency.
That night....
Everything was ready and the men and equipment were loaded, Lt Yessel shook hands with Fraser who wasnt going, he wet to the assembled group and shook hands with them all and then made sure everyone knew the plan,
The entire party nodded and went aboard the captured freighter. the ship then departed and headed off toward thier target.
A few days into the mission and the giant spacedock not far away, the Cargoship was hailed by a Romulan security patrol and told to prepare to be boarded, This sent shivers down the spines of all aboard, The men hoped that Lt Yessel's disciuse would pass muster. They waited and waited. suddenly there was a jolt and the cargoship started to move, An announcement by Yessel told them that they were in the secure area of the spacedock.
Yessel informed the operators that they had an hour to get ready for thier EVA trip.
The men started to get the equipment ready and noticed that the EVA suits had mal-functioned, the battery charge for the cloaking device had failed, this meant that anyone in these suits would be seen by anyone who was on the lookout for anything .
Yessel decided to scrubb the mission , he made to deliver the cargo and make off back to federation lines quick smart.
With the supplies delivered the cargoship went abouts its buisness , it passed the security without incident and headed in the general direction of deepspace. Yessel monitered the communication channels to see if anyone noticed thier course changes, no-one did and they gradually made course changes towards the Carpathian lines.
Eventually they arrived back safe and sound and were met by Commander Fraser,
"Now that you have finished joyrididing around the Galaxy, we have something new to show you" he said.
Fraser told the crewman to open the curtains that were dividing the room, as they opened the men noticed there was nothing there.
The men looked at each other and wondered what kind of joke that Fraser was playing on them.
Fraser told the men to start walking forward , they did so and walked into something hard and solid.
Fraser motioned to the crewmen to push the button and 4 cloaked ships appeared infront of them
Fraser announced "Gentlemen meet your new toys, the xxx craft, they as you can see have cloaking devices borrowed from the Klingons"
one of the men asked if the Klingons knew about that and Fraser changed the subject.
The men started to look over the new craft with excited grins. Exploring every inch of the craft.
They all agreed that the craft were very cramped and tall operators might find it difficult to move around in.
Fraser then ordered the men to suit up and board the craft, they then took a test ride to see the capabilities and look at the cloaking device ., everything went well and the teams returned back to the space station.
A few days later the men were called to a meeting on the flight deck on the space station.
Fraser grinned at his men "now that you gentlemen have finished stooging around the galaxy we can start the real work " he said
The men laughed and listened to what Commander Fraser had to say.
He led them to another part of the flightdeck and tolded them to wait, h then opened a large curtain to reveal ........ nothing.
"Gentlemen please come forward" he asked. The men did so but saw nothing, Fraser nodded to a crewman who pushed a button on his consul.
Suddenly for little shuttle type craft appeared, the men gasped with suprise.
"Please say hello to our latest creations "Fraser announced, he went on to tell the group about these xxx craft that had the capability to deliver weapons charges in total stealth, they had no defensive capability save the cloaking device, Fraser mentioned briefly that the cloaking devices were borrowed from the Klingons, he also told then that the Klingons didnt know they had been borrowed, some of the men chuckled when Fraser said this.
After a few days of training and getting to know the craft, Fraser started the planning and told the men that they would be leaving soon.
Admiral burns came to visit and made the following announcement.
CDR Fraser was to lead the mission in xxx1
Lt Duffy in xxx2
Lt Tatlock in xxx3
LT Davis in xxx4
The Admiral shook every mans hand and wished them all good luck, He then went with Fraser to talk privately in his office.
Everything was set and ready, the men loaded into thier respective craft and made ready to leave the station, Lt Yessel was aboard his captured Cargo ship and indicated he was ready, the xxx craft moved into position under the cargo ship and went into cloak so that no-one could see them.
The trip to the enemy space dock was uneventful , the cargoship was stopped a few times by Romulan securty vessels but were allowed to pass.
Fraser was first to see the target, "Wow, its bigger than I thought."
Tatlock and the other xxx craft spotted thier target too.
"There she is large as life, larger in fact" He wiped his hands and told his men to prepare for attack..
The attack...
Fraser laid his charges on the hull off the battleship , it was then disaster struck, the battleship had shifted in its cradle on the spacedock , trapping the craft, Luckly for Fraser his cloaking device still worked.
Duffy and his craft were experiencing problems , his craft was dead in space he lost total power except the cloaking device . Duffy ordered his men to put on thier EVA suits. They wanted to abandon thier craft but Duffy told them that he had no idea as to if any other craft had got near the target.
Tatlock managed to lay his charges and started to meke it back, it was then his craft stopped dead in space but his cloaking device worked too.
LT Davis layed his charges next to Tatlock's charges , he did not know this .Davis managed to meet the cargoship and entered its cargo hold, Davis and his men all shook hands and exited the craft.
Fraser's craft started to break up and they abandoned ship, Luckily for them they were beamed up by a security ship, had thier craft appeared it would have been blasted to atoms, The Romulans treated POWS reasonably well and there were sometimes Prisoner exchanges between Carpathia and Romulus.
Tatlock decided upon seeing Fraser appearing on his screen being picked up by the Romulans, "Ok boys we are going to abandon ship put on your suits"
Tatlock started smashing the screens and dial and anything that might be of any use to the Romulans.
With everything ready and the charges set for 10 minutes Tatlock ordered his men to abandon ship.
They did so and a security vessel moved over to beam them aboard.
Aboard the Romulan security vessel
Tatlock and his men were aprehended searched and hands tied behind thier backs, the Romulans man handled them to a holding cell and told to sit.
What looked like a Romulan doctor turned up and scanned the men for signs of radiation contamination. With his scans being nominal the doctor then left.
A few minutes later  the little craft appeared as the clocking device failed and exploded before it could be blasted by the security vessel.
Duffy and his men saw the explosion on the screen and felt the shockwave.
It was then the cloacking device failed and the craft appeared in front of the spacedock .
Qucily the men tried to abandon ship but couldnt get out fast enough.
The Romulan security vessel blasted the craft and it was destroyed instantly, Duffy and his men wernt so lucky as they were in the xxx craft when it was destroyed.
Tatlock and his men were transfered aboard the battleship , they were joined by Cdr Fraser , Tatlock reported that he had layed his charges on the hull of the ship.
Fraser asked if Tatlock had seen Duffy or Davis, Tatlock told him that he understood that one craft had been destroyed by the Romulans.
Fraser and his remaining men were stood up and a mean and nastly looking Romulan Security NCO appeared, he looked very stern and then stepped aside. A Romulan steward came forward holding a tray of replicated human food, The NCO said to help themselves. Fraser looked at the food and nodded his thanks.
A few moments later a Romulan officer came up to the men and asked Tatlock in bad English if he was in command of this group.
Tatlock said he wasnt, so the officer then noticed Fraser had more stripes so he asked Fraser if he was in command, Fraser said he was, the Romulan saluted Fraser in a Carpathian manner ,he returned the salute.
The Romulan asked Fraser what kind of charges they had used. Fraser replied that he knew that they wanted to know.
The Romulan stood back and through a translator told the men that they were in the same danger as them and that they would be sent to a prison camp, they could make things easier for the prisoners if they told the Romulans where and what kind the charges were.
Fraser asked Tatlock what the time was, He replied that it was 6 minutes to.he then told the Romulan that he knew that they were in the same danger.
A few seconds later the men could see the Romulans getting thier men into EVA suits to look for the charges.
One of Tatlock's me said that they are going to get an awful headache when the charges go off.
Tatlock looked at his watch and saw that they had a few seconds until the charges went off.
The men heard a dull rumbling and alarms started to go off then the deck tilted a few degrees , Rumulans were running about all over the place, The guards picked themselves up and pushed the Carpathians to a bulkhead.
On the Bridge of the Battleship before the charges went off.
The Captain of the Battleship read the reports from the security officer, it seemed that they had captured a Carpathian crew wearing EVA suits very close to the space dock, The captain exclained that was impossible as Carpathia did not have cloaking devices let alone any big space force, he knew however they were some of the most clever and brave warriors ,not as good as Klingon warriors but very good.
An alarm went off on the bridge and that indicated that a small craft appeared and was exploded instantly and four more EVA suits were picked up by the nearest security ship.
The battleship and spacedock were at red alert and Romulan crewmen were running everywere to man thier stations.
The captain of the battleship was looking at his scanner and a xxx craft appeared in front of the battleship, and was destroyed by the battleships weapons .
The captain was reading reports that some of his crew were getting into EVA suits to check the hull and spacedock.
Suddenly there was an explosion and severeal holes appeared in the hull of the Battleship. two of the charges had fallen off the hull of the battleship and attaches to  the spacedock frame, when the explosive detonated it broke a beam that was holding the battleship inplace , the beam punctured a hole in the battleship too.
The Engineering officer came to the bridge and reported that the damage had been severe that it might take a very long time to repair.
The captain shook his head, he knew that his moment of glory had just been blasted by these Carpathians.
He called the security officer and talked for a few minutes and was informed that there were 8 Carpatiains that had been captured.
"I want to see them " the Captain ordered.
Prisoner holding area
The prisoners were told to stand in line as about 10 Romulan security officers covered them with thier weapons.."Are they going to shoot us ? " One of Frasers men asked
Before anyone could give an answer the Romulan captain appeared with a translator.
The Captain looked at the prisoners and mumbled to the translator, who inturn announced to Frasers men that the Captain had told him to tell the men that they were very brave and he saluted them.
Fraser brought his men to attention and returned the Romulans salute. The captain then left.
A few moments later  a security detail then moved the party of Carpathians to a security vessel and were transfered to a pow camp.



From The Tatlocks:)

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