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[USS Charon] SD240911.30 - Personal Back Log "First Steps" II - Shiarrael t'Rehu

"First Steps" II

Year 2350

[Nn'Verih, Ch'Rihan]

Eisn burned brightly in the Rihan sky.  In a large field adjacent to a massive estate two children were practicing sword play.  Kneeling slightly away from the pair was an elderly Rihannsu, he wore a large head covering to protect himself from the bright sun, and casually dug into the earth with a hand held plough.  Glancing up for a moment he grunted "this is training time Shiarrael.  Are you just going to stand there?"

Standing erect with a wooden blade Shiarrael glared at her opponent "this is boring!"  She swung the annoying thing haphazardly at a pile of flowers knocking several petals astray.  A gust of wind grabbed the loose petals and pulled them down the small hill into her opponent who grimaced.  She laughed "sorry."

"Enough."  Itsak scowled at his young cousin "if you want to play games Shiarrael, fine."  He lifted his blade and charged her.  The elderly Rihannsu stood up but said nothing.  Stunned by the sudden movement Shiarrael squealed and jumped away from the falling sword.  However, Itsak didn't let up; he was intent on punishing his cousin today.  He continued his onslaught swinging at the girl.  She did a decent job dodging the hits but her footing was awkward and she slipped and rolled down the hill.  Jumping down the hill Itsak lifted his wooden sword and bopped Shiarrael on the head with it.

"Owww!  That hurt Itsak!"  Shiarrael stood up rubbing her head.

"Maybe you'll take training more seriously next time."  He sneered at her and bopped her on the head again.

"Oww!  Lhiu Itsak!  Hwi wort!"  Shiarrael shouted and then kicked Itsak in knee.  Her older cousin grabbed his knee and fell over.  While he writhed on the ground she kicked him again in a more sensitive spot causing him to groan in pain.  She started chuckling at her mastery but quickly stopped when a hand reached over and popped her on the rear.  When she turned around she found her grandfather glaring at her.

"Where did you learn to speak that way?"  He kneeled down and dug his hand into the soil "you should not speak of your family that way.  Understand?"  Shiarrael nodded as her grandfather held up a handful of soil "if you want a dirty mouth then you can one.  Open."  At first she resisted but knowing that it was futile she finally opened her mouth.  Her grandfather smeared the dirt into it.  "There, now apologize to Itsak."  He stood up.

Shiarrael spit out the dirt and waddled over to her cousin who was still lying on the ground.  "Usae Itsak."  She bowed her head.

Itsak stood up, dusted himself off, and then smiled "it's okay Shiarrael but you should take this training a bit more seriously"  He looked at her grandfather and bowed his head.

"Itsak take Shiarrael to wash out her mouth."  The elderly Rihannsu grunted and returned to what he was doing.

Grabbing Shiarrael's hand Itsak pulled her towards the estate "why do you always refuse to listen?"  He looked at her, tears were now staining her cheeks and her mouth was covered in dirt.  He chuckled "you look quite pathetic."

"Shut up!"  She grimaced and tried to wipe away some of the dirt with her free hand.

They made their way to one of the fountains.  When they reached it Shiarrael pulled away from Itsak's grip and splashed her face with water until all the dirt was gone and she began rinsing out her mouth.  As she rinsed the dirt away she heard shouting coming from the estate.

"What do you mean you have sponsored him to attend the war college?!"

"Do not raise your voice to me- you left the child under my care.  If I sponsor him it is my choice."

"Without consulting me?!"

"There was no reason to do so."

"How dare you!  That child is my daughter's son- he is a mere bastard!  The shame he brings is only fitting for the Gai'Shian, I will not allow this!"

Shiarrael recognized the voices.  One was her mother and the other was her father's father, Jamor tr'Sahen, Itsak's grandfather.  She looked at her cousin who was silent and staring at the ground.  At his sides his hands were balled into fists as the shouting continued.  Grabbing his hand she literally pulled him towards the estate.

"Stop Shiarrael."  Itsak said pulling her hand off his.

"You're just going to let him say that about you?!"  Shiarrael pressed her knuckles against her hips "go tell him to eat manure!"

"No, he's right.  I'm a bastard and I do not deserve to be part of the Galae."  He sighed and started to wander off.   However, Shiarrael simply grabbed his hand again and pulled him into the great hallway.  As they both made their way to the antechamber the shouting grew louder.  However, when they reached the massive arching entrance they found an imposing figure standing in their way.  Shiarrael's grandfather looked at the pair and then walked into the antechamber.

"What is the meaning of this?"  Her grandfather said bringing the commotion to a standstill.  He slowly removed the head cover revealing his sun worn skin and ivory hair.  He was a tall and imposing figure; hard lines carved their way through his face- old scars from many battles.  A former Galae En'Riov he preferred the life of a Galae officer over that of the Rei'Krannsu but never allowed the latter to hold that fact against him.

"Forgive us father."  Shiarrael's mom said standing up "we seem to be having a disagreement."

Jamor shot him a sour look "how dare your daughter sponsor Istak for the war college without my consent Verol!"

"You abandoned him here- what gives you the belief that your opinion holds weight in this matter Jamor?"  Jamor began protesting vehemently but her grandfather continued over the protests "you put that child in our house because you are too ashamed of him.  So be it- you have not acknowledged him since, why do so now?  You are honorable Jamor but you wear your honor with disgrace.  You have not earned the right to be rude in this house.  Itsak will join the Galae- now leave.  It is none of your concern."

Jamor, stunned by the words, walked out of the room in a stupor failing to notice Shiarrael or Itsak who were gawking at the entire scene from the edge of the archway.  Her grandfather called them both in "Shiarrael, Itsak, come here."  They both entered the room.

Shiarrael's mother grinned "how long have you two been watching?"

"Grandfather!  You put him in his place!"  Shiarrael cheered but the old man scowled.

"I simply spoke truth.  Itsak if you wish to join the Galae I will be your sponsor- is it is your wish child?  Do not mind the words of your grandfather, he is an old fool too concerned with his own pride.  One day he will see you as a grandson."

Itsak wasn't sure about the last part, but he was sure about one thing "yes, I want to join the Galae."


[USS Charon] SD240911.30 - Joint Duty Log "Fireflies" Part III || Lieutenant Nathanial Doyle, Ensign Thomas Clipper

=/\= Deck A - Sensor Pod =/\=
Nathanial clicked his comm badge. "Lieutenant Doyle to the Captain" He waited a few seconds and was greeted with no reply. "The comm system must be having a frizt as well" he said to noone but himself. Nathanial turned to one of the cadets. "Tell Ensign Clipper that he is incharge until I get back, I am off to find the captain."
The cadet nodded his head and ran off to find Thomas.
Nathanial headed to the turbolift, it opened after a few seconds of waiting, entering he simply said "Deck 1".
The turbolift creaked as it rushed to its destination. The doors opened and he was confronted with the bridge. He headed over to the Ops station. "Ensign, I need to know where the captain is, can you locate her for me."
"Yes sir" the Ensign replied. Checking on his screen he replied "She is currently on deck 8, Stellar Cartography."
Nathanial turned and headed for the turbo lift, asking for Deck 8.
=/\= Deck B - Sensor Pod =/\=
Thomas yelled across Deck B "Crewman! Don't operate the Magazine lift by yourself, Specialist Brody will you give him a hand."
The ensign had always enjoyed managing a production line. He knew in his mind the overall project, however for it to be repeated 20 times he needed to assign tasks. 8 of the probes were now crowded around the boy magazine, the unloading almost complete with a few more with their panels removed with scientists recalibrating the probes to perform the function Lieutenant Doyle had concocted.
Cadet Tenal came up beside Thomas. "Ensign, the Lieutenant has gone to find the Captain and said you're in charge of things until he gets back." Thomas acknowledged "Oh good, I do enjoy a challenge, will you go give the petty officer a hand taking off those panels and recalibrating the isolinear chips." He pointed with one hand to who he was referring too as he handed off the Tricorder he had brought down.
The first probe that had been pulled out was being worked on by Chief Petty officer Lharrrh who was interfacing with it via a tricorder. "Ensign Clipper, I have disabled the homing beacon on this one too, what are these things going to do after they deploy the burst?" looking at the Chief he replied with a mischievous smile. "Well it was going to be nothing but you have just given me an idea..." 

=/\= Deck 8 =/\=
The doors opened to Deck 8. Two security officers blocked Nathanials path out of the turbolift.
"Sir, you must leave now, noone is allowed onto deck 8." one of the security officers instructed Nathanial.
"I need to see the captain, and I believe she is on deck 8." He replied.
"That is correct, but my orders are to let no one onto deck 8 sir."
"I need to see her now, your orders or not." he said while starting to walk out of the turbolift. The two security officers moved into position in front of Nathanial. He was about to attempt to push his way though when he noticed the Captain and her escort approaching the Turbolift.
 "What is this commotion?"  Shiarrael stepped out from behind a corner of the corridor as she made her way to the lift, her face covered in soot and her expression quite sour.  "Lieutenant, while you are chief of science you are not exempt from the rules of this ship."  Her tone was steady instead of angry but it held a pinch of annoyance in it "I hope this is important enough for you to disregard those rules."
"Captain, I need to speak to you about a way for us to detect the enemy ships"
Lifting her hand Shiarrael did a slash motion dismissing the security officers "explain" she said to Doyle.  Her annoyance quickly evaporated. 
"Well as you know, with sensors being almost nullified by the nebula, we need some way to detect the romulan fleet. As such we have come up with an idea. Basically, by dispersing a complex reaction based discharge that reacts with the Romulan emissions and with the Thoron particles found in the nebula, we can for a single burst of approximately fifteen to twenty seconds, light up the enemy fleet like a Christmas tree, so to speak."
Nathanial handed the Captain a PADD with an image of the nebula with a superimposed dodecahedron.

"With the deflector dish is practically offline, and even if we could get it fully operational, there isn't enough power currently to run enough of a sustained burst for it to be effective. As such the idea, which we have called 'Firefly' will be the solution. As you can see on the PADD, we base a dispersal pattern in a shape of a truncated icosahedron, now even though this pattern would be totally unusable in terms of vertices's it does turn out to be the natural choice for the reaction field construction." He said with a smile of pride on his face.
"I currently have my men working on modifying the twenty probes we will need for this to work."
Accepting the PADD Shiarrael immediately winced when the cold metal touched the burned flesh of her palms- a small trickle of green blood pooled on the edges of the device as she perused the information.  "Excellent work Lieutenant, how long will it take for you to implement this?"
"Four hours, three hours tops, I can get all 20 ready and in position, but any sooner and I can't guarantee it will work as intended.' Nathanial responded.
"Get started right away."  She handed the PADD back to him, drops of blood dripping onto the carpeting from it.  Although she was in a great deal of pain she restrained herself to momentary winces "now return to your post- it is dangerous here."
Nathanial saluted, and said "Deck A"  As the turbolift doors closed, he grabbed the lower left corner of his shirt and wiped the PADD down of the Captains blood. Her blood... it was a grim reminder that they were in a dangerous situation with deathly consequences...
=/\= Deck B - Sensor Pod =/\=
Thomas saw an idle Crewman, Specialist Brody to be exact, calling him over he placed a tricorder and PADD in his hands. "Crewman can you add this protocol to the probes, it's a late addition." The specialist nodded in the affirmative as he left to carry out the duty. Looking back at the control station he had written the protocol on he thought about how low the chances would be it would work.
If after the burst the probes detected one of those signatures it would drive itself toward that vessel and detonate its remaining fuel reserves, it was no Quantum torpedo but for the effort involved it would was a free addition, possibly the heat and light show might just break its way through to be detected by the Charon.
Nathanial exited the tubrolift to find an empty Deck A. He tapped his comm badge "Nathanial to Thomas, where are you?"
"Deck B Sir in the Probe Magazine." Thomas replied
"Roger that, on my way up to Deck B now." Nathanial got back in the turbolift and headed to deck B.
What confronted him seemed more a mechanics workshop, rather than a delicate sensor array; he located Thomas working on one of the pods.
"Ensign, report."
Looking over to the Lieutenant, Thomas handed the Isolinear Phase inverter he had been using to the Crewman who he was working beside him before addressing Nathanial. "As you can see sir was have taken the probes out of the magazine so we can work on them." he looked out over the set up he had fabricated, genuinely happy with his work.
Thomas continued. "The modifications are going well; the Probes are accepting the alterations as expected. Once the physical tuning and navigation protocols are done all that will be left to do is set the timers for the burst and the launch."
As he was talking he grabbed the PADD that was sitting on the probe next to him he offered it to Nathanial. A live list of alterations that were being applied to each of the Probes, as well showing all the modifications required.
Nathanial reviewed the PADD, Thomas had done a good job, and he was proud.
"Good work Ensign, I see you have calculated the total time it will take, five hours." He paused deciding how best to say the next sentence, in the end he figured he would just say it.
"I need it done in three."
"Well Sir, at least that's the first time frame I've received today that can be met without altering the space/time continuum, I'll do what needs to be done to make it happen." Thomas said with a broad grin. Sure it was bad news but a negative disposition nor complaining never fixed work that had to be done. However the grin came as Thomas finally realized why one of the instructors at academy kept insisting when you give an ETA on work you first double it and then double it again.
[To Be continued...]
Lieutenant Nathanial Doyle
Chief Science Officer
USS Charon
Ensign Thomas Clipper
Assistant Science Officer
USS Charon

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[USS Charon] SD. 240911.30 || Duty Backlog || CSCI LT Nathaniel Doyle & ASCI Cadet Aayla Bre'accoria ||

<<OOC, this is a back, back log>>

Nathanial looked at Aayla, he knew that this exhuberance would dimmen in time, but right now it was a welcome emotion, after all what was science without a bit of excitement, if he wanted that he wouldn't have joined Starfleet!
He smiled. "Yes Cadet, we might get taken out, or we might not, or we might end up being turned inside out, but shouldn't we first find out what is happening to the planet core?" he asked in a calm tone.
"It appears to be severe tectonic activity that is breaking up the crust and is shaking the core." Aayla said as she moved her hands across the panel to bring up a cross section of the planet.
Nathanial stepped towards the terminal next to Aayla. The readings were pointing towards there being severe activity on the planet, but something didn't feel right. He brought up the scan of the region, it was then they noticed that it wasn't just this planet, it seemed that all the planets in the vicinity were reading severe tectonic activiy. He turned to Aayla. "It looks like we have some kind of phenomina that is either effecting all the planets at once, or giving us false readings. I want you to run another scan through the sensor pod, while I program a set of probes." he said to Aayla, while pointing to the console next to his.
"Aye sir," Aayla said as she glided her hands accross the panel, only lookig up when she had completed the scan and its data confimed. "It appears that the center point is comming just beyond the third planet in this system," Aayla said with a sudden wave of subduedness. "But this isnt right, the signal is comming from the orbit of the planet!"
"The orbit?" he replied without thinking. The statement had caught him off guard. He began to program the pod to preform an orbit scan of the planet, as opposed to scanning the actual planet itself.
"Cadet, can you plot a course for the scanning pod, I have a few more adjustments to enter into the pod itself.". And he turned back to the console to enter the new scans he wanted the probe to preform.
"Ahhhhh, yes, yes I can but dont expect it to be accurate, I never took helm." Aayla said with a lower confidance.
Nathanial noted the remark, he would do a quick double check before the launch, but they had to act quickly, if there was infact some major disturbance that could cause the entire nebula to go up, he had better be ontop of it when the Captain finds out.
He finished entering in the data and turned to the Cadet. "Done?" he asked.
"Yyyyyes." Aayla said with stress on the y as the course was set.
Nathanial nodded, he checked over her course quickly, it would get the job done, and that is what they currently needed.
Nathanial pressed the launch button, and a few seconds later a pod fired out of the aft pod launcher.
They both watched the screen and the path of the probe, it took a few minutes to approach the location of the disturbance. What came up next on the screen confused the both of them.
"Thats a Vree carrier wave!" Aayla exclaimed.
Nathanial was unsure on why one, the carrier wave was here, but two, how it would be effecting the planets core. "Cadet, since its a Vree carrier wave, can you neutralise it?"
Aayla moved her hand accross the console to bring up a detailed summary on the probe. Aayla's face went pale when she saw the carrier wave's frequency upclose. "Sir that's not just a frequency, its a Vree Command Frequency!" Aayla exclaimed.
Nathanial looked at Aayla, she more than just excited, he could understand the excitement, but right now he was more concerned with the potential damage this could cause, with already a planet begining to destabalize, they needed to do something quick.
He checked over the scans, the signal was originating in the near vicinty of the planet. Near enough to divert the probe to take a look.
Nathanial typed the reourte commands into the console and they both watched the probe shift course for its new target. A few minutes passed before the data started to arrive in. There seemed to be some small object, too small to be a ship, maybe a beacon or probe? It seemed to be the cause of the signal that was causing the issues.
Nathanial turned to Aayla. "Well it seems that your away mission to the planet you had planned has a slight detour, and its been moved to T-Minus 90 minutes. I will clear the mission with the required parties.
"I have every confidence that you will be able to disable the averse effects of the signal."
"Yes sir, I think Ensign Clipper would be a good choice for a mission XO." Aayla stated as she transferred the contents to the Excalibur computer. "He has shown outstanding work, and I believe him to be the best choice."
 Nathanial agreed that he would be a good choice, but that said he also after hearing about the cadets experience as well as the ensign's with helm, he would rather have an officer from helm to be the XO.
"Ensign Clipper would be a good choice, I agree, but considering the effects the signal is having on the surrounding space, I would be more comfortable with a Helm's officer as XO. Would you not agree?" He asked
"Ah yes sur I would, but who do you have in mind?" Aayla asked.
"Not off the top of my head, maybe check with Lieutenant Sakarra to see who she would suggest. You have 80mins left before mission start. I need to head off and get clearance for the mission, can I leave the rest of the mission in your hands."
"Alright then, Bre'accoria to Thrax, I need a pilot for a shuttle mission, who do you have open?" Aayla asked.
Tag I-Chaya
LT Nathaniel Doyle
Chief Science Officer
USS Charon
Cadet Aayla Bre'accoria
Head Stellar Cartographer
USS Charon

[USS Charon] Re last log

That should say Lizzy Johnson in the header. not luzzy lol

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[USS Charon] SD:240911.28 ||Joint Log || CSEC Cmdr Dylan Marcus & AEO Lt. Luzzy Johnson (NPC)

=/\= Chief Security's Quarters =/\=

Dylan entered the living area of his quarters followed by Lizzy. He was not sure how he was going to explain to her that he sorta had to adopt a refugee from the planet he had barely escaped from. He wasn't sure how he was to do it either. He didn't exactly have a love for Romulans himself. He had been on opposite sides of a fire fight with them more than he cared to count; during his time with the special Forces.

"Lizzy, Honey... I have something that I think you may need to know before we go and talk to the captain about the wedding." He paused to enter the next room. He returned with a Romulan boy, appearing to be around the age of 8 Human years old. "This is Toval. He was rescued from the planet. It would seem that I have been volunteered to care for him." he said looking to her reaction.

"Hello Toval, I'm Elizabeth Johnson. Are you hungry?" She asked. A child no matter the species, or race, alien or human was still innocent of the wars that went on between adults. This child had not started any wars, nor asked to be orphaned, she didn't see any reason why she shouldn't treat him like any other child...

"Are you Starfleet too?" The young boy asked. "My Father told me that The Federation was weak and cowardly." He said with a slight scowl. "Then my mother brought me to this place and told me that all I had known of the empire was wrong. She said that we should live in tolerance." He did not know weather to be happy to be alive, or to hate the Federation for allowing his mother to die on that planet.

"Yes, I am a little." he said knowing it would serve nothing in starving.

"I'm sure your father had his reasons for disliking the federation. I'm sorry for your mother's death, if I had my way there would be no fighting, but I'm just one voice, why don't you tell me what your favorite food is and I will make that for you to eat you can judge us by how you see us and give yourself time to decide for yourself." She said with a soft smile to the young romulan. if he was anything like a human child, but this age he would want to be talked to as if he were all grown up rather then a child.

"Toval, did you know that our captain is romulan?" She asked him softly as she went into the kitchen motioning for Dylan to join her so she could make Toval something to eat.

"My mother always made me osilh (a stew; served with flat bread) It was my favorite" He said. How could a Romulan captain a Federation ship? he wondered to himself.

Dylan nodded and joined her in the Kitchen. "What do you think?"

"I think he's intellectual and knows what he wants." She said softly replicating his favorite stew, but added a few real herbs that she knew romulans liked. she had a friend at the academy that was romulan and they always got together over this very stew. so she knew what went well in it.

She set the warm stew on the table top and made it so the 8 year old romulan could sit in the chair and reach his stew easily. "I'm not a great cook, but let me know what you think?" She asked softly.

"Well if you are ok with it, I volunteered to watch over him." Dylan said.

"It's not the same as mom's, but it is good." the boy said with a slight barely noticeable smile

She smiled back, then looked to Dylan. "Why wouldn't I be ok with it. Its your big heart that I fell in love with." she said softly moving to kiss him softly on the lips. "I'll never make it as good as your mom Toval, but if you don't mind I'd like to at least be your friend." Lizzy said softly.

"I guess I'm going to be staying with you two huh?" Toval asked, though he had over heard their conversation quite well.

"Would that be a bad thing? or would you rather stay with someone else?" She asked.

"I guess it is better than being looked at as a traitor." Toval replied as he ate the stew. He looked at the blade on Marcus's wall. "What is that? It's Romulan." he said.

"Thats right. It is a Kaleh. It was presented to me by a man I met in combat a couple of years ago." he said, not going into the gory details.

"A traitor? who would look on you as a traitor??" She asked with a slight frown.

Toval looked at her then to Dylan. "Other Romulans, or at least those who are loyal to the empire." He said. "The planet was a home for those who supported the Unification movement. We are considered traitors among loyal Romulan citizens."

"Hmmm I'm sorry, I just don't see it. not that innocent face." She said softly.

He looked at her for a moment. "What do you know of Honor?" he asked her, not really knowing how it sounded. "Do you know of Honor?" he asked Dylan, his eyes still fixed on the honor blade on his wall.

She frowned slightly, it sounded like an insult to her. "I know of honor. I wasn't mocking you." she said softly. she wasn't insulted, he was a kid and sometimes kids thought they knew everything.

"I know a little bit of Romulan honor." Dylan said. "Though to want peace is not wrong. your Mother was a brave woman to stand up for something she believed in, even if it was contrary to the norm." he said. "No one will treat you as anything but Toval on this ship."

Lizzy loved kids, but she didn't think she was very good with them. "But that's up to you and dylan." She said softly wondering about her place in the little group forming.

"If you want to stay, that is ok with me." he said finally as he finished his stew."

Lizzy moved closer to Dylan slipping an arm around his waist and pressing close to his side. He was a big softy taking in a child like that with no real question... "I love you." she whispered into his ear.

"I love you too." he said hugging her back.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Commander Dylan Marcus
Chief Security Officer
USS Charon

Lieutenant Lizzy Johnson
Asst Engineering Officer
USS Charon (APB Kai)

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

[USS Charon] SD. 240911.28 || Duty Log || Lieutenant Acel'a ||

==/\== Various Decks ==/\==
Acel'a was making her rounds when the ship was rocked by weapons fire. She quickly scrambled about, looking for those who may have been injured, or worse. She had no clue as to who attacked and why, but she did know she was needed to assist with search and rescue efforts. Unaware of what occurred in the Astrometrics area, Acel'a made her way, methodically moving from corridor to corridor, deck by deck, making her search, very painstaking.

Small fires broke out all over, prompting Acel'a to assist, with fire suppression, wherever the ship's system failed. It didn't take long for Acel'a to become quite sooty and grimy from the increasingly dirty work. Whenever a ship comes under attack, things like this are inevitable and even her pantograph was becoming black with soot and grime.

Acel'a would repeatedly come across pockets of injured and promptly assisted, as well as using her stamina and strength, occasionally raising her pantograph, to summon extraordinary strength, to move heavy bulkheads and other debris, so medical teams can get to trapped personnel. Acel'a began to see better progress, as she progressed and this made her feel better about herself. After a while, Acel'a took a brief break, to get a drink of water, before resuming her efforts.

As she continued on, Acel'a's mind drifted to a time when she was a rookie police officer and responded to a major explosion and fire, resulting from a terrorist bombing, in Chicago. This was reminiscent of that time when she assisted with search and rescue efforts. Like this time, she was fairly successful in finding and rescuing trapped individuals, thus saving numerious lives.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Lieutenant Acel'a
Assistant Security Officer
USS Charon



[USS Charon] SD: 240911.28 || Joint Personal Log. || CSEC Cmdr Dylan Marcus & AEO Lt. Lizzy Johnson (NPC) "Proposal"

=/\= Holodeck 1 =/\=

Lizzy had an hour planned for her and Dylan in the holodeck a picnic by the lake with his favorite foods. She was wearing a blue bikini and black seethrough sarong, not that she planned to wear either when they went into the lake. She had everything completely set up and was waiting for Dylan. he was normally ontime.

Dylan walked into the holodeck, carrying a towel and wearing a pair of blue swiming trunks. He smiled at Lizzy as he walked up. He kissed her. "You look beautiful"

"mmm you'd say that to any young lady in a bikini." She growled softly but kissed him her eyes twinkling with mischivious intent. "I hope your hungry." she said with a soft smile...

"Maybe, but your the only one that I mean it with." he said matching her tone. "Im starved." he said with a grin nipping at her neck.

"Mmm good I've made your favorites." she grinned sweetly at him. "Come sit." she said softly she had every intention of giving him a shoulder rub while he ate just to touch him.

He dug into the pasta and Dry ribs with a grin. "You know how to spoil a guy dont you?" he said with a smile.
"Only when I feel like it." She said in a husky growl near his ear before bitting him teasingly. She started to massages his shoulders while he ate and nibbled along his neck teasingly.

He smiled as he took a bite. "Sounds like your not done cooking yet are you?" he asked with a growl in his voice. He turned his head to kiss her hungrily. He was beginning to forget about his hunger, at least for the food.

She smiled and kissed him back just as hungrily. "You finish eating I'll meet you in the lake." She grinned wickedly nipping him on the neck once more before standing. She tugged slightly on the knot that tied the sarong and it slide down her shapely legs. the blue bottoms of her bikini followed as did her top before she slowly walked into the cool lake.

A few moments after he followed her to the lake, his own shorts resting on the warm dry rocks as her suit. He dove into the water and grabbed her waist as he popped up for air.

She smiled wrapping her arms around his neck as she tread water. "Enjoying yourself so far?" She asked softly nibbling his lower lip.

"Very much." He said letting his hands explore under the water. He kissed her back and grined at her playfully.

Lizzy grinned wickedly and kissed him hungrily pressing closer to his strong form her hands tangling in his wet hair.

He smiled as her body pressed to his. he wrapped his arms around her. "Much better than dinner" He said.

She smiled and kissed him again. "Show me how much better." she said breathlessly loving the feel of him so close.

He smiled as he slowly disappeared under the water to "show" her just how much better it was.

She gasped and shivered a soft moan escaped her as she started to sink under the water too...

He enjoyed her enthusiasm as much as he enjoyed what he was doing. The water was giving enough boyancy to make it almost like rolling around in Zero G. it was one thing he made a mental note to do more often

Lizzy squirmed and rolled in the water as he tortured her. she was enjoying every second of it though...

They came up for air eventually, he let his body mold to hers as continued their improvised Physical excersise

Lizzy went to him willingly her soft curves fitting against him as if she were made for him. a soft mewling moan slipped into the kiss..

Dylan looked into her eyes. Everything seemed to fade away excpet for her. Her smell, the touch of her body nestled into his. All that exsisted for him in this moment was her. "I love you." He said. He had felt this for so long, yet neither had said it aloud before.

Lizzy looked into his eyes, shocked at first that he had said it. but she could see in his eyes that he meant those words. she lowered her lips to his again and kissed him softly. "I love you back." She said breathlessly.
He smiled at those words. He was relieved that she had felt the same. In his heart he knew she did, but it was still good to hear it. "I'm glad that you feel that way." He said finally. "I was thinking about how I miss you since the repairs to decks 2-3 were complete. What would you say to getting larger quarters?" he asked her.

She looked to him alittle puzzled not sure what he was getting at. "Larger Quarters?" she asked her fingers moving through his wet hair touching with oneh and while the other moved under the water to massage more of him.

"As in room for two, on a more perminent basis" he said with a smile. He tried blocking out the residual excersises still going on.

"As in for you and me?" She asked with a husky sound to her voice as she nipped at his lower lip, still looking him in the eyes. "I think I'd enjoy moving in with you love." She said softly.

It was a start, he thought to himself. He was already planning out his next move, the one that would either make or break their relationship. "You know a bit of champaine would be good right about now, care to join me?" he asked starting to swim away with a teasing grin

"champane would be nice." She said with a soft smile not realizing he was planning further questions...

As they reached the beach and had gotten dry and back into their suits, Dylan poured two glasses, careful not to let her see the 11,000 credit 1.5 carrot diamond solitare he dropped into hers until he passed it to her. "To our future." he said raising his glass to hers

"To our future." She returned slightly pushing some hair out of her eyes as she sipped the champaine. She felt something touch her lips and realized there was something in her glass. catching it with her lip she reached for it and looked at it. Lizzy's eyes widened and she looked to Dylan not sure if this was what she thought it was.

He watched her expression. He smiled and took the ring in his hand. "Lizzy, The last six months have been amazing." He said. "I have come to realize that I am lost without you. I want to spend my life with you." he paused as he knelt down. "Elizabeth Johnson, will you marry me?" he asked.

Her eyes went wide with shock and surprise as she watched him not sure if she was hearing what she was. her left hand went to her mouth as he went down on one knee. At first she had no idea how to respond. "Yes." She gasped out finally tears forming in her eyes. "Yes I'll marry you." She said with a happy smile.

He placed the ring on her finger then stood up and kissed her. He held her in his arms and didn't want to let her go. "I thought I lost you on that last mission." he said. "I realized I could never be happy without you. I love you so much." he said

She was crying but she was so happy. "I love you as well Dylan, and don't you ever scare me like that I again, I don't know what I would have done if I lost you." She growled at him.

"I will bring that up to the Captian when I ask her to marry us." he said with a smile. "I'm sure she will be happy to ablige." he said with a grin, kissing her one more time.

"Mmm I'm sure she would be. such a softy for a romulan captain huh?" Lizzy smirked and kissed him back just as softly.

"Softy has nothing to do with it, I just know enough to keep from taking a walk outside the ship" he grinned

"same here. well unless I have to fix something and I'm teathered to the ship." She grinned and kissed him again.

"True enough." he said. "Though I was thinking without the enviro suit"

"Mmm nope no taking walks outside the ship without enviro suit." She told him

"Deal." He said.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Commander Dylan Marcus
Chief Security Officer
USS Charon

Lizzy Johnson
Asst Engineering
USS Charon
(APB Kai)

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[USS Charon] SD. 240911.22 || Backlog || "Past the Stars" || Various NPC's ||

==/\==Earth, San Francisco, Starfleet Command==/\==
"Admiral, Lady ch'Jay is here for you."
Richard Chiran had been watching the shuttle traffic zoom past the gray spires from his office on the forty second floor of Starfleet Command and was totally content with doing so. He was worried about Aayla, the Charon was over 300 lightyears away and might just be in trouble. He had considered many times to send the Victory to investigate, but had convinced himself he was just a little too over protective. After all she was 21 now, Stellar Cartographer on the USS Charon. Fine ship, fine crew, fine Captain, he kept reminding himself that Rheu would keep her safe, she just had that determination in her.
And now Lady Sihlri ch'Jay, humanitarian, senator, and the biggest nuisance on Earth, had come to see him yet again, somehow though, he knew this visit would be different. "Send her in." He said as he straightened his uniform and sat back down in his chair.
Sihlri ch'Jay was the exotic beauty that every man went ga-ga for. Sharp and elegant features made her both intimidating and beautiful, her long black hair was in its usual tight pony tail and her amber eyes glowed with the usual Romulan spunk and at the same time she looked like a beautiful yet scary, Jackal. Her short silk dress who's end went in a horizontal line from her right knee to her left ankle, moved as her long light green legs moved towards Chiran. Her stilettos made a sharp and elegant clank against the long marble floor that lead to the stairs that came up to his desk. As she approached one could be memorized and terrified at the sight of the seductive yet dark beauty that was Sihlri ch'Jay.
"Admiral, I cant tell you how lovely it is to see you again." Silhri said as she approached the Admiral's desk in a seductive and graceful walk.
Richard stood up to great her, her voice while flowing and seductive, held a more cunning and beautifully sinister tone to it. They both stared at each other for a moment before Richard gestured for her to sit down. "Lady ch'Jay, what do I owe this pleasure." Richard said in a false polite tone. If they both played at the false pleasantries then this should go smoothly.
"Admiral lets skip the false pleasantries this time and get right to the chase." Sihlri said with a direct tone.
Richard was taken back by Sihlri's unwillingness to play her own game and just stared at her for a moment. "And what would the chase be my Lady?" Richard asked in a currious yet partially scarcastic tone.
Sihri smiled. "As you well know their is a ship called the Charon at the edge of our space, seeking out new life forms and new civilizations." Sihlri mocked. "And there is a certain crewman I'm interested in, one Cadet Aayla bree-Shore Bre'accoria."
Richard was stunned, how the hell did she know about Aayla? "Aayla, why?" Richard asked, this time without the sarcasm.
"Is it natural for a mother to worry about her daughter?" Sihlri asked, this time playing the cryptic response game.
Richard didnt know what the hell she was talking about but he was determined to find out. "Sihlri she cant be your daughter, she's a Vree, she grew up on Aldurian, the blood tests don't show any kind of Romulan DNA." Richard explained in a frantic tone.
Sihlri laughed. "Admiral I must give my lover Neyal for removing the Romulan DNA from her system, but I assure you, she is my daughter, she is a Romulan!" Sihlri shouted.
"Then she would be half Romulan lady ch'Jay, and I would bloody well know if she was!" Richard said with a booming and defending tone.
Sihlri sighed. "You know Admiral the Vree have a very weak genetic structure, if you had a strong DNA structure to it like a Romulan's, the child would come out a Romulan and very little Vree DNA would be left, just some basic internal functions and maybe some heightened telepathic abilities but that is it. Aayla would be a Romulan through and through and her name is Shore ch'Jay, she was born on Romulus to Neyal and I. The political shame for the union was more than both are careers could take and I asked Neyal to take her back to Aldurian to be raised quietly in the hills. How he got rid of the DNA I will never know, but Shore is my daughter admiral and I have a right to see her!" Sihlri exclaimed.
"And you came to inform we of this why?" Richard asked, getting annoyed at Sihlri's accusations.
"She is a Starfleet Officer and she is onboard a Starfleet ship, I want her transferred of the Charon and relieved of duty and sent to Romulus!" Silhri shouted.
"Why dont you do it? You have an entire fleet in the area where the Charon is, you could beam her out and destroy the ship!" Richard explained.
"As much pleasure It would give me to blow Rheu's ship out of the sky it is not my choice, I may have once been a part oft The Rei'Krannsu but that was forty years ago and I hold very little sway on military matters. The house of ch'Jay is one of the most revered and ancient political houses on Romulus, we are warriors of the mind, not the body. We are descended from The Jorani and hold very little sway in the military. But if you went in there with one of your cruiser's you could take Shore to Romulus personally." Sihlri explained.
"Sihlri don't lie to me, you have a personal fleet of thirteen Romulan Warbirds, all very powerful and right off the production line from R&D. You are still a senior member of the Rei'Krannsu and you are highly revered in their ranks so don't give me that bull." Richard said agitated at the Lady's dishonesty.
"Fine Admiral, I'll go personally after I make some stops on Romulus, we'll be at the Charon within the next six weeks and if Rheu makes some bad choices, I cant be held responsible for what happens." Sihlri said as she stated down the stairs. "Oh and Admiral, make sure to tell Shore mother is on her way." Sihlri said in her sinister and dark tone.
Richard sank back into his chair. "There goes one clever bitch." He said as he watched Sihlri walk out of the office and into the brightly light hallway.
"One clever bitch."
Vice Admiral Richard Chiran (NPC)
Deputy Head Of Starfleet Science
Starfleet Command
Lady Sihlri ch'Jay (NPC)
Romulan Senator
Romulan Imperial Senate

[USS Charon] [USS Charon] SD:240911.28 |Duty Log | MCapt. Nikolai Chernienko‏

[Unknown NeoDyne Lab]
Nikolai laid out on his back barely breathing in his cell. His stained and abused body recovering slightly after the researchers had removed the nanites from his blood stream. This wasn't done out of compassion or mercy but to take the small devices and attempt to replicate them precicely. This had given the captured Marine a small measure of peace and quiet for the time being but he knew it wouldn't last. The fat research Harold had told him when they would be back but as a reward for being such a good experiment they would change his soiled garments and his bed linen.
He remained motionless in his room as the sounds of footsteps were heard down the hallway. After all the time had passed he knew whos feet made which sounds. Harold was leading a team in to clean up the cell. As they approached Nikolai begain a meditation technique he had picked up from the Bhuddists he had met in China, his heart rate slowed down to the point where it seemed to not pump at all. His breathing came only in the faintest traces acutally fooling the medical scaners into thinking he was dieing.
Harold moved his fat bloated body up to the cell forcefield smirking and said, "Time for your bath Subject X21..stand up." he said in his snide voice so full of of himself. After a moment of Nikolai not responding he growled "I SAID GET UP!" One of his men who came with the hose looked at the readout and paled."Sir the subject isn't breathing."
Harold turned a sickly shade of yellow as his stomach turned sour. Mike would kill him if their prize subject was dead."Lower the Forcefield quickly!" he bellowed. He was a skilled medic as well as a scientist. He rushed in toward Nikolai as the other men ran to get the crash cart. Harold dropped to his stunted knees and checked for a pulse on Nikolai's neck.
As soon as he heard the other men get out of earshot Nikolai's eyes opened and his hand came up to Harold's throat. His fingers dug in deep to the fatmans neck and he started crushing his adam's apple and larynx. The fat researcher's eyes went wide and he tried to pry the hands loose as he gaged for air.
Nikolai's eyes remained absolutely devoid of life as he crushed the mans throat. He was useing all of his strenght to try to rip his voice box out of his discusting bloby neck. Harold reached down and started to try to gouge out the Marine's eyes in desperation. But Nikolai ignored the firey pain as his eyes begain to bleed.
Finely after a few moments he hears a sickening snap and the pressure on his eyes stopped. The dead weight of the fat former researcher pressed down on his wounded body as he pulled back his bloody fingers. He looked at the man's blood pouring down onto his already stained and hurt body and wiped the chunks of flesh from his fingertips into the man's hair.
He tried to push the heavy man off himself but his strenght had failed him after his tortures and he couldn't lift him. He heard the sounds of running feet pounding down the hall and simply waited for the inevitable. After this attack he assumed he would finely join Col. Cole in death's embrace and he was not afraid. The men came to a halt outside of the cell and looked on in horror.
"Oh my god...Harold is dead??" said one of the men in shock. He immidately pressed the Security call button on the wall as he stared in horror. The other man with the crash cart pulled a phaser off his belt and pointed it at the Marine under the dead man. "Think I should put a end to him?" he asked his partner as he heard the security team comeing down the hall.
"No..Thats for Mike to deside." he said as the security men moved in and drug Harold's body of Nikolai. Nikolai didn't move as the men removed the corpse from his cell and didn't even respond when they started to beat him senseless with their batons. It was worth the beating to kill one of his tormentors with his bare hands.
The man who called the security watched them bloody the Marine and crack open his face in several places before he stepped up."Alright thats enough, Leave him for Mike when he gets back from vacation." he said and the Security men backed off and out of the cell.
"Well Subject X21 you lost your bathing privlidges for the time being. Enjoy your foulness and look on at the bits of flesh and know you killed a father of six." he said and turned raising the force field once more. Nikolai laid there dazed and bleeding. His pain riddled mind fouced on the thought of Harold's children now fatherless. He hoped he could find them and help them get over their sorrow for their father's death by making them join him. He had no mercy or pity left in his heart, only cold dark hatred.
/\ End Log /\
MCapt. Nikolai Chernienko

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[USS Charon] SD240911.28 - Joint Duty Log "Fireflies" Part II || Lieutenant Nathanial Doyle, Ensign Thomas Clipper

=/\=  USS Charon - Sensor Pod =/\=
The Ensign had thought a bust of photonic energy with a wavelength aligned to the signatures of the Warbirds would have been an effective catalyst, however to emit a burst large enough to cover the distances required to be effective there either wasn't enough power available or the deflector required major recalibration, however he was hoping his latest settings would have more luck.
[The required energy output exceeds available power.] The computer responded in its usual docile tone. "Well at least the deflector didn't fail due to particle saturation this time." He commented to himself as he leaned back in his seat.
Nathanial had been busy organizing the rest of the science crew in the sensor pod, making sure that the pod generator could act as their primary source of energy until engineering were able to rectify the current problems. They now had control of all science modules, probes and the deflector dishes, both main and the pod's, but he was unsure if there would be enough power available to run the main deflector dish.
He headed over to where Thomas was working, hoping that he had come up with a viable solution.. "How are we going?" he asked.
Looking towards the lieutenant he responded "Good news and bad sir, The good news is have confirmed emitting Photonic particles matched to the same signature wavelengths combined with their actual emissions will cause the Thoron particles around them to light up, if we fired it as a pulse it would be a sudden light burst."
Nathanial nodded, that was indeed good news. "So ensign, what's the bad news?"
Thomas continued "The bad news is the current stress on the deflector and our power condition makes firing the burst even once extremely dangerous and its effective range wouldn't even be ideal."
"That is bad news" Nathanial said in reply. He was shocked at the cordial reply he had used, it was as if the world was fine, they weren't surrounded by Romulans, and the ship was running at normal operation. Maybe it was the experience on the planet and then in the shuttle, or maybe it was just his rational side taking over and controlling the situation, either way, it was what they needed now, a calm, cool and collected Chief of Science.
"Right. Ensign, bring up the nebula region around us at the moment." He said to Thomas.
"Ok Sir, here we go." Thomas responded as he looked down and adjusted the scale. "The data is corrupted by the sensor interference however the more local to the ship the more we are able to cross reference the results" he added.
Nathanial then turned to one of the Cadets "Cadet Tenal, Bring me an inventory of the Sensor Pod." The Cadet nodded his head and turned quickly to one of the control panels.
looking back over his shoulder at the chief of science he commented "Sir, if I didn't think you had an idea I would have thought you were preparing a scavenger hunt out there."
Nathanial looked at Thomas, he must have been rubbing off. "Am I that easy to read Ensign" he said followed by a short laugh.
"Ok we can't use the deflector to supply enough of the reactive compound to the nebula, right."
"That's correct." Thomas agreed.
"But if we design a dispersal pattern form using multiple vertices, we could cover a large area with minimal power and compound required per vertex, and.... We have the perfect tool to assist us with this."
Nathanial turned to Cadet Tenal. "Cadet! That inventory list."
The cadet turned and rushed over to the Chief of Science, a PADD in his hand. "Here you go sir." he said while handing the PADD over.
"Probes Thomas, Probes..." he said.
Pausing The Ensign had to think how their problem and the probes worked in harmony and he felt that he had it. "The probes could emit the bursts, if we aligned them in a suitable geometric pattern we should get the sort of dispersion we need."
"The trusty Dodecahedron Thomas, so twenty vertices" Nathanial replied.
"A dodecahedron, so 20 probes. We will have to calibrate each one. It will takes hours to re-program and alter their internals to suit the function." Even as Thomas voiced his exacerbation he sounded a little foolish for doing so.
"Yes it will take some time. Organize the science crew in the Pod, I want them done yesterday!" Nathanial finished
"There you go talking about Temporal Mechanics again Lieutenant" He responded smiling as he grabbed a copy of the inventory on a PADD and a Tricorder as he made his way to the Turbolift and tapped his Comm Badge. "Ensign Clipper to Science. All available personal please report to Deck B."
[To Be continued...]
Lieutenant Nathanial Doyle
Chief Science Officer
USS Charon
Ensign Thomas Clipper
Assistant Science Officer
USS Charon 

Friday, November 27, 2009

[USS Charon] SD. 240911.25 || Duty Log || Cadet Aayla Bre'accoria ||

==/\==Deck 8, Astrometrics==/\==
[Warning, Oxygen Nitrogen atmosphere at 41 percent]
Aayla could feel the air venting, her mind was going into a haze. While the flames had gone out the air recycling system was only at 7% and she was lossing air faster than it came in.
[Warning, Life Support Offline, Evacuate Deck 8]
Aayla's skin went pale, "Damn you Calhoun!" Aayla grunted at the computer.
She looked at her broken left leg, it had stopped oozing the green fluid and she was reminded of the new revelation. It was Romulan blood for sure and it was her's. That green, alien blood was her's, and quite frankly it scared the hell out of her. The blood she had found on her finger the day the children came into Astrometrics had been her's. She was Romulan and there was nothing to change that.
Speaking of children, Aayla now feared for their safety. The ship was in shambles, half the senior staff including LT Doyle was on the dead planet on the other side of the nebula. On the other side was her enemy too, fellow Romulans. Gods forbid they found out that there was sirrilium in the Nebula, if the learned that Ya'y held sirrilium the ships could take the Charon out with one shot.
The very thought made Aayla's partially bruned body shiver. A one shot kill, while time saving and ruthlessly cunning, Aayla didnt see where the honor was in blowing up a ship with 350 men women and children on it.
"Children," Aayla muttered.
Then a sudden bang at the door made Aayla jolt.
She heard Captain t'Rheu's ever so sharp yet flowing voice barking at the members of the crew to do something Aayla could make out.
"Captain! Captain t'Rheu!" Aayla exclaimed as she tried to pull her self up against the wall. Never in her entire life ha Aayla felt so happy at the Captain's voice. While most of the crew regarded her as the "Ice Queen" Aayla regarded her as a Rivi'alion or a strong willed leader. "Captain you have no idea how good it is to hear your voice." Aayla exclaimed.
[Warning Oxygen Nitrogen Atmosphere at 30%]
Cadet Aayla Bre'accoria
Head Stellar Cartographer
USS Charon

[USS Charon] SD240911.27 - Joint Duty Log "Fireflies" Part I || Lieutenant Nathanial Doyle, Ensign Thomas Clipper

Nathanial hurried to the bridge. He jumped into a turbolift and headed to deck 1.
=/\=  USS Charon - Bridge =/\=
The doors opened, the bridge was a mess, his path of vision shot to the command chair, it looked like Ensign M'Riarr. He gave a quick nod and without waiting for a reply headed right for the science station. Thomas was standing there, he looked worse for wear. "Engisn, Report"

Thomas was working away at one of the science stations consoles. Before him there was an enormous amount of data to manipulate. For some good news the sensor array was one of the sections of the ship that hadn't received a lot of attention from the previous engagement, however from reports the deflector dish was another story and with the warp core offline there were obvious issues in getting the array to work at anywhere near efficiency.
His thoughts turned to Stellar Cartography and the labs, another section that would have greatly assisted his efforts in tatters, not just that the life of the head cartographer was in serious danger, the last he heard the Captain was on the way, but with environments about to be shut down there, saying he was concerned was an understatement. With that deck about to be shut out to all things that needed oxygen he begun transferring control of the various science functions through to the sensor Pod.
The Lieutenants voice above him was one of the most welcoming things he could have asked for at that moment. "Nathanial! Sir." Thomas responded he was ecstatic to see the lieutenant opposite him. That could wait for later, getting the chief up to speed would be critical, besides The lieutenants words left little room for chit chat.
"We were attacked by several Romulan ships. The Captain has assigned Science to recalibrate the sensor pod to pick up several signatures that will help us track the Romulans who engaged us. The warp core is currently offline and engineering is about to shut off life support to deck 8, Cadet Bre'accoria is trapped in Cartography; the Captain is on the way there now. I have begun transferring science stations and on duty crew to the Sensor pod."
Pausing to take air he recalled another section of news; the launch of the mutagenic into the atmosphere. "Sir, one of the Romulan ships launched a mutagenic into the Atmosphere, we were unable to discern what its purpose was before we entered the nebula, did you see any reactions from the surface?"
"I did" Nathanial said in short. He did not want to face the thoughts at the moment of the surface, not when there was still so much to do here.
"Ok Ensign, great job holding up the fort, I need you to accompany me to the sensor pod now, so we can finalize the relocation, and start working on getting us out of this situation. What do you think the captain would say about playing with temporal mechanics" he said attempting a strained bit of humour.
Well clearly the chief didn't want to elaborate about the surface, Thomas wasn't going to even try and force the issue and replied to the lieutenant "Well that's the joy of temporal mechanics we could go to a future after this situation would be dealt with and ask her for ourselves, well that's if our grasp of it was better than the theoretical." Worried that his superior may have taken a blow to the head he cautiously responded as he begun to make his way with the lieutenant towards the turbolifts. "That hypothetical doesn't have anything to do with the sensor pod?"
"No no Thomas." he started as they headed to the Turbo lifts. "It was just what a bit of humor in a desperate situation!" He finished while entering the lifts.
He pressed the button for Deck A, and the turbolift rattled slightly while doing the assent. "Make sure to note down that the turbolift is in need of engineering attention." He said with a smile to Thomas.
Nathanial needed to keep his head in the game, and he knew that concentrating on the task at hand would allow him to do so.

"I'll make a note of it sir. I'm sure they will find some time between the Hull breach in Engineering and stabilising the warp core." Thomas Responded
The doors opened to Deck A. The first thing that caught their eyes was the commotion going on. "I don't think I have ever seen the sensor pod so full of people before." Nathanial said.
=/\=  USS Charon - Sensor Pod =/\=
There were at least a half dozen crew from the science department, setting up stations, upon seeing their commanding officer they stopped what they were doing and saluted. Nathanial saluted back. "At ease everyone, we have lots to do." He pointed to two of the crew "I want you both to make sure that our power grid is stable in the pod and that we have access to all the sensor functions." They both nodded and turned to access a control station.

Nathanial turned to another "Cadet, organize a control station with deflector control, I want it available incase we need it." The cadet nodded.
"Ensign Thomas" Nathanial started turning towards Thomas.
"You and I are going to figure out how to detect those ships out there." he said while walking over to a console and bringing up a map of the nebula.

Taking A few PADD's from a larger unallocated pile Thomas brought up the signature data the captain had supplied relating to the classes of warbirds she was familiar with, well most likly captained herself he idly thought. "The Captain has given us something to help us here." Passing the PADD to the Chief he continued "These are common engine emission signals Romulan warbirds emit, we could set the deflector to scan out such specific emissions."
"We could try, but the Mutara class nebula's make our sensors too unreliable, which is what I think is keeping us alive at the moment!" Nathanial responded, "What we need is a visual scan! Have a look at this" He finished while pointing to the console.
Look to what Nathanial was specifically pointing out "Their Thoron emissions?" Thomas replied curious to why they were chosen.
"Yes Thoron particles, I was thinking, have you ever seen fireflies Ensign?"

Nodding in the affirmative Thomas now really wanted to see where the chief was taking this 

"Their bioluminescence reaction has got me thinking" He said looking at the schematics supplied by the captain"
"If we were able to supply a catalyst from the deflector array to cause a reaction from the Thoron with the Romulan emissions."

"Just like a 400 Billion tonne firefly" Thomas replied with a smile.
Nathanial couldn't help but smile back. "Ok Ensign, we need to figure out what will cause the reaction, and see if we can mimic it through the deflector dish."
"Aye Sir we can create any one of these signatures the Captain provided and begin testing immediately. I can begin simulations to best work out dispersion and the most efficient catalyst" Thomas Suggested.
[To Be continued...]
Lieutenant Nathanial Doyle
Chief Science Officer
USS Charon
Ensign Thomas Clipper
Assistant Science Officer
USS Charon

[USS Charon] SD240911.25 - Personal Log "Inferno" || Lieutenant Nathanial Doyle

The girl started to blur, no it wasn't the girl it was everything. A few seconds passed and he appeared in the aft section of a starfleet shuttle, along with the rest of the away team.
His head began to explode with images, he lifted himself into a sitting position in the corner, and placed his arms around his bent knees.
Visions of the Romulan girl swirled through his vision, her pleading look, her final breaths. Another vision appeared, this time of a girl from his past. "Arianna" he barely whispered. He started to hear voices of accusations, first it sounded like his parents, and then his close friends. "You are worthless, you let them DIE!, you are responsible Nathanial, you are Nathanial, YOU ARE NATHANIAL!" The voices screamed at him.
The voices quieted down until it was just one voice, it was a melodical voice, one he could not place. Slowly a face materialized infront of him, it was the Romulan girl. "You were meant to save me Nathanial, why did you not save me, what did I do to you that stopped you from saving me, why do you Hate me Nathanial, Why did you have to let me Die Nathanial, why did you let me die!!!!"
He tried to scream, but nothing came out, he was stuck there, immobile, while his soul was judged. The Romulan girl faded from his view, and with her her voice repeating "let me die" faded as well. He then heard a familiar voice, it sounded comforting. "It will be ok Nathanial" she said. "Its not your fault". He looked up and was confronted with a girl from his past. Her name was Arianna. She leaned over to comfort him. He rested his head on her breast, her sweet voice soothing him.
"You didn't do it on purpose Nathanial" she whispered. He looked up at her with a questioning stare.
"You're not to blame, you just weren't good enough to stop it." she said with a sad smile on her face.
He tried to speak, but she placed a finger over his lips.
"You aren't who you think you are, you can't save everyone, you are not as smart as you think you are." she accused, in her soothing voice. Nathanial shook his head. "I did try..." He whispered.
"No, no you did not Nathanial, if you had tried, you would have saved her." She stood up, her voice raising with every word "If you had tried, you would have saved ME!!!!!!" She yelled before de-materializing.
A tear rolled down his left cheek and down his neck. A second followed, and a third. He felt helpless... alone.
He heard an explosion, and what sounded like shouting, his consciousness returned to the current situation on hand. He had began to float, the artificial gravity no more.
He looked up, it was crowded, the shuttle was not meant to take this many normally. He shifted his gaze around the room, straight into the eyes of Sakarra.
She was addressing one of the Marines.
"Mister Warren. I am gratified to see you well. However, it is imperative that I access this panel behind you. Do you believe it is possible to rearrange your current position?"
The marines moved, but Nathanial was not paying attention, no his focus was on the Lieutenant. He watched her work and slowly the rest of the crew, and the shuttle disappeared, leaving only Sakarra in his view, and then she disappeared as well.
He was left a single thought process. What can you do? It asked him. What can you do? it asked him again. What can you... "Its not what, its why" Nathanial said interrupting the voice. His fathers words flowing back into his mind.
'Its not what you can do that's important son, its the reasons you do what you do that will make you who you are.' His father had told him.
And it rung true now, it didn't matter what he did or did not do, as long as the cause was right. And he knew what that cause was.
He had an entire crew to take care of, to help get through this perilous time, he had his science department to lead though this, he had his Captain to support, he had the crew to protect, Sakarra to protect.
Nathanial heard a loud crash, followed by the feeling of flying, before having his wind knocked out of him. The shuttle had landed in the Charon. He quickly composed himself and checked for any damage. Other than a potential bruise on his left elbow, he seemed alright. Standing up, he helped the rest of the away team towards the hatch and into the Charon proper.
Lieutenant Nathanial Doyle
Chief Science Officer
USS Charon

Thursday, November 26, 2009

[USS Charon] [Vree Republic] SD. 240911. 26 || "Old Republic Lost" || Part II ||

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==/\==Over 10,000 Years Ago==/\==
"In Darkness There is light
In light there is darkness"
We are the Vree,
We are one,
We are two,
We are perfect,
We are flawed,
We are the darkness,
We are the light,
We are Vree,
We had so much potential so much life! We were an ancient people at the time of the Exodus, we had left our world for a new one called Humbraine, and as the crystal sky continents fell to despair over our exodus. We knew that leav..............llia was for the ....... And as the great........................arried our people across the stars, we never looked back. For the Old Republic had past away.
                                                     -Excerpt From The Holoscroll Of Dicon
As war drew near and the Vree and the Kree faced a tomorrow to which had come to soon for their peoples. With the scars of the civil war still embedded in the crystals of the sky continents, and the once fruitful lands of the world below the housed the peaceful Ree, turned to a desert wasteland. So with the choice that they dare not let war devide them again, the few Vree and Kree thad had survived the war, no more than a hundred thousand souls, left for a new utopia to call home.
After a long and perilous journey, the now over two hundred thousand people set foot on Humbraine, or glorious jewl.  Over the next 5,000 years the Vree lived in peace, observing the ancient Gorn and the primitive Cardassians. Exploring the Alpha and Beta Quadrants in peace and friendship, and knowing that Vjrn was far from them, the Vree and the Kree finally had peace.
But again the perrils of war struck them again............
After the Republic victory over the armies of Vjrn, the survivors of the armies set down on a planet very near Humbraine. Not wanting war to endanger their peace again, the Vree and the Kree despatched a fleet of their mightiest warships to kill the last survivors of Vjrn's dark cult. But the fleet was destroyed before they could reach the planet's surface and Vjrn offered peace in exchange for the planet and being left alone.
So once again the Vree and the Kree were spilt in two, the Vree for war, the Kree for peace. After a bloody but short conflict, the Vree left for a new world and lef their Kree brothers behind. They landed on a two ringed planet in a binary star system and called it Vre'allia or Vree Home.
And now with War once again in the stars above Vre'allia, we can only hope that this time that peace will come for good and that while it has happened before, it will not happen again..........
Written by Vesper Carter
Cadet Aayla Bre'accoria
Head Stellar Cartographer/Head of Blown Up Astrometrics
USS Charon

[USS Charon] SD 240911.25 Duty Log First Lieutenant Brent Warren

=/\= Shuttle Bay, USS-Charon =/\=
The marines had all activated their boots at the last second to help stabilize themseleves on Brent's order.  The Lieutenant grunted softly to himself as he shoved off a bit of debris from his armor.  "Any landing you can walk away from Marines.  Status report, everyone check in now," Brent barked the order as he helped up the Marine next to him as the calls varied from 'Green' to 'Shaken, not stirred" and other such nonesense.  It would appear that their suits had managed to absorb the impact for the most part.  Bruises would be the order of the day and maybe a day of light PT.  Brent felt fortunate, until he looked forward at the cockpit. "Son of a bitch," he muttered under his breath before moving forward to check on the two pilots.
Both were out cold.  Both of them looked like they had serious injuries.  "Doc!  Both of you, we need up up here in the cabin NOW.  The pilots look like they ate a good chunk of a console explosion," Brent reached down and turned off his gravity belt that was still on Sakarra.  Brent called one of his other marines up and they began to apply first aid to the wounded, doing what little they could in the hopes that the doctors would get there soon.  When that was started he told his Marines, to go check on the doctors to make sure that they themselves did not need assistance.
"When it rains it pours," he muttered under his breath and awaited to hear if he needed to call sickbay up to get them to beam the wounded out to get treatment.
Brevet First Lieutenant Brent Warren
Marine Company Commander

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

[USS Charon] USS Charon || SIM Report #47 || 240911.15 - 240911.21

|                        ...Incoming Transmission...                    |
 /(          )\      ___________________________________
/  \        /  \
\/  \_ /\ _/  \/              U S S  C H A R O N
 \/ / \  / \ \/               "Ferrymen of Hell"
   \(  \/  )/        ___________________________________

                     Report #47  -  240911.15 - 240911.21
                                 "Memento Mori"

/        O U T   O F   C H A R A C T E R   I N F O R M A T I O N        |


Active Crew: 19
Excused Crew: 04
Unexcused Crew: 03
Crew on Leave: 02

Charon Logs: 63
Guest/NPC Logs: 13

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Anyways have a great week everyone & Go Alabama!  Beat Auburn :P

-    Captain Rehu

Full Report Here:

/                          T H E   C R E D I T S                        |

=/\= Commodore Shiarrael Rehu
     Commanding Officer
     USS Charon

     "Mnahe afw'ein qiuu;
            rh'e hweithnaef
                   mrht Heis'he ehl'ein qiuu."

     (Hate has a reason for everything.  But love is unreasonable.)

     -V. Raiuhes Ahaefvthe [of Romulus II]

[USS Charon] USS Charon || SIM Report #46 || 240911.07 - 240911.14

|                        ...Incoming Transmission...                    |
 /(          )\      ___________________________________
/  \        /  \
\/  \_ /\ _/  \/              U S S  C H A R O N
 \/ / \  / \ \/               "Ferrymen of Hell"
   \(  \/  )/        ___________________________________

                     Report #45  -  240911.07 - 240911.14
                                 "Memento Mori"

/        O U T   O F   C H A R A C T E R   I N F O R M A T I O N        |


Active Crew: 17
Excused Crew: 05
Unexcused Crew: 02
Crew on Leave: 02

Charon Logs: 54
Guest/NPC Logs: 07

Another great week from a great crew!  We are finally in the meat of plot where this report is concerned.  A lot of things happening.  I'll elaborate more in my next report but you guys have been doing an awesome job.

-    Commodore Rehu

Full Report Here:

/                          T H E   C R E D I T S                        |

=/\= Commodore Shiarrael Rehu
     Commanding Officer
     USS Charon

     "Mnahe afw'ein qiuu;
            rh'e hweithnaef
                   mrht Heis'he ehl'ein qiuu."

     (Hate has a reason for everything.  But love is unreasonable.)

     -V. Raiuhes Ahaefvthe [of Romulus II]