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[USS Charon] [U.S.S. Corsair] - SD240912.29 || Cpt Tav Ramius - "Teeth of the Chimera - Part I"

U.S.S. Corsair - NX-011979
Nebula II Prototype
 “Sic Parvis Magna”
(Greatness From Small Beginnings)

Teeth of the Chimera – Part I

Ramius, carried on the shoulder of Dr. Durandal, stepped off the turbolift onto a chaotic bridge.  Klaxons blared, officers scurried about like angry ants, and tension flowed like a open water main.  Taverain, assisted by the doctor made his way to his chair where Commander Novada suddenly stood in shock at the captain’s sudden appearance.

“Doctor!  What is he doing here”, she asked as Ramius took a seat the pain on his face clearly evident.


“Ask him”, Durandal replied his tone laced with annoyance.  “I advised him to remain in sickbay, but his monumental stubbornness knows no bounds.”


“Captain, you shouldn’t be here”, Novada protested.


“And where should I be Commander when the ship is under attack”, Ramius replied not bothering to look at his first officer.


“In sickbay sir.  You are not…”


The Corsair suddenly shook as weapons fire from an unknown location again pelted her shields.


“You were saying something Commander”, Ramius asked holding on to his chair’s arms.  “Tactical, report.  What are we up against?”


“Unknown sir.  We are under torpedo attack however I am unable to pinpoint its source.  My guess is a cloaked ship”, Lt. Redstone shouted from his station.


“Scan for low level plasma emissions.  The technology to fire while under cloak is not new.  The ship and weapons still exhaust gas and energy which can be traced back to their source.”


“I would agree sir, but the entire system is flooded with background radiation.  The supernova that ruined this system saturated the entire system and the system’s sun, a white dwarf, is prone to frequent bursts of gamma radiation.  If this were empty space I could get a lock, but there’s too much noise.”


“What is the status of the shields”, Ramius quickly asked.


“Fair.  We’ve only restored them to 55 percent.”


Ramius said nothing upon hearing the report.  His entire body was screaming and now he was on the bridge back in combat with an unknown enemy he couldn’t see.


“Do you think it is the Klingons or Romulans sir?”


“No”, Ramius answered.  “They wouldn’t be stupid enough to show up here without a good reason and even if they did they would want to capture us to make a political statement, not destroy us.  No, this has to be NeoDyne.”


“A NeoDyne ship?  With a cloaking device?”

“Don’t look so shocked Commander”, Ramius chided her.  “Look at what they’ve accomplished here and on the Astate colony?  Do you think obtaining a simple cloak is beyond their grasp?”


With the captain’s point well taken, Novada took a seat frustrated both by their attacker and the captain’s appearance on the bridge.  The man was the ultimate glutton for punishment.  She often wondered if he actually enjoyed the pain he put himself through time and time again.


The Corsair shuddered from another unseen attack.  The tough starship had been through hell and back and somehow below decks engineering was keeping the ship held together despite having suffered significant damage.  Ramius was all too aware that if he couldn’t disable or destroy their attacker quickly the Corsair would not survive given the substantial damage she had already incurred.  He had to devise a way to neutralize the ship’s advantage and do so quickly before it was too late.


“Helm, take us to within 20 kilometers of the asteroid field.  Full impulse.  I want you to make it look like we are attempting to locate an opening in the field and are attempting to escape.  Tactical, once we are in position, divert power to the rear shields.  We’ll take a few shots aft to lure them in.  Once we are sure they are in pursuit, we will fire a volley of phasers and torpedoes into the edge of the asteroid belt behind the Corsair.  The resulting explosion of rocks and debris should create a heavy debris field making them detectable long enough for us to achieve a solid weapons lock.”

“Captain, the shields are not back at maximum power.  Moving closer to the asteroid belt after the beating we already endured is not advisable”, Novada quietly stated.

“You cannot catch a fish without bait number one.  If we remain here out in the open we’re finished.  If you have a better suggestion, now is the time.”


“No suggestions sir.”




“Approaching out edge of asteroid belt in thirty seconds.”


A pair of twin phasers cut across the blackness of space as the Corsair narrowly dodged another attack from their invisible foe.


“Tactical, load the aft torpedo launchers and standby all phaser banks.  You will need to deliver a sizeable attack on the asteroids to generate a large enough debris field and reload the weapons fast enough to catch our opponent while he is temporarily visible.  Timing will be crucial.”


Ramius coughed as he braced himself on the armrest of his command chair.  His insides felt as though they were on fire and every breath was a new experience in pain.


“Captain, are you alright”, Doctor Durandal asked leaning over with a tricorder.


“I’ll survive as long as required to get the Corsair out of danger”, he replied.  “Until then, I will endure.”


The doctor continued to wave his tricorder about much to Ramius’s chagrin.

Several moments passed as the Corsair continued to receive punishment on her aft sections.  After an eternity, Ramius finally felt sure the unknown ship was indeed in full pursuit.


“Mr. Redstone, Fire!”


[To Be Continued…]



Captain Taverain Ramius

Commanding Officer, USS Corsair


Commander Alanis Novada

Executive Officer


Commander Keith Durandal

Chief Medical Officer


[USS Charon] [USS Quantum Fury] SD240912.29 - "romuluSngan zwergin" - Khiy Kanryth

[USS Quantum Fury, Holodeck]

Khiy spun on his heels and leapt over the attacking Klingon.  A glinting bat'leth swept upwards at him but his momentum carried him far enough to dodge the tip of the blade by a mere centimeter.  Several drops of the Klingon's sweat rain down onto him as the Klingon twisted around to compensate for the fast movements.  His ugly features became hideous as he scowled at the diminutive Romulan "romuluSngan!"  He shouted and leveled the bat'leth at Khiy.  Crossing his daggers Khiy caught the Klingon's blade, its metallic fangs pushing towards his forehead.  In a battle of strength Khiy knew he would lose, he did not have strength, but he did have speed, great speed.  He uncrossed the daggers and dove left sliding across the gravel.  The Klingon fell forward and Khiy pushed up behind him severing the spine where it met the skull.  The massive Klingon hit the gravel limp and would soon be dead.  Khiy panted and took a seat on the Klingon's back to catch his breath.  The respite was short lived however; two more Klingons appeared and charged at him.  Instinctively he flung the sharpened Kalen into the lead Klingon's eye socket with deadly accuracy.  The Klingon bumbled forward onto his knees, his hands digging into the gravel as he did creating a small cloud of dust. 

The other Klingon continued his charge.  Standing up Khiy sprinted at the Klingon and as the massive warrior made aim for Khiy's head with his bat'leth the small Romulan suddenly crouched and slid between the Klingon's legs.  In the time it took for the Klingon to register what had happened Khiy was kneeling over the dead Klingon wringing his other Kalen free from the eye socket.   When the Klingon made his second charge Khiy pulled away from the dead Klingon, twisted around, and then tossed the freed Kalen into the Klingon's forehead.  He quickly realized his mistake as the Klingon simply grabbed the dagger, pried it loose, and tossed it aside.  "Damn."  Khiy cursed and sidestepped the heavy downswing of the bat'leth.  The massive blade sliced through rock and gravel but the Klingon's movements were too slow to hit Khiy who responded by kicking the Klingon in his right cheek.  The only effect was a massive wall of slobber shaking loose.  Khiy grimaced and ducked as the Klingon swung the bat'leth at him again.  When the Klingon swung a third time Khiy slipped between his legs again but this time he used his lone Kalen to slice at the Klingon's ankles.  The massive warrior twisted, snapped his remaining tendons, and fell hard. 

The Klingon stirred but Khiy was on him like a hyena jabbing the Kalen into the Klingon's throat.  He pressed it hard until the Klingon's muscles tensed one last time and went limp.  He sighed and pulled the pink crusted dagger free.  The sound of clapping broke his concentration and Khiy stood up looking towards the arch at the other end of the scenery.  "Amazing sir."  Onarin said with a PADD nestled under his right arm pit as he clapped.  "But I think if Doctor McCoy hears about this she will kill you."

He resisted the urge to frown.  Khiy didn't like having his training sessions watched- he enjoyed privacy.  As his attention was on Onarin he failed to notice the Klingon coming up behind him until he felt a tingling sensation in his abdomen and looked down to find half a bat'leth wedged through.

"Player deceased.  Simulation ended."  The computer announced and the holodeck immediately returned to its grid pattern. 

Khiy glanced at Onarin "thank you Commander."  He said sarcastically and approached the arch "I hope the reason you are disrupting my training is good."

"It is."  Onarin quirked a grin at his CO, knowing how much the Captain hated to be interrupted during training.  He pulled the PADD out and held it up to Khiy "we've taken on all of the NeoDyne scientists as per the agreement with the Charon.  They're currently being given a tour of their accommodations in the brig.  Some were complaining earlier about treatment but apparently Captain Rehu decreed that any of the prisoners who did not find their treatment satisfactory would be handed over to the Romulans."

"One would think she would have learned the first time."  Khiy commented and took the PADD perusing the information on it.  He scrolled through the minor details- names, occupations, and small intelligence snippets from Starfleet.  "I want to speak to the lead scientist myself."  He finally said to Onarin when he finished going over the details.

Onarin who was playing with the arch's console looked up "I'll have Nik Nok arrange it sir- and…uh, you're on level twenty four?  I've been doing this same program partnered with Nik Nok since we've been on board and we still haven't broken past level nine!"

It was a cold look that Onarin got from his Captain "I'm sure Nik Nok could do better- no doubt your presence has a hampering effect."  Khiy dropped the PADD into Onarin's hand and made his way out of the holodeck.

The Cardassian chuckled in Khiy's wake "someone's grumpy" he whispered.

[USS Quantum Fury, Brig]

Khiy stepped into the interrogation room followed by his Chief of Security.  The reptilian stood at the entrance as Khiy made his way to the empty seat across from the human male seated at the table.  Taking his seat Khiy carefully set a PADD onto the metallic table "I hope you have treated well Doctor Bittenfield."

"Another Romulan?"  Bittenfield snorted and looked away "I have nothing to say, zwergin."

Pushing the PADD forward Khiy's expression was cold and empty.  When the doctor looked away from the PADD Khiy tilted his head "ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch."  At that the doctor's brows perked slightly "I'm not here to take a statement from you, doctor.  I merely wanted to inform you that I have sent that communiqué to Starfleet" he pointed at the PADD in front of the doctor "stating that you and your fellow scientists have admitted to committing genocide in the name of research for NeoDyne."

"What!"  Bittenfield sat up.  "You cannot say that!  It is untrue, we have said nothing!"

"If it is a mistake it can be corrected later."  Khiy stood up and nodded to Nik Nok who opened the door.  He turned and looked at the Doctor "of course- if you are kind enough to give us a statement about NeoDyne's role, something can be arranged to ensure your safety."  He let the doctor ponder the question and left.


(A) Cmdr Khiy Kanryth
Commanding Officer
USS Quantum Fury 

[USS Charon] SD240912.29 || Joint BackLog "Of Russian Bears and Father Winter's Elves" Part IV || Lt Cmdr Sakarra Tyrax, MCpt Nikolai Chernienko

[USS Charon, Sickbay]

The large Russian blinked in surprise at her athletic move and stared at her with a mix of awe and admiration. "That was impressive... It would seem my first thought about you was correct." he said to her and actually smiled for the first time for real. "The graceful moves, the quick reflexes and the long hair. You are one of the very rare and mostly unknown warrior caste of Vulcan aren't you?" he asked her softly and quietly incase it was something she was keeping from the rest of the crew, he knew Vulcans desired privacy.
This time, Sakarra looked at him with open astonishment. For a human to even understand the concept was … rare.
After a few seconds, she nodded slowly "Unknown ... I am not certain whether this is the correct word. The V'Ket is not hiding their presence. However, you are correct in that those of us who … choose this path do not usually advertise it to outworlders. It is considered somewhat … impolite."
Mostly towards other Vulcans who were mildly appalled by the idea that aliens could see their race as anything remotely threatening, but that was another thing that was not usually shared. Sakarra had the impression that neither humans nor Andorians for example would be mightily upset by the idea that there were some Vulcans trained in combat rather than sciences, after all those in Starfleet were as a matter of course.
But it was a dangerously thin line one was walking on a world that was devoted to peace, even though every last of the V'Ket would like nothing better than see the day when they could put their weapons to rest and tend their gardens.
"But yes, you are quite correct in your observation." she inclined her head slightly, still somewhat bemused but at least composed "I am t'naeh'ru."
He nodded to her. "I thought it was so. I respect your choice to defend your people, I can only imagine it was a difficult choice on a planet of peace to take up the art of war." he said to her softly. "But there are some things that are worth fighting for, don't you think?" he said looking over at her more relaxed now and breathing steadily thanks to the Neuropressure.
"As I have pointed out earlier, Mr Chernienko, we live in a universe where entropy exists. There are those who will choose to not speed it, at the cost of their own lives if need be. I often feel it requires more strength to place peace above all other consideration than to take up arms. And it is quite possible that whatever may befall a Vulcan such as this, his Katra will be whole and possess a serenity I can never know."
Sakarra paused for a moment, her black eyes deeply thoughtful, while a mild expression was shining in their depths.
"Maybe we would be wiser to heed their words, but it is the nature of these days that the wise one who will do no harm is the first to be crushed by those who will use violence to achieve their goals, or merely because it amuses them. It is for that reason a few of us will stand in between the philosopher and the sword, Mr Chernienko. For as long as one of the peaceful one's lives, there may be hope for us as well."
She pulled the covers back over the tall human and adjusted his pillow before pulling the small table closer to the bed so he could reach easier for the food if he should decide to give it another try.
"And of course it would be somewhat rude to expect our allies to defend us all the time without providing at least some help, no?"
He nodded at that statement. "I believe that as well. We humans have tried to become a race of peace and science, but Starfleet is it's protective branch it's warriors." he said to her and reached over toward the food once more. This time he could get to it without trouble and was able to enjoy the eastern delights she had brought.
"There will always be ones who try to hurt the people who can't or wont defend themselves. Peace has always been dearly bought and held only by the brave few who will fight to protect it. It is a worth while sacrifice for people like us to not be welcome in that peaceful world." he said feeling he understood her choices.
"Thankfully, Mr Chernienko, I can say my world accepts me for who and what I am. And even those who will disagree with either, will hardly ever be so rude as to confront me about it. In return of course it is only polite for me to … make myself known so one who might be offended may maintain distance. But I believe you were already aware of the latter fact."
She was still quite impressed he had such knowledge of Vulcan culture, although of course humans were a never ending source of surprises.
He smiled a little at that. "Da, The long hair was the sign of your difference between the Scholars and the monks. It marks you as a servant of the wilder days before the logic evolution if I remember correctly. Arie told me these things a very long time ago." he explained to her. As he mentioned his beautiful wife's name his face fell into a thoughtful and sorrowful scowl and he shook his head. It lasted only a moment so perhaps she hadn't seen it he told himself.
In any other circumstance, it would have been polite and appropriate to ignore what she had seen. And felt, however briefly. But considering that it was all but inevitable something like this might happen again, it would in fact be rude not to inform him.
"Arie was quite correct that it is the mark of those who are inclined to uphold old traditions. That may include matriarchs and other women of all manner of social standing, however they will be easily distinguished by their more … elaborate style, both in hair and clothing. However, c'thia, or logic as you call it, is as deeply ingrained in us as it is in the scholars and monks."
She stepped closer to the biobed, almost close enough to touch, and let her level gaze rest on his face.
"You feel you must not burden me with your sorrow, Mr Chernienko? As a Vulcan, I can relate, even appreciate that. But it has already become difficult for me to shield from intense emotions, especially in such close proximity and while the connection has not yet faded. Please understand I am no stranger to sorrow and I will not be offended by your grief for a beloved."
Nikolai looked over at her and smiled sadly letting his grief show as she had already seen. "She was a wonderful woman and a fellow Marine.. a Strong woman and a warrior like yourself. It saddened her to have to stay behind on the starbase when I shipped out that last time. She very much wanted to go herself. At times I can only imagine that she died disappointed and alone with only my parents with her to take care of her in her condition." he said to her sadly.
"I'm sorry if my emotions are causing you discomfort as well Sakkaravich, I knew you were touch sensitive so these treatments are not only giving you my physical pain but my emotional ones as well." he said sadly to her. He reached out and carefully avoided making skin contact and just patted her arm softly. It was the most tender gesture he had given another living being in so many long years.
What a difference from the man who had been mad with pain and rage not too long ago. The light bruises on Sakarra's neck had just faded and already he was not afraid to show what even humans who had not been through the horrors he had been subjected to would find difficult to share with a person they were just getting to know. Let alone a Vulcan.
"I understand the … sadness your bondmate must have experienced. It is difficult to be the one left behind. But alone? I have only little understanding of humans, yet I have reason to believe you are capable of forming exceptionally strong bonds. One cannot be truly alone as long as such a bond exists."
And there were times when Sakarra thought it might be better to die, knowing that bond was there, than to live and feel it tear apart.
"And you need not apologize, although I appreciate the courtesy." she said mildly.
Following an impulse, the young woman slowly raised her fingertips to the human's face, and when he neither flinched nor protested, brushed against the meld-points with the lightness of a feather.
For a brief moment, the image of a Vulcan woman floated through the mind link, her dark eyes as serene as her face but glowing with a silent, gentle humor. And before Sakarra could even decide whether to share this as well, the image of a human, leaning against a small, battered fighter, and this one's smile was like the sun coming up over the Vathax mountains.
Before any emotion that might throw the Marine into terrible distress could follow those images, the young Vulcan retreated.
"It is no pain I do not already know, Nikolai Chernienko."
Nikolai let the images pass through his mind easily so that she could see his lovely Arie. So pale of skin and dark of hair. Always a smile on her face that hid the barly armor hidden deep down.
As he was conjuring up the image of her the link allowed him a brief glace into Sakkara's past as well. When she pulled back he could still see the human leaning against the battered fightercraft. He looked over at the young Vulcan woman and nodded his head. "He was close to you as my Arie was to me?" he asked her softly.
After all those years, it was still … difficult to speak of it.
And what was there to say? He might have become that and more, but the bond was torn apart before it ever had a chance to grow? How did one measure the depth of feeling for another, the closeness of hearts, or understand the meaning of something that defied definition by it's very nature?
So she simply nodded.
He nodded back to her and this time actually took her hand in his. As he took her hand he brought up the best Memory of Arie he had, the most happy one. The day they were married onboard the USS Saratoga by his friend General Mitchell.
He let that Image and that feeling flow to her through the Vulcan's telepathic connection to him. It was the very least he could do back for everything she had done for him.
At first, the young Vulcan blinked at the unexpected intensity of the contact. She had seen him reach out and remained still, but it was obvious that this human was a fast learner. Not only had he already grasped the concept of touch telepathy, but he could order his mind enough to select what he wished to share. Quite … astonishing. And something Sakarra had experienced in non-Vulcans only twice before, at least without any tutoring.
She let the images and emotions permeate her mind, before they coalesced into a coherent memory and as such took their place among her own. It was a good memory, and she allowed herself to linger with it just a little while longer.
Blinking once more, the young woman looked down at her hand and noticed with a surge of mild amusement how it completely vanished in the Marine's surprisingly light grasp.
She inclined her head in a gesture of gratitude, and for a brief moment, a silent smile was shining in her eyes.
"I should let you rest, Mr Chernienko." she said in a low, unusually soft voice.
Strange, how a simple visit to bring food had turned into … this. But it would not do to overtax the still badly injured man, let alone it was getting late. The noise outside had disappeared long ago and Sakarra would have to take care not to wake any of the other patients. But if there was something a Vulcan excelled at, it was moving silently. A Vulcan trained by her mentor should be able to do it even in such a dress.
He gently released her from his large hand and nodded to her. "If you wish, I would prefer you to call me Nikolai, Commander. And yes I am very tired but I want you to know how much I appreciate your visit and the gesture of the food that you brought. And I hope that small vision of happiness will last you the rest of the night and not to dwell on the other images we have just shared." he said to her in a voice both deep and soft, as only a Russian could give. People often misunderstood the Russians and assumed they were a emotionally closed people, nothing was further from the truth.
"K'zhir t'du 'eh t'nay-veh, Nikolai. I am called S`ak-hára."
Indeed an astonishing change. But a most gratifying one as well.
"I have the same hope for you. Good night, … Nikolai."
With this, she gave another nod and pivoted around, striding out into the dark and silent sickbay.
He watched her go striding back out into the darkened sickbay and slowly practiced calling her true name. "S'ak-hara" he whispered to himself. He would remember that name and her no matter what the Tyrant of Charon had in store for him. Even if he was brought back to Federation space in chains and locked away forever he would remember this moment of kindness. He leaned back into his bed and closed his eyes sinking into a peaceful dream for the first time since Arie had been taken from him.

[End Log]
Lieutenant Commander Sakarra Tyrax
Chief Helmsman and Acting Executive Officer
Marine Captain Nikolai Chernienko
Platoon Leader
USS Charon


[USS Charon] SD240912.29 || Joint BackLog "Of Russian Bears and Father Winter's Elves" Part III || Lt Cmdr Sakarra Tyrax, MCpt Nikolai Chernienko

[USS Charon, Sickbay]

The young woman climbed off the chair, careful to keep the billowing skirt out of the way of her legs, and then moved towards the side of the bed.
Carefully she pulled the covers to the side and reached for the large man's lowest ribs under the shirt. Well, that was the starting point. But the angle was completely wrong to apply the needed pressure.
"You are an unusually tall individual, Mr Chernienko."
Not to mention as broad-shouldered as an adolescent Sehlat.
He felt her warm hands move onto his bare skin under the hospital gown. The strange sensation of the pressure points under his ribs took his breath for a moment before he started to relax in her grip. Her comment about being too tall was actually amusing and some of the mirth he had at the thought flowed out infront of the discomfort of his previous tortures. "Is.. there anything I can do to assist you?" he asked her seriously and with a slightly breathy voice from the efforts she was exerting on him.
"I have always been a tall man, something my Cossack ancestors passed down to me and mine. It has been both a blessing and a curse at times." he told her. It was odd he felt he could open to this woman and whenever she was manipulating his energy points his normal rage seemed to dissipate so that he could speak rationally with her.
Sakarra canted her head thoughtfully, and then looked at her gown. The bodice would present a minor obstacle, but it should work.
"Indeed there is, if you would not object to me sharing the biobed with you for a short amount of time. I will need to access your lower ribs and abdomen from a precise angle of eighty-seven degrees and still be able to use my weight to achieve the necessary pressure. I cannot do that from here."
She had sensed some amusement at her comment, and although she had not intended it to be humorous, the young Vulcan was still deeply gratified the man was able to experience such emotions. That of course left the matter of what he might think of her plan. Either more amusement or some awkwardness, most likely. Perhaps both.
Pulling the chair to where she was standing, she motioned to the marine's legs "I might require some steadying yet again. This … attire …. is not precisely what I would have chosen for this posture."

He looked at the young Vulcan and her very.. impractical attire, this was going to be awkward for them both. He could only imagine what it would look like if the other Vulcan doctor happened to come in and saw what she was doing to him. Of course her being a Vulcan he doubted she would understand the overtones of the position she was suggesting so he nodded to her. "I will share the biobed with you Sakarrravich." he said after a moment." And I will steady you in anyway I can." he finished trying not be awkward or to amused.
He positioned himself better in the center of the bed and offered his arm to her to help her up with him. He hit one of the switches on his console and closed the auto curtain completely not only for privacy for himself but also to make sure her reputation wouldn't be compromised by the unconventional position she was about to take over him.
Ah well, this would be interesting. And quite good practice for keeping balance under extraordinary circumstances.
Sakarra climbed up on the chair and quirked a mildly amused brow as the curtains closed - quite unlikely there should be any visitors at his time, however she could relate to the desire for privacy.
Holding on to the offered arm with one hand, the young Vulcan bunched up the fabric of the skirt with the other, revealing a layer of silken petticoats and ivory colored boots.
"I believe the custom is to count until three, yes? Please be advised that the bodice is hindering my mobility somewhat and you may have to prevent me from falling off the other side as it were."
Sakarra had seen illustrations of human women on horses, wearing exceedingly elaborate dresses, and once more wondered how they had done it. Safe to assume they needed a hoard of attendants merely to get into the saddle. Of course that left the question why anyone would put themselves through such an experience. All quite fascinating.
Nikolai nodded to her as he helped bring her up onto the chair. "Da... a-Deen, dva, tree!" he said and hoisted her up at the same time his other arm coming up to keep her from going over the other side of the bed. Though Sakarra was a very light woman the damage done to his body was extensive. He groaned at the sheer force he had to expound to get her up on top of him. But despite the pain coursing through him he made sure she was steady on top of him before relaxing back into the center of the bed.
Any more pull and she would have gone airborne. What a curious sensation indeed.
Sakarra brushed some stray curls out of her face and took stock of the situation. The exertion had slightly aggravated the condition of some overtaxed musculature, but that was easily remedied from her current position. Then she realized the blue gaze resting on her again, even as the large man relaxed under her, and gave a questioning look in return.
Ah, of course. Somewhat disheveled.
With as much dignity as a woman of her heritage could muster, which was a considerable amount, Sakarra adjusted the mass of deep red fabric to fall loosely over her legs, covering the knee-high boots as well as the small bit of stocking that had dared to become visible.
"Deep, steady breaths if you please, Mr Chernienko."
For this, there was no margin for error. Closing her eyes, the young Vulcan concentrated and sensitive fingertips traveled across the marine's skin.
Nikolai tried to calm his breath as the young Vulcan traced her finger tips over his abused skin. Her warm touch sending small sensations of pain through his body but there was also faint bouts of familiar touch, though he kept the notion from his head. He watched her face as she closed her eyes and started to take deep steady breaths as she requested. Both arms holding her shoulders softly but firmly so she wouldn't topple over.
Well, this was quite helpful. Of course logic suggested that a patient in such dire shape would try to cooperate as best as possible, but one had to appreciate the man's initiative and common sense.
With the immediate danger of losing her balance all but removed, Sakarra could not only focus on the task at hand, but actually apply her weight as she saw fit without risking any additional damage to the still barely healed tissue.
After merely 18.7 minutes, Sakarra gave a small, satisfied huff and sat up, stretching her shoulders and arms.
The sensations of a multitude of pains and aches that still lingered made her blink for a moment, but it was merely a shadow of what had been before and faded quickly.
"I believe this should suffice for today. You should not only be able to enjoy your food without experiencing discomfort, but in fact rest quite comfortably for several hours."
More raven black curls had taken the opportunity to fall into her face and spill over her shoulders, and the young Vulcan briefly rubbed her temples. It was a sign of mild exhaustion and a weakness she usually would not have liked to display in front of another person, however he was already fully aware of it. Quite illogical then to insist on showing a façade of any kind.
Surprising, how easily the telepathic thread had begun to weave itself. Most species unaccustomed to the sensation instinctively resisted the strangeness of another mind reaching out, however lightly and non-intrusive.
"Mr Chernienko, may I make a personal inquiry?"
Nikolai breathed a sigh of relief as after the nearly twenty minute session. The pain had subsided to a tolerable level once more thanks to Kara's dedication and skill.
He leaned back on his pillow now more lightly then before now that the tension was released from him. He looked up at the young Vulcan and carefully brushed her black locks from her face and nodded. The gesture wasn't overtly anything just a kindness for her so that they could look each other in the face while she spoke. "If you wish, I will answer what I can." he answered her more calmly than the last few times.
She blinked rapidly at the unexpected gesture, but decided it had to have been intended as a courtesy.
"I did not sense any … previous experience with telepathic species, however you seem to have no … reluctance to allow such contact. It is rather puzzling."
Sakarra noticed how his voice had changed yet again. Deep, and quite pleasant in his relaxed state one could actually hear and appreciate the melody of his native dialect.
Nikolai raised an eyebrow at her almost in a Vulcan like way. "Are you asking why I am not attempting to resist the telepathic connection?" he asked outloud mostly to him self as well. "No I have never had previous contact with a telepathic race on a personal level. Unless of course you count the Borg. However there is nothing in my mind that is secret to those I feel I can trust." he said to her and looked her over again.
"You have offered every kindness to me and asked nothing in return, It may be the Vulcan way but I still feel I can trust you and allow you whatever you need." he explained though in truth with her he had felt something more then hatred and rage in his heart. Something about her sparked the memories of a happier time in him and he was trying to nurture that feeling.
The young Vulcan thought about this for a few moments and then slowly inclined her head.
"Dh'au-tor nash-veh du. I am honored by your trust."
Exhaling slowly, she cast a glance at the chair and then the floor. Well, it should be possible to get off the biobed and allow him to rest without troubling him any further.
"If you would please not move for one moment."
The young woman leaned forward, gripping the sides of the bed, and tensed. Pushing off with arms and legs at the same time, she went flying in a nicely calculated arc and landed on her feet with the grace of a cat. Of course the dress was positively disheveled by now.
Mild amusement shining in her eyes, Sakarra straightened the fabric as best as possible and then picked up her coat.

[To be continued ...]
Lieutenant Commander Sakarra Tyrax
Chief Helmsman and Acting Executive Officer
Marine Captain Nikolai Chernienko
Platoon Leader
USS Charon

[USS Charon] SD240912.29 || Joint BackLog "Of Russian Bears and Father Winter's Elves" Part II || Lt Cmdr Sakarra Tyrax, MCpt Nikolai Chernienko

[USS Charon, Sickbay]

"Fraternizing?" Sakarra favored the Marine with an eloquently raised brow "I find it doubtful many people would consider a Vulcan capable of such a thing. Then again, there are those who would accuse me of fraternizing with the Sundered for the simple reason I serve on this ship. If I were to allow such considerations to guide my actions, it is highly improbable I could function as either an officer or an individual, no?" 
His honesty was something the young Vulcan certainly could appreciate, although she was mildly puzzled by his insistence she was being 'kind'. Of course, what was completely logical to a Vulcan often was quite the opposite to an outworlder - or was she truly more concerned for the Marine's well-being than the simple and reasonable interest in a patient's recovery would warrant? She would have to think about this, but there was no doubt in her mind that whatever the degree, her actions were guided by c'thia.
"Do you consider me your enemy then, Mr Chernienko? Or yourself as mine?"
Nikolai raised an eyebrow back at her statement. What did he consider the officers on the Charon after his betrayal. It was diffinatly a curious question for him and what he thought about the situation. After a moment he spoke up. "I do not think of you as my enemy, nor myself as yours. But the sundered as you call them... I think the bad blood between us will always flow, We have built a wall of hate and blood that stretches as far as the eye can see." he said to her after a moment.
"We, Mr Chernienko? To whom are you referring?" Sakarra gave the Marine a look that was as old as Seleya herself, and it was for once what people who knew little of the Vulcan soul would expect - bereft of even the smallest inkling of good humor, the perpetual curiosity that was such a hallmark of Nevasa's children, or the patient, quiet serenity that was so easily mistaken for the inability to feel.
For long seconds, the young Vulcan's face was as unmoved as the ancient mountain but deep in her eyes one could discern just a glimmer of what hate and blood meant to one born of her kind, and it was no wall.  
As quickly as the moment had come, it passed and the young woman motioned to the food. "I noticed you still experience some difficulties in moving. Although my attire will be putting me into a somewhat impractical position, I believe it would be beneficial to rectify the situation before it deteriorates, yes?"
Nikolai had noticed that look in her eyes however fleeting it was. It was a look he had long seen in himself, hatred. He looked at her with a new found curiosity, she was different from any Vulcan he had ever seen before. "I would appreciate it though I wouldn't want you to... Compromise yourself if you do not feel comfortable with it." he said to her calmly.
As she prepared to do whatever it was she was going to for this most recent bout of pain he couldn't help but wonder what the Romulans had done to her as well. He gathered his courage to ask her not wanting to offend her but his curiosity got the better of him. "You too have problems with the Romulans don't you Commander?" he asked her as quietly as he could to avoid anyone overhearing their conversation.
"Problems?" the young woman's features remained thoughtful, although her voice had returned to be even and melodious "It is one word a person could choose to define the history of our races since the Sundering. Although many will point out it is a woefully inadequate definition. There is little we have not done to one another, Mr Chernienko, and there are those, even on Vulcan, who would advocate settling the matter 'within the family' as it were. Perhaps mutual destruction would ensure peace at last, however personally I find little peace in graveyards."
She had taken position behind his head again, and let the coat slide off her shoulders, placing it neatly over a nearby chair. Achieving the correct angle would present minor troubles with the man up on the bed, but Sakarra had already thought up a solution. For once, all the extra furniture would be put to use.
Another chair was pulled up to the bed and the young Vulcan climbed up onto it, taking a few seconds to find the ideal balance before leaning forward.
"What will you have me do, Mr Chernienko? Count the toll those 'problems' have taken on my own family? For how long will you have me count? Since the day I was born, or since the day one Eldest Mother of my clan watched the ships leave? To what end?"
Her face was hovering merely a meter above his, and she found the pressure points with greater ease now, while the light undercurrent sparked by her touch immediately guided her towards the areas that needed addressing.
"The unhealed wounds of the distant past, the unfinished business of a distant future." she murmured quietly, and her calm gaze returned to the Marine's face who was still studying her with open curiosity.
Nikolai listened to her and felt like he understood something of the pain she still felt about her distant cousins. His eyes closed briefly as she touched the pressure points and he let out a small groan of both relief and pain as she begun to manipulate his energies. He knew the encounter with his pain wracked body was taking it's toll on the young Vulcan beauty as well.
"I too have lost family in the war against the treacherous creatures that are your cousins. There is no end to their crimes or the suffering they cause is there?" he asked her and seemed to actually value her opinion on the subject. As before he reached up and stabilized her as best he could from this angle because he could already feel the burning sensation of a wave of agony moving up his shoulders and knew it would hit her soon.
Sakarra remained silent for another little while, entirely occupied by keeping her breathing level and letting the searing waves of pain pass into nothingness. Soon she would have to instruct the marine how to support her efforts with the correct breathing, but that would require lungs functioning somewhat better than his were at the moment.
The very moment he reached out, another most difficult wave of agony came lancing through the lowered mental shields and she gratefully leaned against the offered support, noticing in an almost absent-minded way that even after captivity, malnourishment and torture the man's arm was as robust and unyielding as an Indu'kah tree. 
"Ta'ushah nash-veh k'hdu." the young Vulcan said at last, pausing briefly in her efforts so she could regain some composure. "I grieve with thee."
She had not known the people he spoke of, but there was no escaping the strong emotions that had come with his memory of them, not when her mind was too focused on other things to shield from such intensity. The grief, the rage, and deeply buried underneath, the memory of what had been. Of what was lost. For that, she could feel sorrow, and even if she had been able to hide it, she might not have bothered.
"No end? I do not know, Nikolai Chernienko. There are those who believe we are simply too blind to see one another as we truly are, and all the suffering is of our own making. Theirs, as well as ours. And while I cannot dispute the inherent logic of that argument, I cannot see how a gulf as wide as this could ever be bridged."
Exhaling softly, the young woman stretched a little further still and her warm hands raveled across a chest that was moving with much more ease than before.
Nikolai groaned a bit more as her hands moved over his chest, the pain was receding through her skillful manipulations. His breathing came much more easily now and he let out a long slow breath, for the first time in months his lungs didn't argue and cause a coughing fit. "It is pretty of them to think that could be possible. But we both know the truth.. The Romulans can never be trusted." he said to her slowly as his voice came back.
"The truth, Mr Chernienko, is not something I claim to know." she moved her hands back towards his shoulders, where the more relaxed muscles now made it easier to deal with the rest of the lingering pain.
"However, I will freely admit to being more wary of the Rihannsu than pure reason should allow. One may consider this illogical, or possibly prejudice. Another matter to which I fear I have no definitive answer."
She nodded with satisfaction when there was no trace of pain left in the now freely weaving telepathic current, only a mild ache as if one had climbed Llangon during mid-day and then incurred scrapes and bruises while sliding down a rocky slope. A sensation Sakarra was all too familiar with, and for a brief moment the memory echoed between her and the human before it dispersed.
That left only the issue of the proper blood oxygenation. Really no point in having your lungs function well if your metabolism would not keep up.
She would have preferred doing this during their next scheduled treatment, but since she was already here…

[To be continued ...]
Lieutenant Commander Sakarra Tyrax
Chief Helmsman and Acting Executive Officer
Marine Captain Nikolai Chernienko
Platoon Leader
USS Charon

[USS Charon] SD240912.29 || Joint BackLog "Of Russian Bears and Father Winter's Elves" Part I || Lt Cmdr Sakarra Tyrax, MCpt Nikolai Chernienko

<<Taking place shortly after the Holiday Log in Eris Deck >>

[USS Charon, Main Sickbay]
The young Vulcan with the dark red dress followed Mr Olafsson and a large assortment of other crewmembers laden with food into sickbay, and she was exceptionally pleased to see that most of the patients still present seemed well on the road to recovery. It had been Mr Chell's idea to share the abundance of the buffet with those who had not been able to attend the festivities in the half-repaired Eris Deck, and the appearance of the Bolian with the red outfit was greeted with a good amount of cheers.
Having learned that her own choice of dress qualified her as what Ensign M'Riarr had referred to as "Elvish Santa lady", Sakarra did not even attempt to keep a low profile as she had originally intended and instead acknowledged the friendly greetings with courteous nods.
At last, the young woman with the white crystals clinging to her raven-black curls managed to slip away in the general commotion, wisely choosing to not hear the half-hearted protests of some assorted healers, and found the room she had been looking for.
As the doors swished open, she noticed that the skin color of the patient resting here had improved considerably over his earlier condition, and his breathing seemed much less labored. Quite satisfactory. What surprised her however, was that the Marine who had seemed fast asleep, suddenly turned a pair of very alert blue eyes towards her.
Nikolai had heard her come in to the room. He could recognize her footsteps from that of the doctors, several long months with nothing to see with had let him distinguish the sounds a person makes when they walk, even on carpet. As he turned toward her his alert eyes locked onto her highly unusual garb and he managed to straighten up in his bed.
"It is good to see you again podurga Sakarravich." he said to her Russianizing her name. The pain was still mostly deadened from the last treatment but it was still a constant effort to keep the unpleasant reminder of it out of his face. "You are one of Father Winter's elves?" he asked her curiously.

"Good evening, Mr Chernienko." Sakarra said mildly, inclining her head in greeting before she looked down at the billowing fabric of the skirt again
"So I am told. However, I must admit it was quite unintentional. Perhaps I should have researched human customs more thoroughly before deciding on my attire."
She pulled one of the small tables next to the bed, a fairly wobbly affair to be certain, but it would most likely no collapse even under the weight of the food. "Mr Chell suggested to bring the buffet to those in sickbay who could not attend the human Holiday festivities, although he made some reference to mountains and prophets the meaning of which I am not certain about."
The other humans and even non-humans in sickbay had responded rather happy to the Bolian's intrusion and the young Vulcan made due note of that.
She gestured towards the plate, filled with what young Mr Grax had insisted would delight a person of Terra's Eastern European regions, though Sakarra had no idea what half of these things were nor was she certain she wanted to know.
"Having been a 'guest' in sickbay myself, I understand the food becomes rather tiresome after a while. If you would kindly not inform the healer of this … irregularity, then I will refrain from mentioning it as well."
The large Russian looked at her and for one brief moment a faint smile passed his bearded lips before vanishing back into his normal Slavic scowl. He looked over at the food offered and nodded with relief as it certainly looked and smelled better than the drivel the Healers had been feeding him. "Your secret is safe with me Commander. And it seems I am once again in your debt for this kindness." he said as he tried to reach over and share the food with her.
As he reached over the sharp stabbing pain echoed down his entire right hand side causing his face to contort with agony. As quickly as it came he forced it back down with his teeth gritted and sweat on his brow and took a small sampling of the food from the plate and offered Sakarra a portion as well.
"Not at all, Mr Chernienko." the young Vulcan stated reasonably "It is my understanding that certain foods in fact have a psychological effect which may aid the healing process."
Her expression changed ever so slightly when she noticed his troubles in reaching for the food but decided to simply watch for any signs of worsening at the moment. Her jet-black eyes rested on the plate and she gave the things Mr Grax had called 'Pierogi' a doubtful look, dismissed the fish and meats and finally saw something vaguely familiar. Beets. Well, those were quite agreeable.
Carefully balancing the silver fork, she picked up some of the sautéed vegetable and quirked an appreciative brow at the taste. Miss Betty had yet again managed to surprise.
If the human did not know how unusual it was for a Vulcan to share food in this manner, Sakarra was not going to point it out just now, but there was another small shift in her demeanor when she exhaled and handed the fork back to the gigantic Russian. She might have to do more research into this culture as well.
He took the fork back from her and took some of the Pierogi up on it and took a bit of the exquisite food. It was pure heaven compared to what he had been used to for his incarceration. He closed his blue eyes which were fairly uncommon for the Russian people and savored the flavor as another wave of the pain arched up his body.
The act of chewing helped forestall the pain so that when he opened his eyes once more they were just his normal eyes instead of pain filled windows. "Da, My family taught me this as well. Though I believe the custom for the Westernized Anglo Saxons was Chicken Noodle Soup." he said with a faint attempt of levity. "Though I am not complaining Commander I must ask, why are you being so kind to me? After all.. in many peoples eyes I am a traitor." he asked her curiously. It was possible this line of questioning would end this treatment and he didn't wish that. But he wanted to know why a person would risk their standing helping not only a stranger but one accused of the worst crime in a military outfit.
"I am a Vulcan, Mr Chernienko." and although in and by itself, that should have explained everything, Sakarra knew from experience most people required some … elaboration.
"Though I am aware that for many other cultures it is … different, I cannot deny you assistance and remain true to what I am. Right here and now, you are a living being in pain who is in need of and has accepted my aid. That is all I must know, and all that is of consequence."
Her current attire made it difficult to stand in her preferred pose with hands clasped behind her back, so she settled for folding her fingers loosely, letting them rest against the soft, heavy fabric of the dress.
"Nam-tor u'sha'yut. It is our way. We are creatures of a universe in which entropy exists, and therefore see no way to escape, but we do not need to help it."
The thick waves of her hair were still covered with glittering white specks, the result of some enthusiastic little ones spraying party guests with artificial snow, and Sakarra noticed some of the … glitter … had fallen to the floor and onto the biobed when she had reached for the food. Well, one could hope it was not sufficient forensic evidence to attest to her having been here. The healer would be suitably … displeased.
The young woman's dark eyes rested thoughtfully on the Marine and she wondered whether this explanation would satisfy him. It was the truth, as plain and simple as one could tell it, but as so often it was only a small portion of something for which words alone would hardly suffice.
"Do you believe there is a reason why I should not assist, Mr Chernienko?"
"I was one of the leaders of the mutiny against Rehu, and though I didn't condone or authorize it, the assault on her children. From my point of view if the situation was reversed I am not sure I would show such kindness." he said to her honestly. "And I doubt that any of the others would be doing what you are doing either. The Doctors are bound by oath to heal our bodies, that they can not change. But this.." he gestured to the offered food she had brought.
It was hard to fathom such kindness specially from a Vulcan. He could understand the neuropressure treatments as part of not letting a person suffer, but the conversation and the meal? that he didn't understand. "Do you not fear that you will be branded as fraternizing with the enemy Commander?" he would gladly destroy the Romulans on this vessel but he wouldn't want to ruin the career or life of another officer.

[To be continued ...]
Lieutenant Commander Sakarra Tyrax
Chief Helmsman and Acting Executive Officer
Marine Captain Nikolai Chernienko
Platoon Leader
USS Charon

[USS Charon] SD 240912.29| Joint Duty Log | AEO & NPC's: Repairs to the Bridge


The Engineering team arrived on the bridge by the recently repowered and repaired Turbolift and stepped out asseing the damage. Milo whistled low and long seeing the signs of the invadeing army and the green blood still littering the damaged bridge.
"Good lord..Phasers didn't leave this much blood laying around..What the heck happened..Sword fighting?" he asked D'Vana rethoricly as he stepped froward heading to the Shattered Op's pannel. He shook his head wondering if Ensign Dacari enjoyed breaking his station.

"Well if I know my Ch'Tan as I do. He probably took a bat'leth to them." She said softly knowing how much he disliked romulans. she was amazed sometimes that he could work under the CO as he does... but she was glad it showed they could get along if they tried...
Milo chuckled and and moved towrd the console and shook his head again."Well this is what we call at the academy..FUBAR..." he said and tapped what was left of the console and it shattered under his touch. The panneling was brittled from the scorching the explosion caused.
He moved over and knelt down pulling his tools out and started prying the ruined station up."Lieutenant can you get someone to replicate the replacement components we will need for this?" he asked her as he tried to pry the broken base off.

"WE had some extra Jeff brought them along he should be here shortly." She said softly the lift dinged signallying that it was at the top. "Ah speak of the devil." She grinned...
Milo grined and nodded looking at the others as they came with the parts."If you can give the console a swift kick about half way up I think the bolts are fried enough to come out without us trying to pry it out of the deck...Yes I know its not very scientific." he said with a chuckle and backed away for the much more powerful Klingon to do her thing.

"Hell you hear me complaining? nope it lets me work off any frustration that way." She grinned and walked up to the console. She moved into a spin kick not just giving it enough of a jolt to cause it to fall apart, but the top panel hit the wall...
Milo gawked at the power in her kick as the panel hit the wall. He couldn't help but whistle appreciatively."Remind me never to upset you enough that you want to kick me Lieutenant." he said laughing just a little.
The young ensign carefully removed the rest of the debris from the pile that use to be the Op's Console and raised an eyebrow as he spotted a small device in the rubble."Lieutenant do you have any idea what this is?" he asked as he held it out. It certainly wasn't Federation in origin and held the distinctive vibe of Romulan technology to it.

"No but will take it back to engineering to try and figure out what it is. if we cant we'll send it to science." She said grabbing a containment canister to hold it in until they can figure out if it's still dangerous or not..

He nodded and continued to work on replacing the Console."It's strange though...It seemed to be wired into the console itself..Not lodged into it. From the looks of things it's been in there a while." he said as he levered out the uttermost bottom of the console and helped D'Vana start sitting the new one in place.

"What do you mean? That someone put it there?"She asked him as they continued to work on replacing the console that had been there. "With it destroyed I'm not sure there's much we'll find out on it." She said honestly...
Milo nodded at that."Yeah it looked like it was wired into the communications array." he said as he pointed out the pathway where the small device had came from. His brows knitted together wondering how and why that was there. Putting that mystery aside for later he begun wiring the console back in place with D'Vana's help.
"I'm getting a energy spike on the upper EM band, it looks like it's coming from that EPS relay on the port side of the Ops console lieutenant." he said as he started running a diagnostic on it device. His tricorder beeped and his raised a brow again."Looks like it was just a hiccup...Whatever it was is back to normal now." he said and grinned continuing his work on the device.
As he reached over to put the new panel on it his finger brushed the supposedly dormant EPS circuit and it sent a heavy jolt through his body and he crashed back into the bulkhead with a thud."Urgh.." he managed to say as the wind was knocked out of him.

She moved to his side quicker then she thought she could move, "Milo! Are you ok? what happened?" She asked She didn't like that. "I think we should replace the EPS circuit and relay." She said Lizzy moving to start taking care of that while D'Vana took care of Milo, soon as she was sure he was alright she was going to lay into him for not using his gloves...
He looked up at her still smoking slightly and managed a grin after a few minutes."That...really really hurt.." he said as he struggled to raise up and slumped forward again, the jolt really took a lot of his strength out of his muscles."If you don't mind Lieutenant...I'm just going to lay here a sec or too.." he said kinda weakly but putting on a strong front.

She laughed softly at his comment on how much it hurt. "Come on young warrior, lets get you checked out at sickbay before we get back to work. Lizzy and Jeff will finish up." She said helping him to his feet and towards the lift. obviously she wasn't going to take no for an answer...
Milo leaned against her carefully limping along."Yeah i'll go whereever you lead." he said laughing a little as he really had no choice."Sorry about this Lieutenant..I should have wore my work gloves I know.." he said to her as he went along with her. He tried to keep the pain out of his voice.


~End Log~

Ensign Milo Haynes.
Engineering officer (NPC apb McMasters)
USS Charon.


Lieutenant D'Vana Xavier

Assistant Engineering Officer

USS Charon


Lieutenant Elizabeth 'Lizzy' Johnson

Assistant Engineer (apb D'Vana)

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