Monday, September 14, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240909.14 - Joint Log "Rude Encounter" - Commodore Rehu, Lieutenant Tyrax, & EnRiov tr'Sahen

[USS Charon, Bridge]

Well, at least the chair was comfortable. Stifling the soft exhale that qualified as a Vulcan's small sigh, Sakarra checked on the latest status reports concerning the power outages and… what?  A small fire in the recreation deck which had been contained immediately. Well, it was hardly unexpected with people insisting on Barbecues now, however…  Fascinating how much paperwork came this way, even when all the ship was doing was sit in orbit while most of the crew enjoyed some well deserved R&R.

Sakarra briefly nodded to the yeoman who had handed her the reports and then returned her attention to the sensor readings. Interesting…


"Yes, Mr Shrisnar."

"We got a .. oh, my"

Sakarra did not have to ask what it was they 'had' when right there on the view screen an unmistakable shape shimmered into view.  It would figure that just when the Commodore was visiting the planet, her people should decide to 'drop by' for a visit.

On the bridge of the Sunheart, Jamor tr'Sahen, honored Rei'Krannsu general, stared at the ugly Federation vessel which now stained the beautiful visage of the stars on his viewscreen.  He lifted his nose at the picture and grunted- a well known sound of his disdain.  She left to command such garbage?  He frowned and his stone expression seemed to harden, the wrinkles beneath his eyes almost seemed to be shaped in concrete and his almond eyes hinted at his bitter disappointment where his expression only displayed pure disgust.  "Hail them."  He calmly ordered massaging the metallic armrest.

"Ie, Rekkhai."  The order was carried out swiftly.  When the ugly external picture shifted he was surprised to see another vulcanoid staring back at him- but it was not Shiarrael.

"I am Jamor tr'Sahen- General of the Rei'Krannsu and first guard to the Emperor.  This vessel is the Sunheart, flagship of the Rei'Krannsu."  He stood up and his cape swirled behind him "I demand to speak to Shiarrael.  Bring her before me now."

While the man certainly had the courtesy to introduce himself before making demands, Sakarra still found his demeanor could use some minor improvement.  Standing up slowly, in a manner almost leisurely from a Vulcan point of view, she cast a brief glance back at the young Andorian manning tactical.  He was obviously unsure what to make of this and Sakarra shook her head almost imperceptibly.  Strained relations with the Empire and the brusque behavior of this elite unit commander aside, jumping to yellow alert would be rather premature. 

Returning her gaze to the Romulan, she inclined her head fractionally in a curt greeting.   "Lieutenant Sakarra of the Federation Starship Charon."   Hands loosely clasped behind her back, the young woman pointedly refrained from quirking a brow.   "The Commodore's time is occupied with other matters right now. However, I shall inform her of your arrival and request.  I shall inform her of your arrival and request.  If she decides she wishes to speak with you, she will do so."

A brief nod to the young Trill manning Communications produced a mumbled "Aye."

Jamor was incensed but he kept his concrete expression and produced a simple nod to acknowledge heard her.  Returning to his seat he sat down and motioned for the communications officer to cut the signal.  He was growing of looking at that devil on the other screen. 

Shiarrael was sitting in web sand with Ael and Nnoil crawling all over her, giggling and laughing, as the waves hit them and pulled the sand away from their feet when the transmission reached her.  Carefully hushing the twins he pressed her commbadge which was securely pinned on her emerald dress "Rehu here, I expect this to be important."
The sound of waves accompanied the Commodore's voice and the young half-Vulcan standing on the bridge briefly tilted her head. Truly unfortunate timing. She would have preferred not having to bother the CO.  "Indeed, Commodore, however I do apologize for the interruption." Sakarra stated levelly as she returned to the chair and settled down with her usual easy grace.   "The Rei'Krannsu vessel Sunheart has entered orbit with us and a general Jamor tr'Sahen has requested to speak with you. His manner suggested a somewhat urgent matter although he did not elaborate."

Sunheart?  It took Shiarrael a moment to recall the familiar name but when she did her eyes widened.  What is he doing here?  "Understood I will be-"  her sentence was cut short by the hum of transporters but not the characteristic shimmering white and blue of Federation systems.  No, instead she found herself in the midst of shimmering green.  When the shimmering stopped at least half a dozen soldiers stood before her "unable to return to the ship apparently."  She finished into her open communicator.

"Acknowledged." Sakarra's voice was as calm as ever but a keen listener might have noticed a small edge to it, like a sword wrapped in silk will still reveal it's shape, but no more.  "Mr Shrishnar, using the Commodore's last coordinates, sees to it that the children are transported to Miss Higgins' care on the surface and then kindly take us to yellow alert."   Favoring the ship on the viewscreen with a long look, the young woman addressed the Communications officer again "Ensign, inform the 'Sunheart' that I expect an explanation and the immediate return of our CO. "  A nod from the now obviously unsettled Trill told Sakarra the comm link was still open "Orders, Commodore?"

Shiarrael felt slightly relieved when Nnoil and Ael dematerialized "we are not under threat, at least not yet."  Shiarrael stood up and approached one of the guards.  Casually and without warning she struck him sending the Rei'Krannsu soldier crashing into the wet sand "how dare you bring your weapons in front of my children."  The officer sneered, rubbed his cheek, and stood up dusting the sand off his uniform.  Instead of answering however he simply turned his back to her, she scoffed and waited.  A short moment later a single Romulan dematerialized. 

He was tall but looked long lived.  Wrinkles decorated his face and hands- his eyes however burned with great passion and his hair was entirely silver save for a small strip of peppered iron that dusted his short sideburns.  "D'paenhe" his voice was slightly gruff but the timber was strong and solid "we need to talk."

"It seems so, grandfather."  Shiarrael could feel her grandfather's presence- he was an intimidating figure to most but she had long since become accustomed to his atmosphere "very well, since you have come to so far I will agree to speak with you after such rudeness."  She pressed her communicator "Lieutenant you are in command until I return, I will be aboard the Sunheart in a meeting."

"Understood."  Sakarra nodded to Shrishnar "Stand down yellow alert but keep a lock on the Commodore at all times. Inform me of any change in status, no matter how insignificant you may deem it."  If Vulcans were prone to display minor concern along with major irritation, Sakarra would have been a prime candidate for a demonstration.


Commodore Shiarrael t'Rehu
Commanding Officer
USS Charon


Lieutenant Sakarra Tyrax
Chief Helmsman/Second Officer
USS Charon


Rei'Krannsu EnRiov
Jamor tr'Sahen