Sunday, September 13, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240909.13 MCapt Harry Tatlock MARDET

Harry had been aboard the Charon for a few hours, he was taking a walk to see what he could find aboard this ship.
He had compared this ship to his old ship, this one was smaller. But that didnt matter, he knew that this new ship would be a lot better and friendlier.
Tatlock arrived at the ships fitness room and knew that that he would be using this area quite a lot, He then headed over to the marines area, this was locked but very empty. He unlocked the door and found that this area had not been used in some weeks.
This was a mystery that Tatlock had to find out about.
After some more exploring the ship Tatlock decided to head to the crew lounge for lunch, he ordered his favourite, Bacon and egg , with Triple chocolatte cake for desert.
He observed many officers come and go but being new they didnt seem to see him.
Tatlock sat back and relaxed and observed all that was going on.

From The Tatlocks:)

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