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[USS Charon] SD240909.12 - Joint Log "Lyrillian Sunset" Part I | Ambassador Ian Lamont, Lieutenant Lylan Fisher, Ensign M'Riarr

[Northern Island chain, Lyrilia]
M'Riarr was a happy camper. Quite literally, too.
She had decided to spend her 'kinda shore-leave' on the islands they had visited during what she silently called the 'heater mission' and although the change was amazing - frozen wasteland to subtropical climate in almost no time at all - the damage had been done. Houses were in need of repair, a certain fountain looked as if a shuttle had crashed into it (well, technically that was precisely what had happened) and everyone who didn't want to go back to Charon to sleep - mostly people who had no quarters anyways due to the power outages on decks 2 and 3 - had to 'camp out' with the Lyrillians in hastily assembled tents and log cabins.
But it was great fun and the Caitian had been introduced to not only Lyrillian culinary delights like fresh grilled seafood, but got to see the natives interacting with one another and those odd Starfleet people in an atmosphere other than impending doom. Amazingly enough, they took all those weird aliens in stride.
Evening came fast in this part of Lyrilia now, and already the warm glow of lanterns began to spring up everywhere in the village. The golden colored stone of the pretty little houses started to shimmer when the skies turned a purple-reddish hue and like they had in the morning, many Lyrillians simply stopped whatever they were doing to marvel at their new sun and the amazing things that came with it. Like light being broken by an atmosphere, producing a kaleidoscope of colors before darkness would fall and reveal a myriad of stars. Unmoving stars, just glittering like little diamonds on black velvet. And it wasn't going to be a cold, miserable night like the long one they had endured.
Instead of a howling storm, a warm breeze would rustle the leaves of the surviving palm trees and little critters would chirp in the long, olive green grass that had rebounded so quickly, Charon' biology department was taking samples like madmen and running in happy circles.
The golden furred lioness thought of the many sunsets on Cait, no less beautiful than this one, and how she had taken them all for granted. And when the sun touched the indigo-blue ocean, turning it into a shade of purple even the Caitian had never seen before, the Lyrillians were cheering again and laughing and making all sorts of happy little noises that put the biggest grin on M'Riarr's furry face. But soon enough everyone went back to whatever they had been doing, earlier today there had been a brief downpour of rain and shelters were still scarce. Well, non-leaking one's anyways. Somewhere near the market square the scent of a makeshift grill loaded with fish beckoned, but for the moment the Caitian figured she'd better lend a paw with repairs first.
M'Riarr sauntered over to where another roof was being patched up, passing a table where a young Lyrillian handed out tea and - would you believe it? -Cookies! Talk about cultural exchange! Chuckling, she greeted a young human from science with a wave and just as she was about to ask a tiny Lyrillian trying to lift a log almost as big as himself if he could use some help, she tripped over another small-ish one, consequently knocking over a woman carrying a plate with scampi-like creatures and - oh, dear, several Starfleet people. One of the uncooked scampi-thingies hit one officer in the face and another smack dab on the ear while several more made a perfect landing in a teapot.
Sitting on her tail in the middle of yet another Caitian calamity, M'Riarr gave an apologetic grin "Ooops. My bad."
Lylan raised a brow as the scampi creature hit her and she, not expecting it, jumped of course. Though she was supposed to be on shore leave, she came down to help with the building and be sure to treat any minor wounds that would come from the builders. She looked over towards the Caitian who took the blame for the creatures flying everywhere.
A smile came to her lips as she nodded to the Caitian before shaking her head and waving her hand in dismissal. " Oh it is alright...Accidents happen."
Ambassador Ian Lamont, recently released by the Lyrillians, walked alongside Grand Proctor Ohoni as the warm glow of the setting sun filled the sky.  They had come to inspect several of the camps after the success of the recent mission.  The past few days had been especially trying on everyone.  The frigid air of Lyrilia was now warm and gentle.  Gone was the ice and snow that had threatened its existence.
"Truly amazing ambassador.  I have never seen the sky ablaze with such color", the proctor said as they walked.  "Is this natural?"
"Perfectly", Lamont replied stopping for a moment gazing upwards.  "I'm sure you and your people will come to agree on a name for the phenomenon.  Many tales, legends, poems, and stories will no doubt be written about it.  We call it a sunset and has inspired countless individuals throughout the ages by its majesty and beauty."
"Sunset.  How interesting."
 The pair continued walking through the camp inspecting the construction of shelters and speaking with Lyrillians and Starfleet personnel as they worked to build shelters, tend to each others needs, and prepare for the coming of night something somewhat new to the Lyrillian people.
 Asking the Grand Proctor a question, Lamont felt something hit his ear which rolled down the front of his uniform.  Nearby someone had tripped sending a grill of fish flying through the air.  Brushing off the incident Lamont couldn't help but smile.  The accident was quite comical and was a welcome change from the panic and fear which had gripped everyone for far too long.
Suddenly, Lamont had an idea.  Excusing himself for a moment, Ian made several calls to the Charon.  One was to check with medical to ensure it was safe and the other was to procure some specific equipment.  Stepping back over to the Proctor, who was chatting with some Lyrillian adults, Lamont stood patiently as a blue cloud appeared in an empty area a few meters away.  As the cloud cleared a portable replicator appeared.  The beam in of the equipment held several people's attention as Lamont approached and punched in several commands on the keypad.
Replicating two glasses and a bottle Lamont turned and in grand fashion proceeded to obtain the attention of everyone nearby.
"Grand Proctor Ohoni.  We have an ancient tradition on Earth.  One that has persisted throughout the ages and one that is used to mark momentous occasions.  It is called a toast."
Producing the bottle, Lamont popped the cork on a medically blessed vintage of champagne.  Pouring the fizzing liquid into two glasses he handed one of them to the proctor and took another for himself.
Raising his glass before the small crowd he could not contain the smile nor the extreme relief and satisfaction this mission for all of its danger had been a success.
"May all of Lyrilia enjoy a long and peaceful existence!"
Explaining the tradition to the proctor the two of them lifted their glasses and sipped the champagne to the cheers of the gathering crowd.
"To Lyrilia", Lamont toasted again.
The crowd cheered as Ohoni and Lamont shook hands.  Soon afterwards, Lamont aided by others began replicating glasses of champagne for everyone nearby in order to celebrate this grand occasion properly.

After smiling back at the nice doctor with the pretty spots, M'Riarr had picked up the small Lyrillian who had gotten under her paws - a youngling, barely a meter tall - and checked whether he was alright. The ridges on his little face were a bit purple-ish but otherwise he was squirming happily and smiled at the furry creature holding him so high above the ground. When a tiny hand pulled her whiskers, M'Riarr blinked and was rewarded with a happy "Ba! Bat!"
"Caitian, actually but I guess you can't … mrOW!"
The child looked mildly baffled that a part of the funny cat had come loose so to speak and tried to console it by patting the large being's nose.
"Uh-huh, trrrrying to play nice now arrrre we. Off you go beforrrr I lose an ear."
Putting down the child who immediately found some of the strewn about food to occupy his interest, M'Riarr noticed the human ambassador and a very dignified looking Lyrillian drinking bubbly terran alcohol.
"Oh!" she purred happily "A Parrrrrty! I love parrrties!" But they had forgotten a cake. M'Riarr was sure there had to be one, it was one of the terran customs she liked the most. Well, if they'd forgotten about it, the Caitian would have to remind them. Or improvise, either way.
Lylan looked over to the Ambassador and the Grand Proctor as they made their toast, a small smile on her lips as she made her way over to them and nodded once she reached them. " Glad to see you are kept in good shape here Ambassador.." Her bright green eyes twinkled in the setting sunlight.
"Indeed", Lamont replied taking a sip of his bubbling champagne.  "I must offer my thanks for that to the Grand Proctor for being such a magnanimous and understanding host during this most difficult and trying ordeal."
 Grand Proctor Ohoni bowed slightly at the compliment.
 "As for you Lylan and indeed the rest of the intrepid Charon crew, another toast!  To the Charon, the commodore, and her crew!  No ship lives up to its name quite like ours.  May she continue to grant us all safe passage through both adversity and fortune now and in the future!"  Lamont tapped his glass with several others in the sizable crowd that was growing in size.  Smiling at those around him and at the proctor, Ian took another sip of champagne and continued conversing with those around him as they swapped stories of their part in the rescue of Lyrilia.
[To be continued]
Ambassador Ian Lamont
Diplomatic Advisor
Lieutenant Lylan Fisher
Chief Medical officer
Ensign M'Riarr
Assistant Helmscat
(NPC apb I-Chaya)
USS Charon
Grand Proctor, Lyrilia
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