Tuesday, September 29, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240909.29 - Joint Back Log - Captain Shiarrael Rehu & Commander Eithne Katris-Falcon

[USS-Charon - Bridge]

Eithne walked onto the bridge of the ship in which she was not the Executive Officer of. Her cool glare looked over the panels and console of the bridge and the personnel who worked at them. A soft smile came to her lips when her eyes rested on the Executive officer chair and then to the Command Chair and how it was empty. One of the bridge crew motioned towards the Ready Room.

She gave a nod in return before moving to the door and pressing the chime. This should be interesting since the Commodore seemed to forget about her arrival.

Shiarrael looked at the door with slight irritation.  In her hand was the PADD containing the notice from Enor that he was assigning a new executive officer to the Charon to replace Captain Fisher- "how bothersome."  She grimaced and crushed the device in her hand "enter!" she shouted.

Raising a brow Eithne walked into the ready room and looked over behind the desk at the rather irate looking Romulan Commodore. " Should I come back at another time Commodore? I picked up a little frustration in your response to the chime."  She had a calm and cool aura about her at the moment, but it was noticable that she could very well hold her own if need be.

Shiarrael held her sigh.  Telepaths were such annoying creatures.  Nosy to a fault- "no, I am usually irritated, or frustrated, but it is when I am furious that you should avoid me."   She motioned to the seat across from her "I was just reading about you Commander.  You have an impressive, although somewhat tarnished record, but that irritating Trill speaks highly of you."

Eithne nodded and revealed a bit of a smile at her reference to Jolias as irritating. She had to agree with the Commodore on that one, he did have is irritating moments." I will take note of that Commodore. It is nice that we already have something in common. I should be avoided when furious as well... Let's hope nothing sets us both off." She chuckled before taking her seat and continuing.

"As for the tarnish... I am sure we all have a bit in our records."

"Clean records are for those who have time to care about such things."  Shiarrael reached up to her neck and pulled off both sets of solid pips and placed them on her desk "as I have mentioned the Admiral highly recommends you.  I have no choice but to accept you- so I hope you prove his praise correct."  She gestured at the pips on the desk "I have also requested a demotion to Captain since I have no interest in remaining part of Starfleet's admiralty.  Such a constipated bunch they are.  I need you have a set of Captain's uniforms replicated and sent to my quarters."

Chuckling she looked over the desk to Shairrael before raising a brow.  "Interesting request... It is not too often that one comes across someone who wishes to stay at a rank. But, at the same time I have been a Commander for many years and have no complaint."

"I have never been interested in such petty things as rank.  I don't have the interest to waste time on anything other than leading this ship."  Shiarrael smiled remembering the look on Enor's face when she told him to demote her "you have your orders Commander."

She nodded and took the woman's last statement as her dismissal. " Aye Sir..." Turning on her heal she headed for the door. A thought came to mind that she just might enjoy this assignment.

Shiarrael quietly watched the woman leave the ready room.  She had her concerns- but didn't everyone?


Captain Shiarrael t'Rehu
Commanding Officer
USS Charon


Commander Eithne Katris-Falcon
Executive Officer
USS Charon