Wednesday, September 16, 2009

[USS Charon] USS Charon || SIM Report #36 || 240908.30 - 240909.05

|                        ...Incoming Transmission...                    |
 /(          )\      ___________________________________
/  \        /  \
\/  \_ /\ _/  \/              U S S  C H A R O N
 \/ / \  / \ \/               "Ferrymen of Hell"
   \(  \/  )/        ___________________________________

                     Report #36  -  240908.30 - 240909.05
                                 "Memento Mori"

/        O U T   O F   C H A R A C T E R   I N F O R M A T I O N        |


Active Crew:          13
Excused Crew:         06
Unexcused Crew:       03
Crew on Leave:        01

Charon Logs:          25
Guest/NPC Logs:       07
TOTAL LOGS:           32

All right, trying something a little different with this report.  It's one week behind, however, thanks to Chaya it'll be in tonight with the on time report coming out tomorrow.  As I was saying, trying something different. 

Since we were having a hard time with the report format (errors for many) and I've been seeing a lot of different UCIP articles coming out in PDF now.  I decided to make a spiffy looking report as a PDF file.  I got a little carried away (as I sometimes do) and made the first about 700kb, I ended up toning it down a bit and it came out to a somewhat large, but manageable, 280kb.

This is all part of my project to organize the way the Command Team does things a bit more.  Hopefully we'll have everything running like a well oiled machine by the end of the month.  These reports will be down loadable via the plot pages on the Crewiki.  Anyways tell me what you think of it.  

-Commodore Rehu

Full Report Here:

/                          T H E   C R E D I T S                        |

=/\= Commodore Shiarrael Rehu
     Commanding Officer
     USS Charon

     "Mnahe afw'ein qiuu;
            rh'e hweithnaef
                   mrht Heis'he ehl'ein qiuu."

     (Hate has a reason for everything.  But love is unreasonable.)

     -V. Raiuhes Ahaefvthe [of Romulus II]

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