Saturday, September 19, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240909.20 || Personal BackLog "A Match for a Match" Part XI - Ens Nathanial Doyle

==/\== Star Fleet Academy - Academy Corridor ==/\== SD240401.24 [13:21] Part 2

Nathanial grabbed Will's arm that was holding the PADD.
"Hey!" exclaimed Will.
Nathanial looked directly at Will, his gaze beating down any defences that Will had. "I know you did it, Why did you do it, and where is she?" he dictated to Will.

Will tried to compose himself, but it was near impossible with Nathanial holding fast onto his arm and staring him down, he looked to the left and right, but no one seemed to want to take note of the two men, instead they all just walked on towards wherever they were heading next.
"Wh...wh..who talking about?" Will responded.
Will wasn't a small man, in fact he likely could have had a good crack at taking Nathanial, but there was something about the stare that had petrified Will into being unable to do anything but stand there.

"Oh I don't know... Maybe Arianna!" at the mention of her name Nathanial twisted Will's arm to bring the PADD with her picture on it to face Will.
"I..I.. don't.." Nathanial twisted the arm further in ways that arms should not be twisted.
Will's arm began to burn, he didn't want anything to do with this insane individual, but knew if he didn't tell him it would be worse for him.
"Ok..ok... p..please stop I will tell you." he cried out.
Nathanial relaxed his hold on Will's arm, just enough to remove the discomfort, but not enough to let him wriggle free of his grasp.
"I did it because I love her." Will pronounced.
Nathanial was not ready for such a forward response, and it showed. He stood there still just long enough for Will to get his hand free of his grasp and turn and run.

At the sight of seeing Will turn and run Nathanial snapped out of it. "Hey!!" he yelled and took up chase.

Will only had about a second lead on Nathanial, but in a crowded hallway in the middle of the academy, a second was a long time. Nathanial started to run, but found it hard to get up to full speed, with the constant ducking left and right through the flock of people around. is it like lunch time or something? he thought to himself, only then to realize, yes in fact lunch was about to finish. "Somebody stop him!" he yelled out while turning a corner into another hallway.
Will was quick, but just like Nathanial he was experiencing the problems of trying to run through the halls of the academy at lunch time. He needed to find a way out or a quieter section of the academy to be able to sprint.
He rounded the next corner and spotted the stairwell to the second level. Without hesitating he hit the stairs taking two at a time.
Nathanial rounded the corner to see Will heading upstairs, he also hit the stairs at full pelt taking two stairs every step. Nathanial approached the top of the stairs and noticed Will dashing off to the left in what seemed to be an empty hallway.

Will knew that he was now pulling away from Nathanial, he could sense that he was falling behind, but just to make sure he glanced backwards. Little did he realize that in that split second one of the doors he was passing would open. Caught by the light the doorway made he lost control and stumbled a few steps, just enough for Nathanial to catch up.

Nathanial saw his chance, he jumped onto Will, taking both himself and Will down to the floor. Without waiting he positioned himself on top and held Will down.
"Now why would you go and run like that?" Nathanial sarcastically asked.

Will looked at Nathanial, unable to respond.

"I SAID, why would you run like that! What have you done with Arianna!" he forcefully said.

"I didn't know..," Will whimpered. "I didn't know that I would scare her away so much, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to have her drop out of the theory craft sessions. I only sent her the flowers because I..." he continued
"Wait what?!?" Asked Nathanial.

"I sent her the flowers because I am in love with her, OK! I didn't know it would make her want to not come to the theory craft sessions, I never meant that." he continued to whimper.

Nathanial shook his head quickly, another dead end? No it couldn't be! "I know you know more! she is missing, from more than your stupid theory craft sessions, either tell me what you've done with her or I know a chief inspector that won't be so nice..."

As soon as Nathanial said the words "she is missing" he knew then and there that Will did not know anymore, he could tell by the reaction of a man in love and finding out she was in danger.

Nathanial raised his hand to silence Will. He then stood up and offered his hand to Will. Will looked at it and didn't move.
"It's ok" Nathanial said gritting his teeth, he was angry but more at himself than Will, and knew he had to control that anger now. "I am, sorry. It seems that I have made a mistake." He offered his hand again, and this time Will took it.
"I doubt very much that your flowers drove her away Will, there is something bigger happening here."
Will still might have some information, and now would be the best time, while he was still worked up, and unsure of the situation, thought Nathanial.
"Did you notice any unusual behaviour from Arianna the last few days before she stopped coming to your sessions?" Nathanial asked with just a slightly forceful tone.

"No, not particularly.." Will started, and then stopped.
"a...actually to think about it, she seemed to have been smiling alot more, as if she was happy..."

"Ok, thanks. Look no one is meant to know she is missing, and I wont tell anyone about your flowers, if you get my drift." stated Nathanial.

Will nodded and with that Nathanial turned and left.

Will stood in the middle of the hallway, his adrenalin was wearing off and he was exhausted. He had just been thrown into a whole different world and did not like it. He slowly composed himself enough to be able to walk back towards his dorm room.