Tuesday, September 29, 2009

[USS Charon] SD 240909.29 - Joint Back Log - Vice Admiral Baldur Odin & Colonel Susan Ivoniva

[San Francisco, Earth]

"I do not care if the review board agrees with me or not Major!" Susan threw her arms up into the air, the look of frustration on her face sending a clear message to Major Samantha Keyes that she'd do well to stop pushing the matter.

 "I was put in charge as reviewing officer for Lieutenant Colonel KeVaks' battalion and he was given six months to clean it up. What I saw today was nothing short of a complete disaster. He is not fit to command a unit of that size and that's that." The Colonel gave another glare in her assistant's direction and then put her signature on the demotion orders.

 "The final decision is mine. Please see that these demotion papers are delivered to logistics. I hope he will do better as a Major in charge of a Company." Susan noted Major Keyes' blank and forward expression, knowing this move with do nothing but further her tough ass nature within the ranks. "Well. You are DIMISSED Major."

Vice Admiral Baldur Odin who was sitting just outside of the office door grinned when he heard the Colonel's tirade.  He waited with anticipation and when the Major stormed out of the officer Baldur stood up, checked his grin, and entered without being announced "I see you are bright and energetic today Colonel.  I'm sure any Klingon commander would have been turned on by that display just now."

"Unfortunately for them Admiral, I'm not much into biting my partners... Most of the time." Susan offered her senior a stiff salute before giving a gesture towards the chair in front of her desk. She recognized him as being the Chief of Starfleet Security, although had no personal idea as to why he would be in her office.

"I hope you're not here to demote me?" She offered him a crooked grin.

"Sadly, no.  Are you familiar with the USS Charon Colonel?"  Odin took the seat and reached into his coat pocket pulling out a small stack of PADDs.

Susan thought on the name for a moment before responding. "One of Star Fleet's few joint missions with the Romulan's?" It was all she could recall, a ship that had both Federation and Romulan members onboard it.

"That's only half the story."  Odin said "the commanding officer is a former Romulan wing commander.  She was exiled and Vice Admiral Enor, who knew her from his previous post on Astate Colony, recommended her to lead the mission."  Setting the PADDs on the desk Odin slid them towards the Colonel "the Charon is on a two year survey mission of an area of space just beyond the back borders of the Romulan Star Empire and Klingon Empire.  However, there appears to be a concerted effort by elements within both governments to sabotage the mission.  So far there has been at least one attempted mutiny and several officers have been attacked."

Susan's eyes widened. She had definitely missed the post-it note that informed the general public that a former Romulan commander was given command of a Star Fleet ship. "I see." The Colonel cleared her throat. She knew that she was beyond prejudice but would easily admit that this caught her off guard. "No offense Admiral, given the circumstances, sabotage should be an expected outcome of this mission."

She took a deep breath, continuing her eye contact with the Admiral. "What is it you want me to do, exactly, sir?"

"I am sending an official observer to the Charon."  Odin leaned back in his seat and rested his chin on his knuckle "before Starfleet would approve her commission they had me interview and go over regulations with her.  These developments concern me and I want someone there to keep an eye on things.  The USS Quantum Fury leaves Starbase Versailles in a week to rendezvous with the Charon.  I want you aboard that ship Colonel."

Susan let out a small 'hmmm' as if to give the impression she was pondering her senior officer's statement. It was not as if it was a huge imposition; she had given herself a good reputation for observing commands after all.  "I will have my belongings together by 0900 tomorrow morning Sir."

"Sounds good."  Odin stood up "and I expect regular reports once you get there and assess the situation."  With that said he walked out of the door.


Vice Admiral Baldur Odin (NPC)
Chief of Starfleet Security


Colonel Susan Ivoniva
Starfleet Observer
USS Charon