Wednesday, September 23, 2009

[USS Charon] RE: SD:240909.23 || Multi JL || CO, Commo Shiarrael t'Rehu, CSEC, Cmdr Dylan Marcus, Erie'Arrain Verelan Neral Tal'Diann Officer, Lt's Runo Dlya & Acel'a ASEC's, Arrain Aehlen tr'Kethry, Farien M'Narth tr'Lhoell ASEC Pt 1

=/\= Transporter room 1 =/\=
Runo walks into the transporter room to find Acel'a and Commander Marcus both standing there. All three of them had been enjoying what spoils the planet of Lyrilla had to offer to the Charon crew while they completed a little R&R after moving the planet to a new location, destroying an Omega molecule in the process. Dlya nods to them both. "Commander... lieutenant. Any ideas as to what needs a security detachment waiting on it?"
Dylan smiled at the newly promoted Lieutenant. "Someone certainly is keen to get back to work. You sure you are not after my job?" He asked with a grin. "As a matter of fact I want security doubled at all key locations." He said in a slightly more serious tone.

"I agree. We cannot afford to take chances at all," said Acel'a, not sure she made sense.
Dlya would have continued the conversation when suddenly a noise came from the transporter pad as several shapes took form. After materializing, Runo took a moment to realize that he was staring at a group of Romulans, some heavily armed. He quickly glanced to the security chief to gauge their reaction.
Marcus made a silent motion with his head that told Dlya to stand down. If the Romulans were hostile, three lightly armed guards were going to make little resistance. He had however, been informed that the commodore was "Invited" to a meeting with on a Romulan ship in orbit with them.

Shiarrael entered the transporter room about half a minute after Marcus and when she saw the collection of garbage on her transporter PADD she flew into a rage "how dare you step aboard my ship armed!"  She glared at Dylan "Commander, what are you waiting for?  Have your men seize their weapons now!"  Her teeth gnashed- half of her reaction was show and the other half was genuine.  She had a reputation to uphold.

Aehlen looked at the woman standing in front of him with mild distaste- in fact he looked as if he had just sniffed a dirty thrai's anus.  Strapped over his shoulder was a medium bag and under his right arm was large glass cylinder containing a light green liquid and something else…upon closer inspection it was obvious; inside the cylinder was a preserved limb, specifically the lower part of a shin and foot.  He held it out "this is my only weapon- do you wish to seize it?  I assure you it will not kick anyone."

Marcus nodded as he retrieved his phaser 1 from it's holster. He nodded to Runo and Acel'a to collect the Romulan weapons. He understood the Commodore's reaction, He had waited to guadge the situation; rather than shoot first and ask questions later. when the weapons had been collected and secured, he stepped aside to let Shiarrael address them. He kept his phaser ready, but somewhat lowered just in case.

Acel'a assisted with collecting the weapons, glancing at the others, to ascertain their next reaction.

Verelan stood still her hands slowly moving down to the twin daggers she had concealed she was unsure of what to do on one hand she knew she had the training to disarm them on the other she knew she couldn't use her skills less she expose herself instead she decided to stand and watch imposing herself between the transporter padd and the door.

M'Narth just let the Starfleet Security remove his weapons case but would not let them take his blade as it was to be greatly dishonored if it was taken from him other then in combat. "I will not give my blade up with out a fight as its a part of my family's honor and if I dishonor them I am to use it to take my life. I hope the Ael'Riov would understand that?" Looking at both Commodore Rehu and Commander Marcus.

Dylan took a step closer to M'Narth but looked at Shiarrael. He understood about the honor blade, however; he was not about to let a Romulan walk around the ship with a weapon unchallenged nor was he willing to start a diplomatic incident. "Assuming the Commodore approves it, You will not be allowed to move about the ship without a security escort; to ensure your 'honor'. " he said as he waited to see if Shiarrael allowed the ceremonial blade.

Runo remained quiet having stepped forward and removed the weapons from another guard. The honor blade was something that he hadn't been able to get close to without the Romulan placing a hand on its hilt. He kept a very close eye on the entire group. Transporting a severed limb wasn't exactly standard cargo or procedure but whatever floats their boat was probably going to sink on the Charon.
"Leave their swords."  Shiarrael said and glared at Aehlen "what is your name?"  She normally would have lofted some well placed insult at the man but after seeing him holding the limb she wasn't certain if an insult would be effective.  She looked at Runo who appeared hesitant "inspect his belongings" she gestured to Aehlen.

=/\= End Log - To Be Continued =/\=
Commodore Shiarrael t'Rehu
Commanding Officer
USS Charon

Commander Dylan Marcus
Chief Security Officer
USS Charon
Erie'Arrain Verelan Neral
Tal'Diann Officer
USS Charon

Lieutenant Runo Dlya
Asst Security Officer
USS Charon

Lieutenant Acel'a
Asst Security Officer
USS Charon
Arrain Aehlen tr'Kethry
USS Charon

Farien M'Narth tr'Lhoell
Assistant Security Officer
USS Charon


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