Friday, September 18, 2009

[USS Charon] USS Charon SD240909.18 || JL Log || CSci, ASci, ASci, Ensign Doyle, Ensign Rufo, Ensign Sutek || Part I

=/\= Deck 8 - Stellar Cartography, USS Charon =/\=

Galen was in Stellar Cartography looking over some sensor data when he heard the doors to Stellar Cartography open and summing that it was Arkady he just continued on working. He continued working for 5 minuets before looking up, "what's the matter with Ark....." Galen started to say when he realized that it wasn't Arkady.

"Greetings. I am..." Sutek began.

"Who the hell are you?" Galen asked cutting the Vulcan off seeing that he was wearing the blue collar he assumed either Science, Medical or a counselor, "I don't need counseling and sure as hell don't need a physical so if your a scientist you better have sensor data for me and if not your in the wrong place." Galen said almost snarling.

Sutek raised an eyebrow. "I am assigned to this station, Deck 8 Stellar Cartography, as indicated by the ship schematics. As for the sensor data I do not have it." This was the first time Sutek had encountered a Cardassian before, and so far, this one was just the way they were described to him.

"Let me see your orders." Galen said taking a few steps closer to the Vulcan not really wanting to scare him he just hated unannounced visitors especially when they're claiming they're working in Stellar Cartography.

Sutek stood at perfect attention as the Cardassian approached him. The Vulcan held out the same PADD that he had showed Doyle. "You will find that all of my paper work is in order."

"Well we'll see about that." Galen said taking the PADD and walking to the door that would lead him into the newly appointed CSci officer office not even bothering hitting the chime he just barged into the office, "we need to speak." Galen said dropping all formalities.

Sutek raised an eyebrow as Galen walked out of the lab. He walked over to the nearest console and began opening star charts of the local star systems.((It would be illogical to delay my work any longer.)) Sutek thought as he began his shift.

"It looked like it was going to involve some re-alingment of the main sensor pod, and quite a few scans as well. Computer pause recording" <Breep> Nathanial was in the middle of looking over the new orders from the Commodore, and working out the main requirements for the science department for the upcomming week when Galen stormed in.

Nathanial looked up at Galen. He had known that he would approach him about Sutek, and knew it would be hard on Galen. Infact he had already taken some thought into how best to make Galen happy. But he wasn't going to shy down from his responsability, after all if he wanted to hold this position and not only make the Commodore trust in her decision, but also gain the respect of his science staff, he would need to be more a Chief Science Officer as opposed to 'one of the guys'.

"Ensign? Have we forgotten protocol?" He asked in a stern unwavering voice.

Galen just snarled, "no." He said stopping and giving a mock salute which was probably even worse then not following protocols but at this point he didn't care. "Why the hell do we've another Stellar Cartographer?" Galen said annoyed knowing that he Arkady was a Stellar Cartographer but this was different he was there before he joined the Charon.

Nathanial knew that he wouldn't get anywhere with Galen if he went into an aggressive style 'tet a tet', he also knew that being all nice about it wouldn't get anywhere either! So Nathanial as any good scientist would, took the third option...

"What kind of ship are we on?" Nathanial asked Galen

Galen had a look in his eyes if I answer this you'll be on the ground unconscious and I'll be in the brig for attacking an officer and Department Head. But to be fair Galen was the one who initiated the aggressiveness, "how you became a department head without knowing what kind of ship this is beyond me." He said under his breath but if someone was really listening they could've heard what he had said, "a sci...." Galen started but then was cut off.

Nathanial jumped in with a slightly more friendly tone "...Correct! a science vessel, and not just any science vessel, a Luna class science vessel... And what makes a Luna class so special?" Nathanial paused looking for a reply to this question while motioning Galen to take a seat at the desk.
<To be continued>
Ensign Nathanial Doyle
Chief Science Officer
USS Charon
Ensign Galen Rufo
Stellar Cartographer
USS Charon
Ensign Sutek
Stellar Cartographer
USS Charon