Friday, September 25, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240909.25 - Joint Log "Autonomy" - Captain Shiarrael Rehu & Vice Admiral Jolias Enor

[USS Charon]

After seeing her mother off Shiarrael was informed that she was receiving a communiqué from Enor and hurried back to the bridge to take it.   She exited the turbo lift just in time to see the IKS Ya'Vang break from orbit on the main view screen.  Lieutenant Commander Shrishnar who was manning the command chair in Sakarra's absence stood up and saluted "Commodore the IKS Ya'Vang has broken from orbit and the USS Quantum Fury will be departing soon.  Also, the Admiral's transmission is waiting for you in your ready room."

"Give my regards to their commanders."  She said and made her way to the entrance of her ready room.  When she stepped inside the desk viewer was already extended.  She casually made her way to the back of the desk and sat down.  Looking at the screen she was slightly surprised.  Instead of a uniform the Trill admiral was wearing a grey t-shirt with a towel wrapped around his neck "has Starfleet changed their uniform?"  She smirked.

Enor grimaced "don't start Commodore."  He held up a PADD "I just received a copy of your report to Admiral Cerywyn.  The marines are missing again?"  His tone was more serious then she was accustomed to "do you know what hell will happen when the rest of Starfleet hears about this?  The marines you marooned on a Romulan outpost are missing?  Possibly- or more likely dead somewhere!  I warned you to be careful Shiarrael.  How could you let this happen?"

"They attempted mutiny.  You knew this before and did not protest my decision.  It is easy for one who sits in a comfortable chair to criticize those who do not.  They were a danger to this ship.  I used the only option available to me at the time.  Criticize if you must- but I will not have such people stay aboard my ship."  She took in a deep breath to calm herself before saying things that would have shamed even a Risan "it is regrettable but if left with the decision and knowledge of what happened I would have made it again, easily so."

Enor sighed and shook his head "you are not a simple Captain.  As a flag officer in Starfleet you don't have the luxury of autonomy.  Starfleet is going to be furious about this- and that fury will be directed at you and me.  Not to mention you skirted the regulations in regard to Omega Directive."

"We saved two hundred and fifty million people where your regulation would have had us murder them all."  Shiarrael drew in another deep breath "forgive my cynicism but such regulations are only fit for tyrants and fools.  I relied on the talents of this crew to find a viable solution and because of this we have no blood on our hands.  I do not regret this either."

"You don't seem to understand-"

"I don't need to understand what I already know Admiral."  Shiarrael reached up and pulled on her collar "if murdering millions is what being a flag officer requires I do not need it.  Nor do I need some ancient string of gagh to lecture me."  She snapped the solid pip from its place and set it on her desk "make me a simple Captain.  Give me autonomy."

"You want a demotion?"  Enor frowned "it's not that easy."

"It is."  Shiarrael scowled "appease your bosses.  You said it yourself, they are furious.  Give them this and calm their fury and in turn I have the autonomy you say Captains have.  My place is never beyond the center chair of this vessel.  You debate regulations and I will deal with the here and now.  Do you understand Admiral?  I am the one that can make a difference.  You and your colleagues are long past that ability."

Sighing Enor understood what she meant "since this is what you want then I will do it.  Commodore Shiarrael Rehu for failing to uphold the expectations of a flag officer in Starfleet I hereby reduce you in rank to that of Captain.  This will be so noted in your official record."

"Thank you."  Shiarrael spoke calmly with a slight smirk threatening to break in "on another subject" she held up a PADD "Commander Eithne Katris?  You are assigning me another telepath as an executive officer?  Admiral, I'm afraid I might be getting the wrong impression- one that you don't trust me."

"You wouldn't be where you are if I didn't trust you Com… Captain.  The Commander is an excellent officer."  Enor said "I think you will do well with her.  She served me well when I was a simple Captain."

"I have no doubt."  Shiarrael finally smirked "I just hope she lasts longer than the previous two."

"I hope so also.  I'm running out of people to send you."  Enor smiled briefly "in the future Captain I suggest you be a little more careful and a bit more tactful.  Enor out."

Shiarrael leaned back in her chair as the image of the Trill was replaced by a rotating Federation emblem.  Certainly things were going well so far.


Captain Shiarrael Rehu
Commanding Officer
USS Charon


Vice Admiral Jolias Enor
Deputy Commander
Beta Fleet