Monday, September 14, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240909.14 - Joint Log Part II - Commodore Rehu, Lt. Sakarra Tyrax

[USS Charon, deck 10]
Sakarra indicated the wine in her CO's hands with a small, ceremonial gesture
"I would be gratified if you accepted this, as you are obviously able to appreciate it. However…" her face was placid and unmoved, but the expression in her black eyes matched the Commodore's earlier grin with an added measure of good humor "I should point out it was not my father who chose to purchase this particular rhennish. While Rel Tyrax could tell you precisely how and where to best grow the wine, in matters of taste he used to consult his bond-mate."
"A wise man indeed."  Shiarrael smirked and snapped the bottle open.  She reached into one of the small cabinets that made up her makeshift quarters in the cargo bay and pulled out two metallic tumblers "this certainly is not a dignified manner for enjoying rhennish but as long as we enjoy the flavor I doubt the elements will mind this one slip."  She filled both tumblers and slid one to the half-Vulcan and then set the bottle down next to the novel "are you familiar with this writing?"  She asked motioning to 'Shogun.'
As soon as her CO opened the bottle and the scent began to fill the room, Sakarra had to fight the urge to wrinkle her nose. Pleasant, but really quite intense. Not to mention that the wine's strong undertone produced a sudden craving for marshmallows.
"Elements, Commodore?" she gave the tumbler a long look and decided that it would most certainly be unwise to drink something with a scent that suggested instant intoxication. Yet refusing would be impolite in the extreme. An interesting problem.
"And yes, I am familiar with the story. It is quite intriguing."
She brushed away another strand of curls from her cheek, silently wondering how to solve her minor dilemma and at the same time amused by it.
Shiarrael smiled and sipped the strong drink.  Unlike ale it smoothly coursed down her throat "the elements- the things that make us.  Fire, air, earth, and water."  She grinned "it is the religion of my people, at least those I relate to most."
Tilting her head thoughtfully, Sakarra put this new information in context with the unusual ceremony in the cargo bay and then nodded.
"Another aspect of your race I must admit to being unfamiliar with."
Finally she decided that one brief sip of the wine would satisfy courtesy without producing ill effects and then had to find out that this was a bad assessment indeed.
The rhennish was just as strong as it's scent had suggested and although entirely pleasant where taste was concerned, it also immediately sent her sensory perception into overdrive. Beginning with the nose.
"Oh, Four Deities."
Shiarrael watched the newly christened Lieutenant's reaction with mild amusement.  "The flavor is the easiest part to get used to- the intoxicating effects much less so.  As in all things it is best to enjoy the flavor and consume in moderation." 
She finished her tumbler of rhennish and then sealed the bottle and set it away for later enjoyment "it is a good thing you have come to see me."  Her expression hardened "I need people I can trust- it is a difficult thing these days."  Shiarrael sighed- it was the part she missed the most after leaving the Ishae'a-thrai, a crew she could trust.  Here everyone was an oddity and most of all a mystery.  She was only beginning to understand these people.
"When I first received command of a vessel."  She fell back onto her bed and stared at the plain ceiling of the cargo bay "the crew detested me.  They believed the only reason I received command was because of my name.  I could not blame them- only prove to them my worth.  It is the elements will that I find myself in a similar situation.  As in both there are few that I can trust- many betrayals, then and now, and more to come.  But I intend to prove many wrong. War is my specialty but I am person of many talents." 
She smirked "as I have discovered in these recent months- I can save life as easily as I can end it."  Shiarrael held out her hands "oh how many have I killed with these hands."  After a moment of reflection she sat up and smiled at Sakarra "forgive my open thoughts.  As I was saying- I need those I can trust."  She pointed at the half Vulcan helmsman "and I have grown to you.  I demand that you become this vessels second officer.  Starfleet refuses me the opportunity to name my first- but they cannot deny me the right to name the second."
Sakarra had noticed the Commodore's initial amusement despite the fact that she was busy getting her senses back to functioning normally. As the other woman continued however, the young half-Vulcan's face became even more thoughtful than usual.
And the last words left her to stand in silence for 2.7 seconds, while questions and thoughts resolved themselves in her mind.
'Why me?
How can you trust me? You do not know or understand me any more than I know or understand you.'
Inconsequential. Whatever the Commodore's reasons, they were hers alone.
'Do I have to?'
Not acceptable to even ask. Yes, Starfleet might permit it, but there was Starfleet and then there was…
'We come to serve'
Everything Sakarra was insisted that when your S'thora asked you … or demanded, she thought with an inward smile, there was no question and certainly no excuse. Short of dropping dead here and now.
Exhaling slowly, she knew there was really only one answer. Hesitating less than three seconds was acceptable, but no more.
"K'istaya t'du, S'thora. Fa-wak lam-tor nash-veh k'du." Sakarra's firm voice was accompanied by the traditional half-bow which she'd fallen into almost without thinking and when her gaze fell back on the Commodore, there was the beginning of a smile dawning in her dark eyes.
"As you wish." she repeated the ancient Golic in Standard, or at least that part which one could translate without losing every last shade of meaning.
"Good."  Shiarrael grinned and stood up "I am going down to the planet to enjoy the scenery with my children- until I return you have this ship.  Do not break it- it would be hard to replace so far away from its home."
"Indeed." Sakarra inclined her head once more, mostly to acknowledge the order but it also helped quite nicely to conceal the smile tugging at her lips.
For reasons she had not quite been able to ascertain yet, the CO's dry remarks had a tendency to cause such reactions.
"Travel safely, Commodore."

[End Log]

Commodore Shiarrael Rehu
Commanding Officer
USS Charon
Lt. Sakarra Tyrax
Chief Helmsman
USS Charon