Wednesday, September 30, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240909.30 - Plot POV Log "Garbage Day" - Vaek'Riov tr'Sahen

[IRW Endless Sky]

"Disruptor residue."  Tr'Huljan shook his head "certainly one of them was responsible for this mess but which one?  Impossible to tell.  It could have been anyone.  The station was holding Federation prisoners afterall."

Vaek'Riov Itsak tr'Sahen brooded from his raised throne on the bridge of the Endless Sky.  He gave his RS (XO) a knowing look- one that told everyone he was irritated and had a suspicion about the culprit "Ulhri" he finally said the words and his RS immediately frowned.

"There is no evidence that he is the culprit Rekkhai."  Tr'Huljan cautioned.  The political intricacies of such accusations were often dangerous "we should wait until we have evidence to present to the senate."

"He is the only blood sucking fiend in this entire sector."  Tr'Sahen grumbled curses as his crew cringed at the colorful language coming from their Leih's mouth.  When he finished he looked at tr'Huljan "order the IRW Hiren into this region.  Riov t'Gonash reported of rumors that Galae ships were demanding payment to cross this space."

"Bait Rekkhai?"  Huljan smirked.

Sahen said nothing.  He simply watched the view screen but in his mind he was hoped those petty criminals who wore the honored uniform of the Galae would fall for the trap.  The Hiren was a small patrol ship- a very tantalizing morsel when alone.

[Some time later, IRW Hiren]

"Rekkhai, vessel decloaking to port." 

"Who is it?"  t'Gonash stood up and focused her attention on the distorting area of space.  When it finished she didn't need her tactical officer's report of 'D'Deridex' to tell her what that massive, outdated, beast was.  "Hail them."  She ordered.  A second later the viewscreen lit up and a rather filthy rihannsu in old Galae rags was staring at her.  "Unknown vessel, identify your purpose."

The man grinned and laughed.  He turned around and his entire bridge crew laughed mockingly "you're not in a position to make demands Riov.  By order of this sector government you are to pay passage fee to pass through this sector."

Gonash grimaced "sector fees are illegal, especially when it concerns vessels of the Galae.  If you leave I will overlook this illegal action."

The man burst into laughter "if we destroy your ship who will know?"

"I will know."  Stepping out from the shadows of the Hiren's bridge tr'Sahen glared at the filthy thing on the other side of the view screen.  Just as his face hit the light six warbirds decloaked surrounding the D'Deridex.  Among them, the D'Dherex class IRW Endless Sky, equaled in size to the D'Deredix but eclipsing them entirely in terms of firepower.  "Acts of piracy have only one punishment- death.  However, if you tell me who your master is I will forgive you this once."

The man hesitated but then he sneered at tr'Sahen "you do not have power here!"

Sahen sighed "destroy that ship.  I am in no mood for games."

"Ie, Rekkhai."  Gonash bowed her head at the Vaek'Riov and then issued the order to power up weapons.  The other six ships did the same.

"Forgive me- I had a slip of the tongue.  Let us talk!"

"Soon you will have no tongue."  Sahen said as he walked to the lift.  His back flashed as the ships pummeled the D'Deridex until it ruptured into thousands of fiery bits.   He didn't care.  He would get rid of these petty fools, all of them.