Saturday, September 19, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240909.19 || Personal BackLog "A Match for a Match" Part X - Ens Nathanial Doyle

==/\== Sara's Place - San Francisco ==/\== SD240401.24 [11:59]  Part II

He blurted out "No Way! startling Sara
He stood up and began to pace. Sara watched him, she wanted to ask what was 'no way' but knew to let him work through it.
Nathanial stopped in the middle of the room and ran his hands through his hair one hand after the other bringing them around the back of his head and finally resting them on his shoulders, he tilted his head and rubbed his shoulders. Sara recognized the pose, he must be replaying an event in his head she thought to herself.

Nathanial played through the encounter with Mr. Crax's study group slowly, he tried to picture Will in his head, he was sure when Arianna's name was mentioned that Will had smiled, no more than smiled, grinned! He turned towards Sara, shifting himself back into the present, bent over and gave her a kiss on the forehead and turned to leave.
As he got to the door he heard her say "Good luck Nate" He turned and gave her a smile and then left the apartment.

Sara sat there, she was worried about Nathanial, yes he was always intense, but something was going on here that she had not seen before. "Be careful Nate" she said softly to no one but herself.


==/\== Star Fleet Academy - Dorm Room ==/\== SD240401.24 [13:13]

Khzarr and Jahrib were still frantically working on the computer when Nathanial burst into the dorm room, he looked as if he was about to speak, but stopped when he noticed Khzarr's and Jahrib's faces.
"Whats going on guys?" Asked Nathanial. He noticed Jahrib's hands begin to fiddle, but before he could ask again Khzarr replied "We have a situation, all the video footage of Arianna has been deleted"
Nathanial didn't let him finish and interrupted by asking "Who by and why?"
"We don't know, we have been trying to figure that out, we have figured some of it out though"
"Wait I still don't understand" Started Nathanial, he turned to direct his next question to Jahrib "The files were all locked and encrypted right, so if someone tried to delete them without the correct unlock, then there would be a big sign saying who right? Or am I missing something?"
"That's right Nate" Replied Jahrib, he continued "By all accounts whoever did this had unlocked the files before deleting, and left very little trace of them being here."

"Ok so what do we know" Asked Nathanial
Khzarr replied "We know the exact time of the removal"
"Which was?"
"Ten thirty nine AM this morning, we were over with Mr. Crax at the time."

Nathanial stood there troubled, by all accounts it seemed that someone trusted had done this. He shook his head, everyone on their group was trusted beyond a doubt. Then he got concerned. Nathanial rushed over to the interface, lightly pushing Jahrib aside.
He brought up the folder that contained the recording of him and the inspector from this morning.

It was empty.

Nathanial let out a few curses, some that even made Khzarr's eyebrow lift.
"It could be the inspector, or one of his men Nate" Khzarr said, stating the obvious.

Nathanial didn't reply. Whatever, whoever had done this, they had played him, they had gotten the better of Nathanial, and he wasn't happy, no more like it, he was pissed.

He turned to Khzarr "Get the guys together, tell them to be here in half an hour, and I don't care if they have classes, or are about to save the world, I want them here."
Without waiting for an answer he headed out the door.

Jahrib looked to Khzarr. "What can we do?"
Khzarr looked back at him "Get everyone together as Nate said, and you keep looking into those files, there has to be more that you can find!" and with that Khzarr moved over to one of the communication terminals and began to contact everyone.


==/\== Star Fleet Academy - Dorm Room ==/\== SD240401.24 [13:21]

Nathanial spotted him walking down one of the corridors. He was still pissed, and he figured it would serve him well for the encounter he was about to have.
He hurried to catch up to Will, and just as he reached him, he turned in front of him and stopped.
Will wasn't ready for someone stopping in front of him, and he stumbled trying to stop and dropped his PADD he was carrying.
Nathanial went to pick up the PADD for him, and saw Will scramble to grab the PADD first, which he managed to do. Nathanial glanced at the PADD and noticed it was displaying a picture of Arianna...