Friday, September 18, 2009

[USS Charon] USS Charon SD240909.18 || JL Log || CSci, ASci, ASci, Ensign Doyle, Ensign Rufo, Ensign Sutek || Part II

Galen clenched his hands into fists if he'd continued down the line with this type of questioning he had a lot more to worry about then just being knocked out. "It has a specialized sensor pod to allow for better information collection." Galen said clenching and un-clenching his hands.

"Now I know you like what you do... alot, and it would be unreasonable for me to ask you to do this twenty-four seven, and as a science vessel with such a powerful Stellar Cartography tool, it would also be very incompetent of me to not make the best use of it, as such the best choice of action would be to have another Stellar Cartographer, thus; making sure that the Sensor Pod gets as much use as possible to maximize its effectiveness and most importantly not drain you or Arkady too much" Nathanial was about to continue, but paused waiting for Galen to take it all in.

Galen agreed with everything that Nathanial was saying but working with a Vulcan was the challenge. He actually didn't mind people coming into the Astrophysics Lab it usually meant they needed something and they needed Galen. Taking a few deep breaths, "I understand." Galen said still wanting to deck the CSci for the way he questioned him.

Nathanial studied Galen, he could tell he was furious about the whole thing, Nathanial could sympathise, he knew Galen was proud of his work and his station on the ship, and also knew that Galen might take it at a personal level with getting a new member in.
"I'm glad you do" He said in a sincere tone. He shifted the direction of the conversation "I am also glad you made your way to me, as I was about to visit you, I have a new task for our department, and I would like you to head up the Stellar Cartography research part of it." Nathanial picked up one of the PADD's on his desk.

"You may remember the nebula we were originally sent to survey, we will be sending in shuttle missions along with the probes when we get there, as such I need you to map out the nebula, and find the safe path's into and out of the nebula for our shuttles.
Nathanial handed the PADD to Galen. "I am sure you understand the importance of this, and I know that you will be able to deliver excellent work."

Looking through the PADD Galen nodded, "how many shuttles well be going into the nebula?" Galen asked seeing that would determine the route they could take. The one thing that impressed Galen of the new CSci officer is that he didn't back down where a lot of people would've backed down in front of a furious Cardassian.

"Between one and ten I would say, you know how it is, they always ask for a specific answer but supply you with a multitude of variables and expect an answer for each variable even though the initial request was based on no variables what-so-ever!" he humorously replied.

"...Though on a more serious note, if you are able to maximise each shuttle trip with area covered, then we would reduce the overall total shuttle trips. I am happy to leave the exact numbers in your capable hands. Was there anything else today Ensign?" He finished off.

Nodding Galen shut off the PADD gave a mock salute to Doyle and headed out of the office and back to the astrophysics lab he decided that he'll play nice with the Vulcan. But he'll make sure that he knows that the lab was his domain and it'll be run the way he likes it.

Nathanial waited until Galen had left, and then let out a long sigh followed by a small chuckle. Yes, Charon was more than just a ship, it was a challenge, a most rewarding challenge none the less.
He turned back to the screen and started continued from where he left off "Computer, unpause" [Breep] "The scans required will consist of...."
<End Log>

Ensign Nathanial Doyle
Chief Science Officer
USS Charon


Ensign Galen Rufo
Stellar Cartographer
USS Charon


Ensign Sutek
Stellar Cartographer
USS Charon