Friday, September 25, 2009

[USS Charon] SD 240909.26 || Personal Log || LtCmdr Foster

=/\= Sickbay, USS Charon =/\=

"I'm sorry Ch'tan, but I cannot stay much longer, I am sure the Romulans are nervous with the Ya'Vang here as well as the Quantum Fury, we should leave as soon as we can," Ch'Krang said as he stepped towards his sons bed, "Are you sure I cannot pursuade you to join us?"

"I still have much to do father, I have alot of oaths to hold to and alot of favors to repay," Ch'tan replied as he pushed himself up in bed and smiled, "You are always welcome to visit, I have no doubt you will be able to find me again," he added with a light growl.

"Then accept these before I leave," The older Klingon replied as he reached over his shoulders and slid his pair of Mek'leth from their sheathes, he swung them around in an arc and they sung through the air, "I want you, as my son to have them and use them to protect your mate, I can see she is a strong woman," he added with a soft smile, "We will meet again my son," he finished as he placed the blades on the desk to the left of the room and disappeared in a flash of orange.

=/\= Bridge, IKS Ya'Vang =/\=

Ch'Krang materialised on the bridge of the battered Klingon cruiser and took his seat in the centre, "Break Orbit, signal the Charon and tell them we are leaving," he barked as he leant back.

"Aye sir! Breaking Orbit!" the helm officer shouted in reply, in truth, the whole crew had been on edge since the Romulans arrived.

"Once we're out of orbit, set a course back to the Empire,"

"Aye sir,"

After a few seconds, the Ya'Vang had come about and they sent a final signal to the Charon, "Engage Cloak! take us out of here," the Klingon Commander shouted as the ship lurched slightly, the repairs were still holding, but were not up to normal standards.

(End Log...)

Ch'Krang HoD
Commanding Officer
IKS Ya'Vang


Lieutenant Commander Ch'Tan Foster
Chief Tactical Officer
USS Charon

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