Thursday, October 1, 2009

[USS Charon] [Quantum Fury] BACKLOG | SD240908.20 | Dr. D. King & LT A. Roberts | Part 1

=/-\= Begin Log =/-\=
Location: Guest Quarters, USS Quantum Fury
Timeline: Roughly 2 hours before rendezvous with USS Charon
The trip from Warrior to rendezvous with the Starship Charon ultimately had taken six weeks. Two weeks from the Warrior to meet up with the USS Quantum Fury, and another four weeks out into the Beta Quadrant. The transfer hadn't come as any sort of surprise to Doctor David King, as he had put in the reassignment request personally. It did surprise him, however, that it had happened too quickly.


Normally an officer was bound to live by a commanding officer's orders, even if they were on the border of outrageous. But an officer with as much service time in as Commander King had a little weight to put behind such requests, and usually had enough friends higher up who could push it through. That was how he found himself sitting in guest quarters en route to the middle of nowhere.


Aubrey stepped out of the shower of David's quarters. It had been amazing that she had been able to obtain orders to be able to stay with him. She guessed he might of had something to do with it, even if she did have her own sources she could of used. Wrapping a towel around her body, she dried off her hair with another. Of course she could of taken a shower in her own guest quarters, but hadn't been in the mood to walk all the way to her quarters just for a shower when she had no problem using his.


David was situated in the living area of the quarters, nursing a steaming cup of tea while watching the stars pass by outside the vessel as the ship traveled at warp speeds. He was more content now than he had been for some time, especially after the travesties concerning the Daresians. As soon as the Warrior had returned to Deep Space Nine the Commander had sought a new assignment. Luckily enough the Charon was in need of a new Chief Medical Officer.


Hanging up the towel she used for her hair on a peg on the wall, she moved out of the bathroom into the bedroom area of David's guest quarters. Aubrey had a clean uniform sitting on the bed that she had set out before she had gone into the shower. Letting the towel fall to the floor, she put the grey undershirt on as well as the grey fitted cotton shorts that she liked to wear under her uniform.


Hearing her come from the bathroom, David took a drink from his tea before he leaned his head to the side and called out to her, "Feel better?"


She moved into the living area of the quarters, leaning on the door way. "Yes, much." She gave with a sigh, still wearing just the grey undershirt and shorts. "How much longer till we dock?" She asked curious, not really knowing what time it was. Since they had started their travel, she had lost track of time for the most part.


"Just a couple more hours, according to the latest ETA updates from the bridge," replied David before taking another sip from the hot cup. "We'll be beaming over shortly after with the rest of the replacements."


"A few more hours alone then," she said as she moved to sit on the couch with him. "Ugg...." she said as she put her hands on her stomach. "I'm hungry again." Her stomach growled lightly. She stood up again, turning to him. "Do you want anything David?" During the last week or so she had been craving food somewhat more often than normal.


He shook his head and held up his cup of tea, "No, thank you. I've got all I need right here."


Aubrey nodded, going to the replicator. She gave a moment's thought, then ordered oatmeal, toast and eggs. It wasn't breakfast time, but it's what she was in the mood for. She also ordered a large glass of orange juice. Taking her plate and glass she sat down on the couch next to him. "I'm glad we were able to have this small break before we have to be back on duty." Audrey told him as she started to eat.


With a sigh he turned his gaze back to the passing stars, "Six weeks is a little more than a small break, beautiful. I mean, considering we weren't active on Warrior for more than a month. And before that, were there for that too."


"Surely you must remember that I'm not used to having posts for very long before I'm moved. And normally I'm a bit more active in my 'time between posts.'" When she said time between posts, her tone changed ever so slightly. "I'm getting used to a new way of being on duty, I suppose."


"Typically," David continued, still looking outwards. "My assignments have been a bit more...long-term." This was the truth. Even his deep-cover assignments had been focused on the 'bigger picture' results than the immediate future. "This ship-hopping isn't something I'm used to."


"I've always been fond of it..." She said between bites. "But I think I have motivation to stay on more of the long term." Aubrey's reason was more than obvious. She didn't really look where David's attention was focused; hers was mostly on eating.


He couldn't help but smile in her direction and nod as he took another drink. "I think I tend to agree."


Quickly finishing her meal, she leaned back with the glass of orange juice in her hands. "It's convenient that there was an Counselor and CMO position open there." She said in thought.


"I actually know the Counselor who's stepping down," David said with another nod. "Paul and I attended Starfleet Medical together. Haven't seen him in some time, though. I hear he actually took off on the command track for a while."


Nodding, Aubrey took a long sip of her juice. "Do you know anyone else from the Charon?" Aubrey asked before she finished her juice, setting the empty glass on the coffee table.


This time he had to shake his head, "Not really. Of course I know of Commodore Rehu, but only by reputation." Of course he had accessed the crew manifest and perused through their records the moment he had been approved for transfer. His resources had turned up some very interesting information.


Aubrey nodded, then gave a sigh. She was still slightly hungry, but she was going to wait awhile before she had anything else to eat. She wanted to make sure she was really hungry, but because of her pattern lately, she guessed in awhile she would be grabbing something small to eat. "I'm interested in this deep space mission of ours." She said as she stretched some.
=/-\= To Be Continued... =/-\=
Commander David King, M.D.
Replacement Officer
USS Charon
Lieutenant Aubrey Roberts
Replacement Officer
USS Charon