Saturday, October 17, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.17 | Personal Log | EnA Rhiana t'Khellian COMMS.

[USS Charon, Deck 4 Personal Quarters]
Rhiana had finished her duties for the day by working on the modifications to the shuttle crafts for the young Vulcan Lieutenant. She moved to her desk removeing her disruptor and her sash and finely figuretively and litteraly letting her hair down. She looked over at the replicator and spoke clearly to it. "vyinn a'Rhynne (a fish, white in color when cooked, Native to the river Rhynne on ch'Rihan.) with a glass of chilled rylhrhh (a sweet wine, pale pink in color, less intoxicating than ale.).
As the dish materalized she punched up her computer screen on the desk and logged into the communication system. Now that she was offically the department head of the comms system she had easier access to the subspace relay array. Rhiana punched up her personal code word and the screen faded from the vile Federation symbol to the glorious Raptor holding the twin worlds of her people. She punched in the scrambler code and begain her report.
"Rekkhai forgive the lack of communications for many months but I have been incapacitated and laying in the Charon's sick bay in a coma. Now I am back on duty but no longer as the ships operations officer but now as the Cheif of Communcations. As you can see this will be a even more advantagous situation for my mission as I will have access to all of the outgoing reports to Starfleet." she said and then took a sip of her ryihrhh.
"The reports of the past few months have been very intresting. It would appare that the former Ael'Riov is not holding the crew together as well as she wants. There was an attempted mutiny by a group a marines, and then our captain was nearly assassinated again by a young and foolish Starfleet cadet. She must be getting soft in her new Federation clothing as she not only let the boy live but acutally promoted him to ensign and to the postion of Cheif of Operations." she took a small peice of the fish and savored its flavor.
"I am also sending the coordinates to a newly discovered race by the Charon crew. In an impressive display of power they managed to MOVE a planet and set it around a habitable sun. While that is of course amazeing in it's own right the planet also had traces of the Omega Particle. Although the Captian had orderd all traces of it destoyed it might be worth while to send a fleet to tear place appart and look for samples of the Omega Particle." she attached the coordinates of the planet they had discovered to her report.
"Our current assignment seems rather mundain. We are going to explore a nebula one that we had noted on our sensors. Apprently there will be a communications break down in the nebula itself so I have had to upgrade the lacking Federation shutters to a more advanced design. If anything can be of use to the Empire I will send a report directly" she took another sip of her sweet pink wine and begain to dictate the finish of the log.
"In closeing my Rekkhai I must add that the tension on the ship at this moment is nearly at the boiling point. The Captain has rescued Klingons from the past eras who not only mistrust the Humans but have openly brawled with our people that are on board the ship. If things contenue as they have been this joint venture may end before anything advantagous for the Empire comes to fruit. That said I am also adding a copy of all the Federation perosnal's service jackets. Apperntly this isn't need to know information and is avaliable to all within Starfleet to see. I used Ensign's ID number that I mentioned before, which he graciously had piled on his over cluttered desk to access the information." she attached the crew's service jackets to the log and leaned back.
"Now and forever your loyal soldier. erie'Aendeh Rhiana t'Khellian. For the Declared and the Tal'Shiar."
She pressed the send button and set it through subspace back toward the capital of her people. She then began to finish her dinner. This mission would be an intresting one if the crew managed to not kill one another. And she would make sure whatever happened it benifited her Empire.
/\ End Log /\
EnArrian Rhiana t'Khellian
Cheif of Communications
USS Charon.

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