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[USS Charon] SD:240910.23 | Joint Duty Log | EnA Rhiana t'Khellian Ccoms| Lt. D'Vanna Xaiver AEng.

~Shuttle Bay - 04:00hrs~

Even with a cup of coffee in her system it wasn't enough to get this half klingon to wake up. She grumbled and muttered the hole way to the shuttle bay where she had paused just outside the doors to calm herself down after all it wouldn't do to bite off whomever had decided to meet at this ungodly hour. Once she believed she was calm enough she ran a hand through her curly mane of dark hair, before starting forward, doors opening as she walked through them wondering who this Rhiana was.

"Ok so we're upgrading shuttles huh?" She muttered to herself walking towards the shuttles hoping the other officer would actually be here, since this was her choice in location and time... "Who gets up at this hour...?" She muttered more to herself though and rolled her eyes wondering if she was sounding like some crazy woman who talks to herself....

The beautiful Romulan woman was standing my the dark green parts she had fabricated in the Engineering replicators. She was absolutely pristine in appearance today, her uniform was pressed and starched to the point where it could stand up in the corner on it's own. Her dark eyes radiated alertness and despite the early hour showed no sign of sleep or being tired.
Each part beside her had the great Raptor clasping the twin worlds of Romulas and Remus either in respect to her people or just to rub in the fact to the Federation and the Klingon who was going to assist her that it was Romulan knowledge that was going to save the day today. Rhiana turned toward the sound of the muttering and noticed the half breed walk in. She stiffened and stifled the disrespectful greeting she had in mind and said politly. "Jolan'tru Leuitenant, I hope your well rested we have alot of work to do."

D'Vana didn't respond to the romulan woman immediately after being greeted, she looked around at the parts instead a soft amused smile claiming her lips. "As well as can be expected, thank you." She said for a 'half breed' she was quite beautiful herself. her mane short and slightly wild though did as it was told and stayed neat as she had brushed it out to be. Her uniform was pressed though not able to stand alone in the corner on it's own. She was clean and her own eyes flashed with amusement and intellectual.

"I see you want everyone to know that we're working with Romulan knowledge and which I'm assuming you believe far surperiour to everyone else, am I correct?" D'Vana asked in a sweet tone, not really taking offence to what she considered rude and quite unnecessary. "Shall we get to work I know you'd rather be as far from me as you possibly can so I prefer to get this done with in a timely manor so as to not offend you with my presence over long." She said somewhat sarcastically. No one had to tell her what romulans thought of klingons or even half breeds like herself. She grew up with that racial crap her whole life...
Rhiana smiled her most sweet and gentle smile brightening her lovely features even more. "So do all Starfleet officers take such a insobordinate tone with their Superior officers Leuitenant? I will of course note your unprofessonal attitude to the commanding officer. Now with that said yes lets get to work. We must rip out the power drives of this shuttle, This will be not only difficult but time comsumeing as the other work crews are not quite avaliable. We have to make modifications to the hall as well as the Romulan components are a deal larger then the Federation technolagy."she said just as sweetly as her smile.

"Unprofessional huh... the romulan logo's aren't exactly very professional either don't you think." D'Vana growled wondering what it was this Romulan had against her. She shrugged it off not needing another fight this early in the day. Reaching for her tool box she set to work removing the power drives, knowing that literally ripping it out would only get her into more trouble with the unbending Romulans. She shook her head again she actually thought Vulcans were nice compared to Romulans...
Rhiana knelt down beside the Klingon with her tool kit in hand as well and began to remove the side panels of the power plant. She noticed the Klingon was making good progress on the power plant's housing. "Showing pride in ones Empire is not professional? Yet the Klingon officers on board ware their Honor sashes, and Da'tag knives?" she said in response to that.
With a hefty jerk she attempted to pull the pannel away from the side of the shuttlecraft. Even with her greater strenght her veins buldged on her lovely neck."Imirrhlhhse ryak'na!!!!" she growled in her native tounge and looked over at the young Klingon woman. She swallowed her pride for the moment and said. "It seems we both will be required to dislodge this.....Pannel."

Working together the Klingon and Romulan set aside their diffrences for a breif moment. Both of the powerful young ladies pulled at the upper panneling and with a large grunt it finely gave way. Once removed she held it out to the romulan and arched one shapely eyebrow...

"Do I look as if I'm wearing any sashes of honor or Da'tag knives on me at this moment 'Commander?' She asked trying to keep a respectful tone. "I find it hard to do either one or the other when I'm constantly proving that I'm not weak because of my human blood or that I'm not constantly trying to pick a fight because of my klingon blood. it gets boring after a while. I am who I am and if that bother's some that's their problem not mind." D'Vana said with a shrug of her shoulders she didn't have to defend herself against the other woman.
Rhiana looked over at the woman and arched a brow taking the Panel and sitting it aside along with the Power relay D'vana had removed. "No but there are many others who do..Including the chief of Tactical."she said reasonably. "Well done getting the relays off...Now comes for the very tricky and dangerous part." she said as she reached over and took one large cylinder shaped device off the ground beside her and slid it to the Klingon woman's hands. "This is a Artificial Quantum Singularity...One of the most destructive forces in the galaxy. If we make a mistake installing this in the shuttle we will inadvertently open a black hole in the Charon.." she said simply but her eyes definitely showed slight worry as D'vana would have no experience with the Romulan device.

D'Vana eyed the device before looking back to Rhiana, "Alright your the one with the romulan knowledge obviously, and I have the engineering knowledge. I'm sure if we work together we should be fine." D'Vana said looking to the singularity again. "I guess its time for a crash course in Romulan technology for me huh?" She asked with a bit of a smirk confident that if they worked together it would be fine.

Rhiana couldn't help but grin at that and cocked her head to one side."Look at the bright side...If we mess up we will never know until we get to Vor'ta'vor and Stovakor respectively.." she said with a smile and then pulled out the fusion wielder and handed it to the Klingon woman." Alright I'm going to attach the tip of the device to the EPS relay up here...As soon as I make Contact hit it with the fusion arc. I ran a simulation in my quarters and you'll have approximately five seconds to complete the connection.. After that it gets tricky." she said with a grin. as she placed the Device to the flowing energy system. 

"If that's the case then it would be, as the klingons say a good day to die." D'Vana said unable to contain the smile that she returned to the romulan. D'Vana gave a nod of understanding when Rhiana placed the device to the flowing energy system, D'vana hit it with the fusion arc as instructed.
As the arc hit the device it let out a large hiss and the fusion wield punched the devices together. The lights in the shuttle flickered on and off four times before shining brighter then they had under the Federation power systems. The bulbs nearly shattered with their huming before they finely dimed into a reasonable tone.
Rhiana opened one eye and looked around."Were still alive...Well who would have thought it. So far so good, Now for the really dangerous part. Lieutenant...I need you to open the back panel of the device and ever so gently raise it up to the cradle. Whatever you do, Do not drop it or scrape the metal plates together please." she said with another grin and held onto the long tube with both hands. Her muscles bulged under her Galae jacket as the current from the EPS system passed through the device and her arms.

D'Vana gave a nod even as she moved to gently remove the back panel of the device. She bit her lower lip as she started to raise it slowly and gently into the cradle. She hissed slightly at herself almost scraping the metal together but managed to keep from doing so as she set it into place. "Ok." She said almost breathlessly. "Next step." She then said...

"Well done D'vana...We are not dead..and the shuttle isn't exploding. I take that as a sign of success. Now the warp nacelles of this shuttle craft are not designed to handle the stress of this power plant. So our next step will be to remove them and replace them with the Scorpion class Fighter engines I have made. Are you similar with the Scorpion?" she asked as she stood and began back down the ramp toward the lift controls to pick up the shuttles.

"The Scorpion?" She asked obviously not knowing of what the other woman was talking about. it was one thing she didn't like was not knowing something. "Care to refresh my memory?" She asked...
"Of course. The Scorpion attack craft is a Romulan fighter craft larger and more powerful then the standard Federation compliment fighters. It has both Impulse and Warp drive capabilities. A fact that we are fortunate to know as their nacelles are much larger and more efficient." she said as she gestured to the two large black and very sleek nacelles laying on the ground.
"We need to remove the current Nacelles from the shuttle craft and then attach these to its hall. Now as you can see the moorings on the nacelle plating are not quite large enough so we will need to be extra careful and widen them up a bit." she said as she pressed the console to use a miniature tractor beam to lift the shuttle above them so they could work.

"So then we'll be replacing the old nacelles with the new ones for the efficiency of the scorpion attack craft." D'Vana said actually understanding what the other woman was talking about. She was also much more awake then when she had first entered the shuttle bay and watched as Rhiana used the miniature tractor beam to lift the shuttle above them.

"Thats correct. Now if this tractor beam is working correctly it will pull the Nacelles away from the shuttle when we release their bolts. Afterwards we will have it lift the Scorpion nacelles up and manually attach them to the hall. The panels I removed inside the ship will keep its weight down and also expanded it's size by a few meters." she said noticing the woman was more alert then before.
The Blue glow of the tractor beam shot out from the device and attached to the port side nacelle. Rhiana moved up to the upper side of it and began to loosen the holdings on her side. She nodded to D'Vana to do the same on the lower side.

D'Vana moved to the lower side and pulled out the tool needed to start loosening the holdings on her side. She didn't exactly like the fact that she was nearly standing under the hovering shuttle, but she pushed the feeling aside and continued to do her job...
As D'Vana moved under the Nacelle Rhiana contenued to loosen the bolts to the section. The Tractor beam fluctuated briefly as it pulled the now loosed Nacelle away form the shuttles hull. Everything seemed to be going fine until the machine began to smoke and the massive ships engine dropped down smacking against the side of the shuttle and heading down to pin D'Vana.
Rhiana's eyes went wide as she called out "LOOK OUT D'VANA!!"She shouted and lept down to grab her end of the device knowing even her considerable strength alone wouldn't be enough to hold it off the young Klingon woman. She let out a large grunt as the engine pulled her forward.

D'Vana's eyes widened as she saw the engine coming at her before she heard Rhiana yell at her. She barely managed to catch it to try and hold it off of her. "Shit." She growled straining to keep it from crushing her though didn't think she'd be able to hold it for long. "Any ideas?" D'Vana growled her voice strained from the struggle to keep hold of the engine...

She had a lot of ideas...But only one or two involved not crushing the Klingon girl. She gritted her teeth and looked over at the girl."If you can reach my Disruptor...Its set to Vaporizing matter...It could burn solid Derterium...If I drop my end...We both are going to be crushed."She said straining under the weight sweat breaking out on her brow.

"I have a feeling that If I let off with one hand we'll still be crushed. What about calling Dylan Marcus's 'Alice'?" D'Vana asked not sure if she could reach the Disruptor, without the weight crushing them both.

Rhiana pondered her option and repositioned her weight  under the massive engine coil. "Its worth a shot. Alice if you can hear us..We are in a bit of a situation, Please respond put it mildly..HELP!" she said in a calm tone right up until the final word. The Nacelle was luckily propped on the Shuttles side releaving most of the insane weight, but they were still tracked between the veritable rock and the hard place.

Alice appeared almost instantly to the call. "Mildly is an understatement." Alice said stepping foward and putting a hand on the nacelle that Rhiana was holding. "I might not have the ability to lift it off of you, but I can hold it long enough for you, to do whatever it is that you will do Commander." Alice said looking to Rhiana.

Rhiana nodded to the Holographic program and centered her thoughts,"Alright...NOW!" she shouted as she let go of the heavy naecelle hoping the Holograph would be enough to hold the device. As Alice flickered and sent her energy into the fallen warp naecelle Rhiana pulled her Disruptor from its holster and fired the emerald green beam into the device cutting away the portion above Lieutenant D'vanna. She was an expert marksman of course but she prayed that the Klingon wasnt jumpy as this would go very close to her.

D'Vana wasn't very jumpy. Rhiana maybe a romulan, but she was also a starfleet officer. If she couldn't trust a starfleet officer, she couldn't trust anyone. She watched Rhiana as she cut away at the portion above her...
The young Klingon woman's trust was well placed as the beam danced around D'vana's hands with surgical precision. In a matter of seconds the fallen and deactivated Naecelle was reduced to less then slag and finally into vapor as the disruptor destroyed it's matter under the intense beam. Rhiana looked over at D'Vanna and placed her weapon back in it's holster."Well...That was exciting...I'm not sure what happened..The Tractor bean should not have shorted out like that." she said mildly annoyed by the faulty system.

D'Vana was just greatful to have the havy mass off her shoulders. She stretched and shifted her weight slightly. "Could be some faulty circuitry or something needing to be replaced." D'Vana said. "I'll report it to the chief later, working with you is my first priority." D'Vana said with a smirk. "I um... Thank you I don't know how much longer I could have held it up, and I want to apologize for my earlier sarcasm." D'Vana added...
Rhiana raised a slender eyebrow a fraction of an inch. A Klingon apologizing...To a Romulan no less. It took her a few moments to see if the galaxy was going to come to an end before she responded."Your welcome Lieutenant, I'm sure you would have done the same for me. As to your earlier sarcasm...I perhaps over reacted to it. I won't try to make a frivolus report on it, Indeed I think I shall tell both Commander Caulhoun and the Captian that you are a compitant engineer and cool under pressure as you have just proven."she said seriously to the younger woman.

D'Vana smiled. "I'll take that as a compliment Commander." She did appreciate the compliment. it wasn't often someone other then Ch'Tan gave her one as it was. "Shall we continue with the shuttles?" She said risking further posiblities that something else might go wrong, but she trusted the romulan at her side.

"Shall I stick around incase I am needed further?" Alice asked the two to remind them she was there...
Rhiana looked at the little holographic girl and shook her head."No I believe you are no longer required here. Baring any unfortunate accidents I think the Lieutenant and I shall make quick work of the remaining steps to upgrading the shuttles."She said to the strange interactive device. She then looked back at D'Vanna and nodded. "Yes we have more work to do, and only a short time to get it completed." she said with a slight smirk as the other Engineering crews finely arrived.
"Better late then never hmm?"She asked the Klingon with a sly smile.

"Thank you Alice." D'Vana said before the hologram could leave. "Exactly." D'Vana smirked at the romulan and hopefully her new friend... "Alright we need to extend the hull of the shuttle alittle to get the new necelles to fit and we need to remove necelles from the rest of the shuttles that are being upgraded." D'Vana ordered.

Rhiana nodded to the Klingon woman as the engineering crews moved off to comply with their orders. "Well...As they say on my world, No rest for the wicked, Shall we?" she said with a slight smile.
Both Rhiana and D'Vanna moved off with the crews to finish the modifications to the shuttle craft for the fourthcomming exploration mission. Both women seemed slightly more comfortable working with each other then when they begain.
/\ END LOG /\
EnArrian Rhiana t'Khellian
Cheif of Communications
USS Charon
Lt. D'Vanna Xaiver
Assistant Engineer
USS Charon.



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