Saturday, October 10, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.10 | Joint Log | D. King & A. Robberts | Part 4

=/-\= Begin Log =/-\=


Location: Personal Quarters

Timeline: The morning after…


Audrey's sleep wasn't peaceful that night, she kept tossing and turning. It was now the early hours of the morning, and she seemed to be tossing more than she had before.


David, on the other hand, slept about as hard as a rock. He moved very little across the night, except occasionally rolling along with Aubrey when she moved. His dreams were quiet, unmemorable in fact. In truth it was some of the best sleep he had gotten in weeks.


Finally Aubrey couldn't stay asleep anymore. Lying on her back for some time, trying to fall asleep again, she felt her stomach cringe. Quietly she got out bed as to not wake David. She went to the bathroom to get the glass of water she had left sitting on the counter. She was about to take a drink from the glass when she felt her stomach heave. Making it to the toilet just in time, she violently lost the food she had eaten the night before.


The noise from her sickness was enough to pull David from his sleep. Rubbing his eyes, he sat up in the bed and looked around. When he didn't see her in the room he called out, "Aubrey? Are you okay?"


She could still be heard in the bathroom, the sound unmistakable of her being sick to her stomach. She was kneeling on the ground, not able to control her stomach.


Groggily he pushed himself out of bed and padded across the carpeted floor towards the bathroom. He called out again, concern in his voice this time, "Aubrey?"


She had managed to stop heaving; now she was sitting on the floor of the bathroom. "I don't think what I ate last night agreed with me." She said through a rough voice.


Leaning down he fell to a knee and rested the back of his hand against her face, "Well, there doesn't seem to be a fever." He was silent for several seconds as he fought through the remnants of sleep to peruse through his knowledge. Finally he frowned, "Replicated food shouldn't have made you react like this..."


"I think I just ate it too fast." She said taking deep breaths to calm her stomach. Finally, she felt as if her stomach had calmed down enough, she started to stand up needing to rinse her mouth out.


"Nearly twelve hours after eating?" David asked, shaking his head. "No. I...I think I'd like to take you down to sickbay."


"I will go in the morning." Audrey said after rinsing her mouth out. "I really want to go back to sleep." Now that her body felt somewhat settled, she felt like she could sleep somewhat more peacefully than she had before.


He shook his head again and laid his hand on her shoulder, "Doctor's orders. It won't take long to figure out what's causing this."


"I want to go back to sleep, David." She snapped at him, something that wasn't a norm.


Doing his best to understand she wasn't feeling good he shrugged, "And you can. In half an hour. And getting angry with me isn't going to change my mind."


"People get sick sometimes, David. It's normal." She still seemed a little snappy, but not meaning anything by it.


"It's also normal for them to see a doctor when they do," he replied, unrelenting in his directions. "Ten minutes is all I need. Just sit on a biobed for ten minutes while I run some scans."


"Fine, just fine." She said, finally getting the nasty taste out of her mouth.


He moved his hand to her arm and began leading her back into the bedroom, "Would you like to slip some shorts on?" He moved to pull a shirt on, not bothering with his uniform.


Of course she would. She wasn't going to leave their quarters dressed the way she was. Finding a pair of soft cotton shorts, she slipped them on. Grumbling she found a pair of shoes.


Shaking his head, David slipped his feat into a pair of slippers out of convenience as he moved back towards her, "You'll be back in bed in no time. I promise."


"Your pushing this out of proportion." Aub said as she started to shuffle toward the door, tired.


Following behind her he shrugged, fully aware it was her frustrations and emotions speaking, and not Aubrey herself. "Thankfully I've got a position that allows me to," he replied, forcing down an internal smirk. "And you'll thank me once I make it go away."


"I could of also slept it off too." She mumbled. Indeed it was more than just her frustrations and emotions that were playing her right now, it was the changing hormones in her body that had been changing for several weeks now, since they had started their journey to the USS Charon.


=/-\= To Be Continued =/-\=


Commander David King, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

USS Charon NCC-80111


Lieutenant Aubrey Robberts

Head Counselor

USS Charon NCC-8011