Saturday, October 24, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.24 Duty log Mcaptain Harry Tatlock asst security.

Harry was doing his rounds as a security officer, he noticed that several members of the crew were mumbling behind his back as he walked passed.
This could be due to the fact of the last lot of marines had caused a lot of trouble on the ship.
Harry knew that he was under close observation by the ship's crew , Starfleet and the Marines, he would have to do an exceptional job for all concerned.
Tatlock walked past the Gym were the fight had happened, it was still sealed off for the investigation , he nodded to the sentry who was on guard there, and then proceeded on his rounds.
A little while later Harry had completed his patrol and sent in a report that 'rounds correct' he then went to the galley to get a drink, he was very thirsty and could have drunk a river.
After his visit to the galley, he went to the roster and found out that he would be designated as COs body guard in the next few days. He had to attend more classes to qualify.

One of his classes was weapon handling and he was good at that, he had lots of experience in the subject.
From The Tatlocks:)

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