Sunday, October 11, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.11 Duty log MCapt Harry Tatlock body guard.

Security area,
Tatlock was at school, he was learning the tequnigues on how to be a succesful body guard. there was a lot to take in , soon it would be lunch time and Harry was hungry and a little sleepy.
An hour later Tatlock was munching on his meal, it was a cheese burger and french fries, a very common 20th and 21st century.
Soon it was back to the class , this time they were learning about phasers, and getting the chance to shoot, Harry liked shooting, he had done a lot with the federation and before then with the Carpathian company.
After the weapon handling class, it was the fitness period, Harry picked swimming, it was a cool, passtime to do in the holodeck. Not many of the crew used to water programs so Harry pretty much had them all to himself.
A beeper sounded and that told the marine it was time for him to go on duty, his instructions were to shadow another security officer who had been aboard the ship for a long time, the officer knew every knook and cranney of the ship and would show Harry everything.
Harry got ready and headed out of the door, he set off to the security office and arrived there a few minutes later, he noticed that he was was a little early and looked at a few PADDS that were lying around, they were instructional about various subjects , Harry saw thay they were old but intresting.
He read them until it was time for duty.
From The Tatlocks:)

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