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[USS Charon] [USS Charon] SD:240910.11 |Personal Backlog Part II| EnA t'Khellian | CCOMS‏

[Galae Fortress,i'Ramnau, ch'Rihan] /\ 42 years ago /\
Two years had passed as a Farien in the Galae academy and young Rhiana had took to her lessons well from the very hard instructors. Rhiana had made several friends during her first two years at the academy inculding some of the poorer familes sons and daughters, the most prominate of these friends was a young man from the eastern captial named tr'Kalen.
tr'Kalen was a very liberal man for a Romulan and had strange views on life and politics and he and Rhiana got into any number of debates about the stance with the vaunted Federation and their untrustworthiness.
"How do we know the Humans are so untrustworthy I ask you? The reason they dispise and fear us is because we attacked them centuries ago." tr'Kalen said at one of their few breaks scattered through the day at the academy.
Rhiana shook her head at that and retorted, "They invaded our space first remember, Shortly after the Orions attacked us and we learned the hard way not to deal with outsiders. they had come excately as the Orions had...Offering friendship and alliance. And I think we all know excately how that turned out for us?"
There were a few cheers at the table as they thought Rhiana scored a critical hit to tr'Kalen's logic but tr'Kalen was not to be subdued by the first argument. "Do we know for sure that they would have attacked us as the Orions had before? Of course we don't but the sundered paniced and built our fleet up and lanched a surprize attack on them. That is the reason they do not trust us."
Rhiana shook her head incredulously, "If we are not the stronger should be not attack? Their ships might have been better then ours but we had superior numbers and the will to win. So they came with words and sweet nothings instead of ships and soldiers, they were still trying to make us something we are not, Part of their Empire."
tr'Kalen shook his head and sighed, "Rhiana your listening to much to the propaganda corps, From what my grandfather said the Federation fought with honor and ferocity, Are they not two traits will prize?" he asked with a raised brow, much like a vulcan would.
Rhiana laughed at that gesture and then took a moment to regain her composure. "tr'Kalen you need more proof of the Federations evil? Who are one of their more powerful allies right now hmm?"
tr'Kalen scowled knowing where this was going and started to say something but Rhiana cut him off, "Thats right the Klingons. The most primitive of butchers. They eat their own children and fight eachother at the drop of a hat. And the 'Peace loving' Federation are their allies. Pleases even you can see that there is something wrong with this picture."
tr'Kalan frowned and started to say, "Granted the Klingons and the Federation make strange bed fellows but I dont see how.." He was inturrpted by the chime that marked lights out for the evening. "Looks like we will contenue this debate Tomarrow night Rhiana..But so far the ball is in your court."
Rhiana grined and stood up moving toward her quarters for the evening. She couldn't help but think that while she liked tr'Kalen he should be careful with his talk like that. The Seeing Spear were everywhere and they wouldn't hesitate to brand him a traitor for that sort of speech. As she moved down the corridor toward her billet she noticed the lights were out in the hallway. She stiffened as the Repair crews of the academy would never had let that happen normally and listened closely for anything out of the ordanary.
The attack came from out of nowhere aimed directly at Rhiana's back but the assilent missed wide as Rhiana rolled to her right and sprang up in the N'Delrek fighting form. Without wasteing anytime she launched a straight kick right at her attackers darkened face and felt the cartlidge of the man's nose shatter under the force of the attack. She was noble born and had been trained from birth to fend off assassians.
The man fell back with a muffled curse and leaned up against the wall dark green blood flowing from his ruined nose. What Rhiana wasnt expecting was the laugh from his bloodied lips.
"Whats so funny if thats your best i'm really not going to have to even break a sweat over there."she said haughtily to the man. He responded with another chuckle. "You shouldn't have wasted time talking girl." he stated to her and grined again as she slumped foward a tranqulizer dart in the back of her neck.
[Sometime later]
Rhiana woke up in a pitch black room on a very cold hard floor made of what felt like metal. The effect of the tranqulizer left her groggy but coherent enough to know she wasn't in the academy anymore. Her heart was beating faster but she stood and waited for what was to come steading herself for what she assumed was her fathers enemies torture so she could be bartered in blackmail.
"Did you have a nice nap Farien?" a voice asked from the ringing darkness. The voice was deep and had a deadly sheen to it that sent cold shivers down the young womans back.
Rhiana took the fear from her voice and stared off into the darkness in what she hoped was the direction of the voice. "You think your dramatics frighten me? Do your worst I will not be a pawn in a political game against my father." she stated boldly.
"Your brave thats good Farien t'Khellian, Bravery is one of the main attributes we are looking for...But tell me my dear..Are you loyal? Would you truely do anything for the Empire and for the Praetor?" said the deadly voice from seemingly behind her.
Rhiana turned toward the voice curious as to what he ment by that, Perhaps it wasnt an assassian after all..but one of the Instructors of the academy testing her loyality. "I would die for the Empire. I am Rhiannsu. I will always do my duty for the glory of the Empire." she said clearly and with absolute truth in her voice.
"Really? Personal feelings aside? You would do anything for the Empire to protect her?" said the voice evenly from off to her right now.
Rhiana nodded knowing the owner of the voice could see her. "Personal feelings are nothing compared to the needs of the Empire..Whoever you are."
Another beam of light blared down from the ceiling to a man laying bound on the floor a vrenlec beside him. The man was covered in blood and bound head and foot. Through the matted hair and dark green stains on his face the eyes of tr'Kalen stared up at his friend.
Rhiana gasped to see him like that and moved toward him, the piller of light she was standing in moved with her. As she bent down to look her friend over the frightening voice spoke again.
"This man has spoken treasonious words about the Empire and its polices Farien. I know you know this to be true..We have watched you for some time. And always you have defended the desicions of the Empire. Can you truely put aside personal feelings and do what is required?" asked the voice with a sneer.
Rhiana looked down at her friend in that state and the saber beside him, surely this was just a test and they didn't really mean for her to execute him."Who are you and what gives you the right to do this?" she said coldly now to the voice.
tr'Kalen blinked up at her and let out a muffled plea for help. Rhiana looked down at him and then back up toward the darkness. "Who we are shouldn't matter. What does matter is this man is a traitor. You yourself said personal feelings come second to the needs of the Empire. Are you just talk little girl or do you have the spine to back up your statements with actions?" said the man from the shadows.
Rhiana looked down at her friend tied up and helpless on the floor. She knew he would get into trouble one day if she couldn't convice him to keep quiet. But she never thought it would come to this moment. She reached her hand down toward the saber and lifted it up testing its sharpness. just the smallest prick caused her to bleed from the wound. It was diffnately real.
tr'Kalen looked up into Rhiana's eyes knowing full well she couldn't acutally kill him. They were friends and joked about the things he believed. Suddenly he stopped moving as her eyes hardened...It was unbelieveable to him..Could she possiably be seriously considering this!?
Rhiana looked down at her friend and closed her eyes breifly, "I'm sorry...I warned you." and without another word she drove the saber down at the precise angle to cleave his heart in two a quick death and clean for a soldier and friend. She threw the blade away as she watched the lights in his eyes die out and stood up fully.
The Lights flooded on and twenty dark uniformed men lundged at her with wooden batons and before she could react started to wail on her pounding her down beside her friends dead body. Each hit was expertly done as if they had done this thousends of times before. Each marked with maximum pain and minimum risk of permanate damage.
A tall man in a black uniform stepped foward and looked down at the bloodied girl who was still being struck over and over again. "I am Sseibb tr'Valas. Welcome to the last day of your old life erie'Eredh. And the start of something bigger then us all. The Tal'Shiar Colonel said to her as they laid out a black sub-trainee uniform for her.
/\ end log /\
EnArrian Rhiana t'Khellian
Cheif Communications officer.

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