Wednesday, October 21, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.21 - Joint Log "Roles" - Captain Rehu, Commander Katris-Falcon, & Lieutenant Tyrax

[USS Charon]

Shiarrael entered her ready room followed by the two officers.  She slowly made her way around the desk and sat down in her chair.  From the windows the edge of the nebula was clearly visible.  A bright green aura seemed to fill the normally austere office.  The Captain glanced at both women; the side of her face facing the windows seemed to glow "I want to begin our survey promptly.  Lieutenant, you will lead the shuttle mission.  Are all of the shuttles prepped?"

"I expect the modifications to the last shuttle to be completed within the hour, Captain."  Sakarra stated levelly, standing in her usual pose with head tilted thoughtfully and hands clasped behind her back.

"Considering the departure schedule, it will be ready to deploy on time."

"Good."  Shiarrael resisted the urge to smile- Sakarra had proven time and time again that she was very efficient, it was beginning to spoil the Captain.  Turning her gaze to Eithne Shiarrael motioned to the doors leading to the bridge "Commander, I am leaving you in charge of the bridge.  I have decided to be more active in observing the work of my crew.  I may also join one of the shuttle missions into the nebula."   

She raised a brow, "Captain... It is unusual for the Commanding Officer to join missions... But... Due to where I have served and the contrary to that happening... I will not argue with your decision..." She nodded to Shairrael.   "I will look after the Charon Captain."

"Starfleet seems to enjoy strange regulations.  Should a commanding officer not observe her crew?"  Shiarrael shook her head "I may never understand it.  I am pleased however that you are wise enough not argue."  A smirk formed on her face and she glanced out the window "is it not beautiful?"

Nodding slightly, the young Vulcan rearranged the teams assigned to the shuttles in her head to allow for her unpredictable Captain.  "It certainly does have aesthetically pleasing qualities."

Eithne looked out the window past Shairrael and nodded. " Aye... IT certainly his the ability to take your breath away..." She smiled lightly.

"Beauty can be a dangerous thing."  Shiarrael said looking at the nebula "there is a reason why my people call this nebula Yy'a.  Advise the teams to be cautious Lieutenant.  We have lost enough personnel already and it is such a waste to lose men to things that can be prevented by vigilance."

Sakarra was inclined to agree, and signaled it with an affirmative tip of the head.  Despite its undeniable beauty, the green-gold swirls of the nebula had an effect on her that might be entirely lost on non-Vulcanoid members of the crew and could therefore be deemed illogical.  Curiosity tempered by an instinctive urge to be wary was maybe not the most logical approach, but the young Vulcan decided it was not irrational either.

Shiarrael studied both women for a moment before speaking "If you both have nothing else to add.  Dismissed."

Watching the two women before her she was curious what they were thinking, but, at the same time she was glad she couldn't. It would be far to distructive to her to be able to read the thoughts of people once again, though, she still had to talk with the doctor about the implant. With the dismissal from the Captain she nodded, " Aye Captain..."

She turned on her heal and went out to the bridge.

Quirking a brow at her CO, Sakarra half turned and then spoke over her shoulder "If I may, I should recommend the Bellatora Fortis as your shuttle. She has the most diverse complement of scientists on board which would give you an opportunity to observe a wide range of scans."  Not to mention that Sakarra would be piloting this one personally, meaning she could be sure the best qualified pilot was going to look after the CO.

"I will keep that in mind Lieutenant."  Shiarrael said standing up.

"Captain."  with one more polite nod, the young Vulcan strode after the XO and onto the bridge.

Shiarrael followed after the pair a minute later.  With PADD in hand she glanced at Falcon who was settling into the Command Chair.  She smiled and wondered if the nebula would prove interesting at all.  It certainly would be hard for it to eclipse recent adventures.  Stepping into the lift she waited for the doors to close as she settled on the first department to terrorize.  The Tyrant of Charon was on her way to engineering.


Captain Shiarrael Rehu
Commanding Officer
USS Charon


Commander Eithne Katris-Falcon
Executive Officer
USS Charon


Lieutenant Sakarra Tyrax
Second Officer
USS Charon