Wednesday, October 28, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.28 - Joint Back Log - Capt Rehu & EnA t'Khellian

[USS Charon]

Rhiana had finished her required meeting with the councilor at the doctor's orders and moved to perhaps do the most important thing at all. Report back to the now demoted Captain t'Rehu. As she stepped from the turbo lift she adjusted her uniform. Its Romulan insignia polished to the point of near fanaticism and both her Honor blade and her Disruptor were on her person. She had dressed up for this meeting with the Leih. She knew that the woman was no longer in the Galae but the uniform was a sense of pride for Rhiana. She stopped outside the Ready Room's door and pressed the Chime waiting to hear that cold deadly voice that had been the terror of the Galae for many long years.

Shiarrael had been perusing departmental reports when the chime sounded, although she was a woman of process she didn't mind the momentary distraction from the brain numbing work.  Looking at the door she said "enter" but quickly felt a headache beginning to drill its way into her head as soon as the doors opened and she saw tr'Khellian standing before her.

Rhiana stepped into the room looking across at the discredited woman and forced her face to remain passive. Even her long coma hadn't lessened how repulsed she was by the traitor to the Empire. However she kept her tone neutral and professional. "Commodore, EnArrian Rhiana t'Khellian ready to come back on active duty." she said to her with carefully controlled politeness unlike their first meeting.

"Captain."  Shiarrael nonchalantly corrected the woman "I must admit I was quite surprised to find out how fragile you were.  Since you have laid in a coma for so long you have been replaced as Chief of Operations."  She brought up her computer terminal "however, we can use your expertise as chief of communications."
Rhiana visibly stiffened at the jab about being frail and with a nearly palpable act of calming herself she managed to say with only a hit of loathing. "I see 'Captain', Well a true Romulan never shirks her duties I will gladly accept the roll of Chief of Communications on this ship." she made sure to use her new rank as well as mention true Romulan duty. It was Masochistic she knew but that jab riled her.

"I guess they just lay unconscious for months."  Shiarrael's expression remained placid but inside she was grinning.  t'Khellian was good at hiding her emotions but her eyes spoke volumes "do you have any questions?" 

Rhiana kept her expression just as calm as the Captain's however inside she was nearly boiling over with rage at her continued existence.  "If I may indulge my curiosity Captain, What happened to the Marines...and the Sub space anomaly that rendered me unconscious for as long as I have been." she asked calmly still and then as a after thought, "Also, Who took my place as Chief of Operations?"

"I marooned the marines on a planet- it was more then they deserved."  Shiarrael purposefully left out the part that they had gone missing since "as for the anomaly, it collapsed and consumed the star system it was in.  Your replacement is Ensign Cyrin Dicari- a very efficient but somewhat emotionally disturbed young man."

She couldn't help but raise her eyebrows a bit at both of the bits of information she had received. "You simply marooned them? They committed mutiny and nearly took your life. They and their families should have been executed as examples for future generations." she was just stunned by that and after a moment she registered the last bit.  "An Ensign? Is it wise to leave a emotionally disturbed and inexperienced officer in a position of power?"

"He has performed admirably- and this is the Federation not the Empire.  Something you should remember quite well before you open your mouth."  Shiarrael shot the Arrain a warning look.

Rhiana stiffed and hid the smile that wanted to come to her lips at that. "Of course Captain my apologizes I know this is a Federation ship, It suits you well. I will see to my duties and I assure you there will be no issues in my department." she said evenly knowing that she could cowl her underlings into line so that an incident like with the marines would never happen on her watch.

"By the way."  Shiarrael let a smirk slip into her expression "the Communications department is under the operations department.  You will report to Ensign Dicari."

Rhiana opened her mouth as her eyes blazed with indignation but quickly shut it before making matters worse. Taking a deep breath she nodded."Of course Captain...I will report to the...Ensign next." her voice radiated the stoic coldness of a Romulan in complete control but the small twitching of her eye begged to differ. 'Rehu a thousand deaths are not good enough for you or your vile spawn' she thought to herself.

"Dismissed"  Shiarrael said promptly.

 Rhiana turned on her heel in perfect military precision and marched out of the office. As she entered the turbo lift to go find her new...Ensign she slammed her fist in the doors denting it as it closed.


Captain Shiarrael Rehu
Commanding Officer
USS Charon


EnArrain Rhiana t'Khellian
Chief Communications Officer
USS Charon