Monday, October 26, 2009

[USS Charon] SD 240910.26 | Joint Back Log Part VI | Lt Cmdr Akasy, COP's Zetari & Ens Dicari, COP's Charon

“Life In The Academy: Part VI”



"Binars," she echoed in a low tone, while one ear flicked. "I'm not sure even Binars all think alike," she continued, her tone back to normal. "After all, even though they are linked in pair’s and linked to their central computer, they still retain some individuality. They're not Borgs. Even though they have a similar look." The feline paused and smiled. "Differences is good, it makes life more interesting!"

“That it does… yet I thought some Borg’s maintained their sense of self individuality at times.  Not saying they do all the time, but didn’t Voyager experience something like that with…” he snapped his fingers a few times trying to remember the person’s name when it dawned on him “Seven of Nine.”

"I heard about her too. However, wasn't she disconnected from the Collective? That would probably explain how she got some individuality." She shifted a little. "Although, I can only guess that it was a frightening experience of her. It would probably before everyone, mew. I mean, it is probably akin to you or I being suddenly cut for everything and everyone we knew, and thrown into a completely new and different world or universe. I don't know how I'd cope with that." She looked at him, curious to hear his reaction.

He nodded, “It would be like me losing my telepathic and empathic abilities.  I would be blind to everyone.  Almost like they have a face, which they would, but there wouldn’t be anyone there.  I don’t know what I would do.  That has always been something I have wondered about, how species with non-psychic abilities deal with things.”  He asked and stated at the same time.

"To tell you the truth, I've often asked myself how people with psychic abilities, especially empaths and telepaths, managed to deal with it on a daily basis. I mean, I know about the mental filtering that is done by the brains of psychics, but, still, it seems quite a feat that you aren't overwhelmed by the feelings and thoughts of the non-psychic people around you." She paused and looked at Cyrin. "Have you had any sort of specific training, to learn how to control and use your psychic abilities?"

Cyrin nodded, “Yes, most of us come into our psychic abilities at the onset of adolescence.  There are a few rare people who have it the day they are born, and they are typically very vulnerable to any type of thought.  As I am a hybrid of human and betazoid, I only have empathic abilities around no psychics, but both abilities, that is to say I become both telepathic and empathic around other psychics.  We are taught at the onset of adolescence how to control the ability, as well as to filter out unwanted to noise if you will.  Does that answer your question ma’am?” Cyrin asked. 

Tamara nodded. "It does." Then her ears perked once again and she stared at him some. "So, you can feel my emotions right at the moment? You can sense what I feel, since the beginning of our conversation?" she asked, more in curiosity than anything else. Hirumarians were known for being quite straightforward, some would even say blunt in some way, and she had nothing to hide. She was quite relaxed at the moment, and enjoying their lengthy conversation.

“Yes, though we typically don’t mention it only because it would be an invasion of your privacy, but since you are relaxed and curious at this moment, I can definitely tell that you are enjoying this conversation.”  Though some would say it was just by observation, but that would be people who did not know that Cyrin was half Betazoid.  “You also miss home.” He added just to show that he wasn’t basing it on her body language.

There was a slight pause when he mentioned that she missed home. That was definitely not something that he could have picked up by her body language, and probably not by what she said during their conversation. A very slight, barely noticeable, sigh-like mewling came out of her furry muzzle, and her ears flicked a little, while she lay back on the branch and looked at the clear blue sky, dotted with small white clouds.

"Yes, I do. My home is very far from here. Both of them, I would say, since Zetari has become my second home during the time I served there. But, I knew that the day I applied for the Academy. Mrow, travel time from Hirumaria to Earth is about 6 months. At warp, of course. I haven't been able to hug my parents or anyone from my family and friends for years now. Since I left them to go to Zetari in fact."

A hint of sadness was underlining her words as she spoke. Cyrin probably didn't knew, since Hirumarians were rarely seen outside of the sector of space, and a fairly new addition to the great family that was the Federation, but physical contact with loved ones was something very important for them, and the fact that she mentioned it showed how much she missed them. Though, he could probably pick it up by the wave of emotion that surged into her mind, now that he had mentioned it, even though she was actually doing quite a good job to not let it show on her face.

Feeling her sadness he nodded, “I didn’t know that Hirumaria was that far away.”  Was all he could say.


Ensign Cyrin Dicari
Chief Operations Officer
U.S.S. Charon


Lieutenant Commander Tamara Akasy
Chief Operations Officer
Second Officer
Starbase 204-A
Zetari Station