Monday, October 12, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.12 || Joint Duty Backlog || "Cyclicar Physics" Ens Doyle, Cdt Clipper (Part 1)

[USS Charon, sensor pod] SD240909.22 – 90Min after the second group log

This whole problem was a frustrating issue to have. They were meant to be putting their efforts into figuring what needed to be done to fix the issue affecting the pod. Not having to dedicate most of their efforts into reestablishing contact with the ship. He couldn't tell if he was angry at himself or superior. "Have you considered another way out?" Doyle's voice now sounded so mocking in his head, challenging him to do better, no not challenge, expecting, demanding even.

Sarcastic comebacks were all that had floating in his head at the time he was given that order. At the time he wanted to break out into an argument with the Ensign, however considering how frail the peace was at the time he had held his tongue at least he had that much sense at the time. So rather than trying to be productive and free thinking he had been dragging himself down a line of a much more negative and self destructive thoughts, he had let the sense of failure overtake him. That was why he was disappointed in himself.
It had been about an hour or two after their latest batch of orders and Thomas was back in the Jefferies tubes. He was laying on the floor, arms under his head keeping it comfortable and he was using the bulkhead as a footrest. He found the position as relaxing as it was unorthodox. The Cadet had looked over the schematics on the PADD he had brought from the beginning, now he was mulling them over in his mind.

The most conventional way to get around a ship were the turbolifts, failing those Jefferies tubes offered the alternative. Emergency movement of personnel around a ship was via teleporter. These three options were exhausted or unavailable. Well if they could establish communications then the teleporter could be put to the test.

Of all things it was his sarcastic remark regarding shuttles that suddenly brought on his next thought; his head shot up and almost collected himself on the bulkhead. Suddenly motivated into action he crawled his way through the tubes until he came out at his destination, the torpedo bay he immediately began searching through the large supply cabinets until he found what he was after, a grin formed on his face. It was time he spoke with Ensign Dolye Tapping his Comm badge he spoke. "Clipper to Doyle, can you come to the sensor pods Torpedo launch bay?"

Taking the Environmental suit out of the storage case he placed the helmet on the console next to him and began to don the rest of it while he waited.
Nathanial was in the middle of preforming some more scans of the 'bubble' when he got the comm from Thomas. "Roger that."
He was slightly annoyed, infact the whole situation had him slightly annoyed, but he knew if anyone had to keep thier calm during this issue it was him. He headed up to the torpedo launch bay.
The doors opened and he walked in.
The Doors opened as he locked the second glove into its seal. "Perfect timing sir." Thomas said as he made sure the seal was good. The smile which had been generated by this idea still apparent on his face as he continued. "I have an idea about getting back to the rest of the ship." He paused as he grabbed the helmet and slug it under his shoulder.
Nathanial stared at Thomas dressed in a white enviro-suit. He had to give him points for ingenuity, and with their options rapidly dwindling, he saw very little choice but to support Thomas on this call.

"Intresting idea Cadet, I want you to maintain open radio comm's the 'whole' time you are out there, is that understood?"
Putting on the helmet its internal lights illuminated his face, as the unit sealed and the regulated flow of air began. Using the integrated microphone he checked the link with his acknowledgement.
 "Of course."
 he made his way over to the Launch tube's access panel as he continued. "I'll need some help accessing the lunch tube, after getting me in you'll need to seal me into the airlock before opening the outer hatch, please don't forget to de-pressurise it before opening the outer hatch." He began working on the latches of the hatch to grant him access to the tube. He would have to crawl for a section to get to the internally sealed airlock door, however considering how much time he had spent in the tubes today it was nothing new.
Nathanial watched Thomas enter the hatch. He sealed the latches once he had entered and headed over to the pressure control station. "Ready when you are Thomas" he said over the comm.

"Ok I'm ready at this end." Facing head first towards the tubes exit he waited for the hatch in front of him to open.
Nathanial entered the sequence and de-pressurised the tubes. The systems all showed green. He turned to face the panel that opened the outer doors. He was slightly worried, after all you don't normally send out a man to space walk for a routine sensor pod diagnostic, but this was turning out to be slightly more than routine.
"Here we go" he said over the comm while pressing the pod door actuator.
[To be continued]
Ensign Nathanial Doyle
Chief Science Officer
USS Charon

Cadet Thomas Clipper
Assistant Science Officer
USS Charon