Friday, October 16, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.16 - Duty & Awards Log (#2) - Captain Shiarrael Rehu

<<This log also contains the other bit of IC Awards from the Maker's Heart Plot>>

[USS Charon, Captain's Ready Room]

"There will be no further need for their incarceration."  Shiarrael looked at her yeoman who was busy jotting down the notes on a PADD "the Klingons and Romulans involved in the altercation shall be released from the brig on their own recognizance.  Instead they will find themselves with new quarters.  I have ordered the ship's quartermaster to see to it that the offenders find themselves now residing with their altercating counterparts." 

The yeoman stopped typing and looked up "you're rooming the Klingons and Romulans together?"  The young man's jaw nearly dropped.

Shiarrael tossed him a threatening glare "why are you talking?"  She said pointing at the PADD "keep typing."

"Uh, sorry."  The yeoman blushed slightly and finished typing "I got it.  I'll take it down to security for you ma'am."

"I'm not finished."  Shiarrael said smirking "however due to the damage they have caused.  Those involved in the altercations will be forbidden from using this ship's recreational facilities for the next four months.  Instead they will report to group therapy conducted by the counseling department."  She could just see the expressions on the faces of the Klingons and Romulans when they learned this news.  It was truly clever on her part- hard labor is torturous for those with soft hands like Ian Lamont.  For Klingons and her own ilk- this was equally torturous.  "For those who cannot follow through- they will face indefinite confinement in the Brig.  Do you have it all?"  She finished and looked at her yeoman.

"Yes ma'am.  Shall I go deliver it to security?"  He asked.

"Please do."  Shiarrael dismissed the young man who quickly made his way out with PADD in hand.  She chuckled quietly to herself and stood up.  The windows of her ready room were filled with the incandescent streaks of passing stars.  Making her way to the window she pressed her palms against the frame and leaned forward- for a second she fooled herself into believing she was simply floating amidst the endlessness of space but the illusion was short.  Stepping away from the window she sighed, her spirits in much better shape than they had been, but she was still rather malcontent.  Of course the majority of the crew might define her as being a continuous malcontent.  Walking up the replicator she asked for a large glass of raktejino and returned to the desk settling back into her chair.  Stars aside there were other issues she needed to deal with- there were always issues it seemed.  Perhaps that was the one true thing being a Riov in the Galae and a Captain in Starfleet had in common.  She picked up a PADD but quickly set it back down when her commbadge chirped.

"Captain, we just received a data burst from Starfleet."

Shiarrael tapped her commbadge "relay it to my computer terminal."  She slid a finger to the screen's panel on her desk and activated it.  From within her desk an almost paper thin screen rose and illuminated.

"Understood ma'am sending the information to your terminal now."

"Thank you."  Shiarrael replied.  The rotating Federation symbol was replaced by a document titled: from Starfleet Command.  The following lines read as: for your dedication to duty and selflessness in a critical and difficult situation we hereby agree to award the following…

To the entire crew of the USS Charon, Beta Fleet Command has recognized you successful first contact with the Lyrillian species through a tenuous situation and awards the crew the Eclipse Award.

To Commander Dylan Marcus we hereby present you with the Golden Shield.

To Lieutenant Commander Quentin Calhoun we present you with the Kelly Award for Technical Merit and the Purple Heart for injuries you sustained in the line of duty.

To Lieutenant Commander Ch'Tan Foster we present you with the Purple Heart for injuries sustained in the line of duty.

To Lieutenant Elizabeth Johnson we present you with the Technical Excellence Award with Heartland Cluster.

To Ensign Galen Rufo we present you the Manhiem Award.

To Ensign Cyrin Dicari we present you the Preanteras Ribbon.

To Ambassador Ian Lamont for your dedication and…

Shiarrael casually deleted the last bit and sent it on to be distributed to the crew.  "Ambassador you are quite full of yourself as is."  She commented dryly also irritated that Starfleet failed to mention she had requested those awards.  Deciding not to dwell on the insult she stood up and made her way towards the bridge.  They were merely hours away from reaching the Yy'a nebula and she wanted to enjoy the view from her throne.


Captain Shiarrael Rehu
Commanding Officer
USS Charon