Thursday, October 22, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.21 - Duty Back Log - EnArrian Rhiana t'Khellian, Ccoms.

[IRW Verelan Vastarum, Bridge. 30 years ago]
The warship rocked under the barrage of the Federation's phasor fire and Rhiana held onto her mini throne beside the Leith of the vessel. She looked over at the Galae officer as he leaned back in his chair growling in raged."This Federation captian is trying my patience, We are the supperior foe yet he still attacks..HOW! HOW CAN HE KNOW WHERE TO HIT US!?" the irate erie'Riov demanded to the entire bridge crew.
Rhiana shook her head,"Perhaps someone has tipped them off onto this class of ship's weaknesses?" she said with a slight smirk as the ship buffered again under the hit of a photo torpedo. The erie'Riov lept from his throne and dashed over toward the weapons control.Kicking the young officer who was at the station to the floor the erie'Riov slid into the now vacent chair.
"Since you can't seem to hit the ship I will show you how it is done!" he growled and furiously pounded on the controls sending a concentrated burst of Disuptor fire into the Federation's Engineering section. The blue aura of the shields flickered visabliy as the weapons found their marks."You see you incompitant fool they can be hit!" he said as the Verelan turned and swooped away for another pass.
"I wouldn't want to tell the noble Galae their jobs Rekkhai but isn't that manuver you are doing exposeing are already weakened dorsal shield?" Rhiana asked curiously as the ship turned and contenued to move around the flank of the Federation ship.The erie'Riov turned and looked at Rhiana distainfully.
"I wouldn't expect a member of the Tal'Shiar to understand battle tactics EnArrian t'Khellian. You may be a compitant Political Officer but as a ships commander you are merely a babe compared to me. In battle one must take risks, and this will lull the Federation captian into a false sense of hope when he see's our exposded side. Then we will finish him as he comes to take us."He said mockingly superior.
His tone quickly changed as a Photon torpedo ripped into their weakened Dorsal shield sending cascadeing power failures all over the ship and warning klaxons stateing the had a hull breach. Rhiana held onto her chair as many of the bridge staff were thrown from their stations at the impact of the torpedo.
The erie'Riov picked himself up off the floor his forehead cut and green blood trickled down past his left eye."Damage Report!" he bellowed as he retook the tactical station. The Cheif Engineer looked back at the bloodied leader of the vessel."Critcal damage to primary drive system, Sheilds down to two percent, Main power offline...Weapons a few short bursts Rekkhai..."
The Arrian at the navigation station looked over at the erie'Riov. His young face was set in stone and with his neck held high he said, "Then we have only one more duty Rekkahi...We shall not be taken prisoner." The erie'Riov looked across at the boy and shook his head, "We are not defeated yet Arrian I still have one more trick up my sleeve." he said with a wiliy grin.
Rhiana watched as the Federation Vessel closed in on the and begain to offer conditions of surrender and to evacuate their vessel. She stood up and moved across the floor to the Leith"Take their officer Rekkhai." she said flatly and to the surprize of everyone on the bridge, seriously.
The erie'Riov blinked in disbelief and turned in his seat. "WHAT?! Even the Tal'Shiar can't be that foolish. We would never give ourselves up willingly to these fools. Did you hit your head when we were damaged?" he demanded incrediably truely not believeing what he was hearing.
Rhiana smirked and shook her head,"Obviously the Galae hasn't taught you combat tactics Rekkhai. To beam our wounded over they will have to lower their shields. Accept their offer of aid to beam us aboard and when their shields go down hit them with the remaining Distruptor banks and the final torpeodo we have left, Target their Bridge and Engineering sections simutainously and we may yet win this dispite your incomptance." she stated flatly.
The commander glared at the Political officer but nodded to his Communications officer."Send the surrender...lets see if the Tal'Shiar is right...Upon the lowering of both our shields fire everything we have at them." he said coldly hatred burning in his eyes for the arrogent Rhiana.
Shortly after the message was sent both the Verelan Vastarum and the Federation's shields were lowered and the Rekkhai shouted,"FIRE!" nearly at once. On the cracked View screen the weapons impacts were visable directly on their unprotected bridge and their engineering section. The Disruptors cut into the hull of the Federation vessel like a hot knife through butter and the last remaining torpedo slammed into the ship's engineering section with devistating effect. Moments later the Federation vessels outer hull begain to explode.
Rhiana looked over at the Navigation officer and placed a hand on his shoulder."Best possiable speed away from that ship, It's warpcore is about to breach." she said calmly as the opposeing Vessel begain to come apart.
With all the damaged they had suffered from the erie'Riov's incompitance they wouldn't survive a close proximity explosion and the Arrian knew it. The Engineer cut away every last bit of power from everything inculdeing the artifical gravity to pump up their engine output and they managed to squeek away at warp one just as the Federation vessel exploded in a massive ball of shrapnal in every direction.
Rhiana looked at the erie'Riov and scowled. "For gross negligence and incompitance in a combat situation I hearby relieve you of your command and place you underarrest for daraliction of duty."she said coldly to him. The Captain surged from his seat and his hand went to his disruptor.
"Over my dead body Tal'Shiar slime." he growled at her knowing his crew would rally to his side. Only they didn't budge and just stared at the sceen unfolding between the two officers. He looked over at his people and then back at Rhiana narrowing his eyes.
Rhiana didn't waste time and pulled her disruptor just at the same time he did but she managed to fire a fraction of a second before he did sending him into a painful howl as his body was disentigrated painfully from her modified type seven weapon. "Good I was hoping you would see things my way." she said to the scattering ashes.
She looked over at the RS of the ship and quarked an eyebrow."EnArrian..You now have command...I would advise you to use it more wisely." she said to the young woman and moved back to her own throne and took her place once more.
The young EnArrian of the Galae gulped and took the command station and looked at the Navigator."Set course for the nearest Starbase..We need repairs." she said flatly as if she were still in a state of shock, but she knew better then to displease the Tal'Shiar.
Rhiana smiled as the order was complied and leanded back watching the sceen, all and all a fine day for the Empire.
/\ End Log /\
EnArrian Rhiana t'Khellian
Chief of Communications
USS Charon.

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