Friday, October 16, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.16 || Joint Duty Log || EnArrain Rhiana t'Khellian, Lt. Sakarra Tyrax

[USS Charon, Deck 8 - Shuttle Bay]
Leaning back in the Santa Fe's pilot seat, Sakarra tapped her long, slender fingers against the console. Three simulations, each with the same results.
She would need not only a communications expert, but one that could come up with an ... innovative approach. And the first name that fit the parameters she'd been feeding the ship's computer was that of the former Chief of Operations.
Well, imminently logical.
"Lieutenant Sakarra to enArrain t'Khellian. Your presence is required in the shuttle bay. Please report to the Santa Fe."
[USS Charon, Crew Quarters]
Rhiana had just finished her little sparing session with the Chief Tactical officer and was utterly fit to be tied. Her Vrelnec had been damaged by the brute and the foul creature had even managed to bloody her lip. She was in the middle a long chain of Rihannsu sware words when the call came over the coms to her. She took a moment to take the first utterly profane response she was going to use and change it into a carefully concealed polite response. "Acknowledged Lieutenant I am on my way." she had finely managed.
[USS Charon, Deck 8 - Shuttle bay, A short time later]
Rhiana stepped into the shuttle bay after having made sure the bleeding was stopped. Of course she hadn't time to go to the sickbay to get the cut repaired so she did it the old fashioned way, Good ole applied pressure. It had left a nicely discolored section on her otherwise flawless red lips. She straightened her sash and moved up toward the Santa Fe shuttle. She had no idea the name's significance but she assumed it must be important to the terrans.
"Lieutenant Sakarra, Are you there?" she asked as she stepped up onto the Shuttles lowered ramp.

The young woman turned in her seat to see a mildly … ruffled looking enArrain on the ramp. This truly seemed to become some type of pattern.
She pointedly refrained from quirking a brow and gestured towards the seat next to her.
"If your time permits, enArrain, I would require a qualified officer's opinion on this."
A light touch on the panel produced a low hum and then a representation of the nebula they were heading for. Due to the live feed from Charon's powerful sensors, the display was extraordinarily detailed and showed the green-yellow fringes in all their splendor.
After a few seconds, blue transparent blotches appeared in the vicinity of the nebula, or rather the part which could be seen from their current position. Much to the young Vulcan's dismay, there was little more than static after the first 170 000 kilometers.
"The scans reveal thus far unidentifiable distortions which would severely interfere with communications. Every simulation this far has led to the result of complete comm blackout between Charon and the shuttles, should we proceed with the nebula survey as planned."
Rhiana moved up and took the afor mentioned seat beside the young Vulcan girl and transferred the readout to her station looking over the distortions and also a make up of the Nebula's gasses. As she was reading the information she glanced over at the Lieutenant once more and asked professionally, "Have you attempted to boost the Communications array through the main sensor pallets? With their extended power we could boost the operational performance of the subspace relays with a little effort and care."
This time, Sakarra could not stop her brow from climbing by 0.7 centimeters.
"The thought had occurred, enArrain. However,…"
Anther touch on the display showed the modifications proposed by engineering and then Sakarra's own careful attempts at fine-tuning the relays. None of which rendered acceptable results. Some improvement, certainly. But nothing that satisfied Sakarra to the point that she would send her pilots stumbling half-blind and deaf into that nebula.
"As you can see, it is insufficient."
Sakarra was not certain if the Rihanha who now intently studied the readouts was simply trying to be thorough or thought a pilot had no idea how a comm system worked.
Rhiana nodded and noticed the brow raise on the Vulcan's forehead but returned to the read out. "Well I was sure you had already tried to obvious Lieutenant but I thought I would be sure." she said with a slight smile on her busted lip and then returned to the task at hand.
"Well if the Charon can not lend her sensor pallets to the shuttles..hmmm....", She tapped her chin a moment and tilted her head. "We could perhaps install additional subspace anttena on the shuttles. If their receivers are amplified it could perhaps cut through the static." she said and waited to see if they had tried that as of yet.
Nodding slightly in approval, Sakarra pointed to the schematics she had requested from engineering.
"That was my thought as well. Unfortunately, while I was able to devise an algorithm which might amplify the signal and counteract the interference, the practical application has proven rather difficult."
A stand of her tightly braided and coiled hair had come loose yet again - sticking one's upper body into access hatches tended to have that effect - and the young woman briefly canted her head before tucking the black curls behind her ear.
"The antennae are not designed to handle the signal load required, and even if they could be modified to that end, the shuttles would have insufficient power."
Rhiana watched the young Vulcan girl flip her head back and actually noted how striking she was though she could tell her features were not as gaunt as a full Vulcan's would be, still she was a fetching young girl. She shook her head a moment and went back to work. "Hmm...Yes the power output of the shuttle craft are inadequate. " she pondered futher for a moment and then tilted her head. "Tell me Lieutenant are you familar with the Romulan fighter craft designated as the scorpion by the Federation? If we could modify their power intermix ratio to match that the power problem could be circumvented." she said and begain to punch in the readouts for their fighter's power out put. But not its weapons or shielding capasities.
"I am familiar with the craft, yes."
Her curiosity in full force, Sakarra leaned forward to study the information that began to scroll rapidly across the screen.
As a Starfleet officer, she had to appreciate the speed and efficiency with which the enArrain was tackling the problem - here she went modifying the power output to suit a Federation shuttle with a precision that the staunchest Vulcan could not fault - but as a pilot, she could not help but admire the elegance of the fighter's design.
The power output reminded her of the D'Vahl, only this was a larger craft and needed to balance greater amounts … hm, truly extraordinary.
"If I may?"
Sakarra looked over the Santa Fe's specs on the screen with a practiced eye and pointed towards the starboard EPS relays. "These can withstand 108.6% of capacity without a drop in efficiency. If we reroute any unforeseen spikes through this junction … I believe it will work."
A chirp and blinking lights from the computer confirmed that the entered specs would render the desired results and the young Vulcan looked up at the woman next to her.
Slowly and in the most polite way, she tipped her head in appreciation.
"A most ingenious solution, enArrain t'Khellian."

Smiled over at the young Lieutenant and leaned back in the shuttles chair. "Sometimes one only needs a fresh approach to a complex problem, I'm sure you would have figured it out on your own given the time on it. After all your ideas and mine had already meshed for the first two theories." she said softly and reached up rubbing her jaw. At least she didn't have a huge Klingon footprint on her face. "Our peoples have always been quite efficient at problem solving wouldn't you agree?" she laughed a little and stood back up offering her hand to the younger woman as she had seen the humans do on many occasions.
For just a second, Sakarra blinked. What a highly unusual gesture.
"So they have." She said levelly.
Very carefully, the young Vulcan reached out and placed her hand lightly against that of the elegant Rihanha who held on to it for just the fraction of a second and then pivoted around with a brief nod of farewell before striding out of the shuttle.
Well, that had been … different.
Quirking a mildly puzzled brow, Sakarra returned her attention to the shuttle.

[End Log]

EnArrian Rhiana t'Khellian
Chief Communications Officer.
Lieutenant Sakarra Tyrax
Chief Helm Officer
USS Charon