Monday, October 19, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.19 | JL Between LtCmdr Calhoun and Lt Xavier | CEO and AEO

D'Vana stretched as she walked into engineering. It had been sometime since she had been in a fight like that. To be honest she's gotten a bit rusty since she left the Atlantia. She thought she should report into the chief. She wasn't sure if anyone had told her about how she had been asked to help with the Klingon-Romulan situation in the cargo bay and how it had actually resulted in another fight...

She walked towards the CEO's office and knocked on the side of the door as she looked in at Calhoun. She didn't know the man very well but she did know that lately any smile he gave was almost always forced at the moment. She had heard from some of the officers that he had been an easy going guy. A lot of them were questioning that now with his triple shifts, though they still thought he was a decent guy, they just wondered if something was wrong.


Quentin had finally finished his paperwork and had received a memo he had been awarded the Purple Heart and the Kelly award. The box now sat on his desk and he couldn't quite bear to open it. The Purple Heart was awarded to those injured in the line of duty. Looking at it felt like an omen, a constant reminder of the torture he was now to suffer. Looking up he noticed the new engineer walk into his office and with a quick swoop he dropped the award box into a drawer and cleared his throat. "How can I help?" he said looking up to her.


"I didn't know if anyone told you I would be helping out with the Klingon situation in the cargo bay, or if I should report to you on what happened in the Gym?" She asked with a small smile.


"I wasn't aware of a Klingon situation in the cargo bay" he commented and then became somewhat intrigued. "What did happen in the gym?" Quentin asked her.


"Well when I got there, the incident was already in full swing. I was expecting to settle this verbally, not with another fight, however that was not the case." D'Vana started to reiterate what had happened in the gym between the Klingons and the Romulans. With Dylan Marcus getting aid from his 'Alice'. Not to mention Sakarra's date with the pool table that end with her being injured. "We did manage to get things under control, but not after damage was done to all." She said with a wince...


"More work for engineering to deal with then… I was going to cancel the triple shifts but you've reignited my belief its necessary if the Klingons and Romulans cant get along and want to bust up the ship" he said flatly. "Oh, speaking of building relationships…" Quentin started with a sly grin "I've assigned you to help Rhiana t'Khellian rebuild the shuttlecraft. You'll be working in extreme close proximity and I expect you do so with an officers professionalism. This means any and all rivalries between your two peoples set aside. You're all Starfleet officers; hopefully both sides will realise this when they see the two of you working so well together" he explained.


"I have nothing against Romulans. Don't really know them well enough to hold the same rivalries as most Klingons do. Or really even humans. I will try though to be as professional as possible and hopefully, 'if' we work as well together as you hope, it will help defuse the situation between the Klingons and the Romulans. Though it's a strong feud." D'Vana said with another wince not sure if either the triple shifts or the situation between Rommies and Klingons can be resolved so easily...

"I'm glad you take a more mature approach to the situation. I will not tolerate Xenophobia in my department and anyone found to be par-taking will be punished accordingly without something so trivial and menial that by the time their done they'll start hating Xenexian's even more" Quentin said smiling. "Thank you for being willing to try Lieutenant, hopefully the engineers can set the better example of what it means to wear that uniform" he added. Handing her PADD with all the information on he added "did you have any questions?"

"Just one: is she serious about 04:00 hours?" D'Vana asked arching an elegant brow at her chief...

Quentin smiled "Incredibly" he said. "Which means that you're relieved of duty until 0400 hours, I suggest you get some rest – it will be an incredibly long day" he quipped.

"And that's my cue to head back to my quarters and get that rest." D'Vana said with a smile though waited to be dismissed...


"Dismissed Lieutenant" Quentin concluded as he watched her exit the office before resuming work at his console.


Lieutenant Commander Quentin Calhoun

Chief Engineer
USS Charon




Lieutenant D'Vana Xavier

Assistant Engineer

USS Charon