Tuesday, October 27, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.27 - Memento Mori Teaser #4

[Unknown Planet]

"They're gone!"  tr'Gamigaen sprinted out from his hiding place and made his way back to the old damaged bomber.  Two other Rihannsu ran out with him.  Night had fallen and the sky was now aglow with amber and emerald lights that stretched off through the horizon like an unending aurora "we have to hurry before they return."

"Do you think this will accomplish something other than bring those demons back to finish us?"  t'Aneirha looked disdainfully at the hollowed out bomber.

"Does it matter?"  tr'Llaiir said "they will come to finish us either way- perhaps if the elements are willing someone else will hear our plea."

"Elements willing?"  Tr'Gamigaen spat "damn the elements to hell.  I will rely on my ability and the spirit of my dead wife rather than the wicked elements you prescribe to."  He reached over and slid the power pack in.  Slowly some of consoles lit up as the bomber's working systems fed off the power pack "if we use the deflector dish perhaps we can amplify the signal enough to be heard."

"You shouldn't speak ill of the elements!"  tr'Llaiir cautioned but said little else as he watched tr'Gamigaen work.

T'Aneirha slid into one of the seats and looked over the console "most of the systems are damaged like you expected but the communication system is still operable- if you can enhance the signal through the deflector dish perhaps you may be able to get it beyond Yy'a."

"Wait."  Llaiir sat up and poked his head into the bomber's cabin "what about the relay that was put up when the colony first arrived?"

"It hasn't been operable for a long…" t'Aneirha paused and looked at tr'Gamigaen "the subspace communication uplink to Romulus was never working but I believe the relay's other systems were operable- if we can get our signal to it perhaps we will not need to enhance the signal."

Tr'Gamigaen nodded "the relay will act as a distress beacon."

"Yes and if those demons return they will find it difficult to trace the signal's origin to us." T'Aneirha smiled for the first time in months "can you do it?"

"I believe so."  Tr'Gamigaen slid into an adjacent console and brought up the communication systems "I will try to contact the relay.  They may have destroyed it."  Several quiet minutes passed as he worked but finally there was a reply from the relay "it is operable." 

Tr'Llaiir shouted in glee causing both tr'Gamigaen and t'Aneirha to glare at him.  "I have uploaded the signal to the relay and set it for repeating transmission."

"Good, let us go.  Elements willing someone will hear this."  T'Aneirha stood up and exited the shuttle along with the others.

[IRW Knvuk]

"The device is loaded."

Tr'Zadul nodded and made his way to the command throne "where are we going?"  He looked at Terrh who was standing next to the chair.

"These coordinates."  He handed an ISD to Zadul.

Studying the location Zadul grimaced "this is where that Federation ship was…"

"Is there a problem?"  Terrh looked at Zadul.

"No."  Zadul looked at his pilot "set a course to these-"

"My lord we are receiving a distress signal- from the planet we took the specimens from."

Terrh stepped forward "what?  How could you let this happen?"  He turned and glared at Zadul "you fool!"  He pulled out his disruptor and vaporized tr'Zadul before the Romulan could react.  Sitting down in the command throne where Zadul had just been Terrh glared at the bridge crew "it would be wise for you to listen to me and avoid a much worse fate.  Set a course for the planet, we must clean up this mess before we proceed further."

[IRW Endless Sky]

"Vaek'Riov."  Tr'Kenerin looked up from the communications station "we are receiving a distress signal- from a planet near the Yy'a nebula."

"Distress signal?"  Vaek'Riov Itsak tr'Sahen sat up intrigued "what settlement is located there?"

"Unknown."  Tr'Huljan said "I do not remember hearing about a settlement in that region."

"Is this signal legitimate?"  Sahen asked.

Tr'Kenerin nodded his head "undoubtedly it is a real signal."

"How long will it take us to reach them?"  tr'Huljan asked the ship's pilot.

T'Jamae looked up "two days- unless you wish to go through Yy'a?"  She smirked.

"That is out of the question.  Set a course, best speed."  Sahen said.

[USS Charon]

Shrishnar watched the view screen as the first set of shuttles made their way towards the nebula.  He hoped Ch'Tan would return to duty soon- even though the role had been quiet the past few months the Andorian hated running the tactical department.  Heat was not on the list of things Andorians' enjoyed and the heat that came from the Captain could melt half of Andoria. 

"Shuttles are on course."  He heard someone say.   There was then short conversation on the bridge but Shrishnar didn't pay any attention to it.  The tactical console began beeping.