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[USS Charon] SD 240910.11 || Joint Personal Log || LtCmdr Foster & Lt Xavier‏ (Part 2)

=/\= Holodeck Two, USS Charon =/\=


"Well I know for a fact he wasn't a Romulan, ears weren't pointy enough," Ch'tan laughed as he stepped towards the door, "My attacker was Human, very much so," he added as the doors slid open, "Computer, exit program,"


The program started shutting down and the training arena was replaced by the holoemitters, Ch'tan stepped out into the corridor, closely followed by D'Vana and Kulg'Rek.

"I think..." he said, pausing to add to the tension, "That we should have something to eat, i'm starving," he laughed as he turned down the corridor and headed off to the turbolift.

D'Vana followed shocked. "Wait did you just say your attacker was human? well with that information wouldn't it be easier to smooth over the problem between klingons and the romulans?" She asked curiously.

"Possibly," Rumbled Ch'tan as he stepped into the turbolift and waited for the other two to step in, "The Romulans still wont be happy... they'll think he did a sloppy job by not finishing me off, the Klingons will see the error of their ways," he added with a predatory grin, "They want to act like Klingons, we'll treat them like Klingons,"

"Wait are the romulans fr om 107 years ago as well?" D'Vana asked feeling the starts of a headache wondering what she had gotten herself into again... she wasn't a diplomatic type. she didn't like politics she liked damage she can repair and she liked breaking a few bones...

"Nope, the Romulans are from our time, theyre just... well... Romulan," Ch'tan chuckled, "Crew Mess," he added with a large smile, "This is a joint exploration mission, thats why theyre here,"

"You don't think the romulans will try to finish what the human started do you?" She growled wondering if that was why Ch'Tan was training so hard, he wouldn't want to be taken unawares again. "Next time you train let me do it with you?" She asked him knowing she'd need to get stronger as well...

"They wont, but only because they are afraid of Captain t'Rehu," the younger Klingon chuckled as he lift started to move, "However we cannot take any chances, you are always welcome to train with me, you were just busy this tim e," he added with a laugh as the lift came to a halt, the two heavily armed Klingons and D'Vana stepped out onto the deck and headed towards the mess.

"All you have to do is call love and I'll take my break to train with you." She grinned. "Lieutenant Sakarra Tyrax wants me to your Liason in Ch'Tan's place until he's on his feet." D'Vana said looking to the elder Klingon to see if he had a problem with that...

=/\= Crew Mess, USS Charon =/\=

"I believe that my men would accept that," Kulg'Rek rumbled in reply as they strode down the corridor, "They will only trust you if you appear strong, but I can help with that, they will listen to me," he added with a smile as the three rounded a corner and stepped through the doors of the crew mess.

"I'm stronger then I look, but any help would be appreciated." She said honored that the older Klingon would aid her at all. "I went looking for Ch'Tan in order to ask how he would deal with the situation, I was however distracted by his training..." she said to growl at Ch'Tan though she knew and understood he had to train to get his strength back...

"Well we cannot deal with it the way a normal Klingon would, we're not allowed to kill," Ch'tan chuckled again as they moved to a table and took of their weapons to place them on the spare chair, "We just have to explain their position on the ship and point out that if they dont like it, we can shove them in a torpedo casing and send them to Qo'Nos on their own," he added with a laugh that drew odd looks from some of the others in the mess.

She smirked knowing that some found his humor odd. "and if that doesn't work?" She asked curiously, "I'll only break a few noses if push comes to shove, I find it too fun." She said with a slight smile...

"If that doesnt work , then we let Kulg'Rek discipline his men as he sees fit while we look the other way, afterall, we are Starfleet Officers," Ch'tan replied with a wink as the holowaiter came over to the table, "Do you have any fresh Klingon food left?" he asked quickly.

The waiter nodded with a smile that never faded, "We have Gagh, but that is all Commander and I regret to inform you that it is infact half dead, we are finding it hard to get in more fresh so until we reach a Federation facility, we will have to replicate it once this batch is gone,"

"I think letting Kulg'Rek discipline his men his way if nothing else works is a plan I can live with." She said nodding to the other klingon. "Half dead?" She asked not sure she wanted her Gagh half dead...

"Bring the best of what you have left and some bloodwine, I know we have plenty of that left," Ch'tan barked at the waiter, "and replicate a heart of targ, we might as well have something while we're here," he added as he looked around the table and saw no objections.

D'Vana had none, her father may have raised her, but she did know her klingon heritage from visiting her uncle and grandparents who were Klingon. she could eat as much as either her uncle or her grandfather, both big strong warriors.

(To Be Continued...)

Lieutenant Commander Ch'tan Foster
Chief Tactical Officer


Lieutenant D'Vana Xavier
Assistant Engineering Officer

USS Charon

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