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[USS Charon] SD240910.14 - Joint BackLog "Just a scuffle" Part II || Commander Dylan Marcus, Lieutenant Sakarra Tyrax, Lieutenant D'Vana Xavier & Farein M'Narth tr'Lhoell

<<taking place just a wee bit before Charon leaves Lyrilla>>
[USS Charon, deck 6, gym]
Dylan could see this was not getting any better. "Alice, a little help here if you please." He said.
[Certainly Commander] she said as she appeared a few steps from him. even as she spoke the fighting seemed to die down. In fact several of the combatants were now kneeling on the deck, while others were on their backs.
[I have increased the gravity in this location several times standard. If you cease hostilities now, I will restore it to normal levels] she stated.
M'Narth was trying to control the one Romulan that he had but that was not going to well, so he hit him to knock him out and turned his attention to the other Romulans and drew his Pistol and shoot non damaging shoot into the air. M'Narth seeing that it was hard for his human crewmembers to stand and knowing that he was stronger then they were.

Dylan shot M'Narth a cold look. Clearly no one had briefed the man on proper weapon protocols aboard ship. Then he realized that that would have been his responsibility. He had been so use to working with StarFleet guards and even Romulan Fleet Officers that had already known the ships procedures, he had not thought about it.
Having seen at least the Romulan M'Narth was struggling with step back, he conceded that it was at least partially effective. "Farien, Remind me to instruct you on proper weapon use protocols when this is over!"
Marcus said as he was struggling with a now very aggressive Kulg'Rek. The larger Klingon was slower but still moving relatively well. Marcus on the other hand was finding it harder to stand due to the increased gravity. He thought to himself that the plan sounded better 'on paper'.
M'Narth looked at Commander Marcus in a puzzled looked and remembered he fired his pistol off. "Very well Commander and you might want to duck right about now." With that M'Narth put his pistol away and charged the Klingon with all his might as he was still a bit off because of the grav being increased. M'Narth was able to hit the Klingon with his shoulder and as the Klingon was knocked back he threw his arms up and M'Narth grabbed one and flipped him and broke his arm and M'Narth placed his foot on the Klingon's throat to hold him down.
Dylan ducked out of the way and looked over to M'Narth. He had not noticed Kulg'Rek about to counter attack, as he was distracted with the Farien. "It seems I owe you one." he said. He also felt for The Klingon. He was not going to like this in the morning.
D'Vana moved quickly tripping a Romulan about to attack Kulg'Rex grimacing as he fell face first into the deck and was surprised when he didn't get up again. she smiled at Kulg'Rex barely sidestepping another attack from the same Romulan that she had thought wouldn't be getting back up. Scowling she punched him right acrossed the jaw. this time he spun and fell and wasn't going to get back up until he woke up...

At first, the increased tug of gravity had actually felt rather… comfortable. But as it increased to twice of what even a Vulcan might consider normal, Sakarra let out a soft exhale, a clear sign of minor exasperation.
Alice was reacting logically within her program's parameters. Yet someone might wish to add the distinctive attributes of Romulans and Klingons to her programming. Starting with physical strength and then moving on to the effects of 'couldn't care less' that a good fight had on those species.
Having removed yet another vicious looking dagger from a severely displeased Klingon, the young Vulcan heard a shot being fired. Really now, was that necessary? She slammed the dagger into the deck and then quirked a brow when the entire blade disappeared in the plating, leaving only the hilt to stick out. She would have to do something about this mild irritation she was experiencing. 
The young Rihanha with the profuse nosebleed came tumbling Sakarra's way and crashed into the unconscious Klingon at her feet. Well, if that did not stun her, the overwhelming scent just might.
With a triumphant roar, a rather tall Klingon with an interesting mix of blood covering his tattered clothes came after his downed opponent, only to feel something impacting his side with a rib-bruising force before he stumbled over something really small. Small, pointy eared… wearing the wrong uniform. Starfleeter.
Just as the information "Damn Vulcan" flashed at the back of his mind, he slammed into a bulkhead and sank into velvety darkness.
Wrinkling her nose ever so slightly, Sakarra ducked under a large piece of ping-pong table being thrown in her general direction. With the gravity the way it was, this would not get far. No need to ... oh well, this was not good.
Just off to her left, a large pool of dark red blood appeared under a heap of two Klingons and one Romulan, all of them quite 'out of it' from the look of things.
As gently as she could, the young Vulcan nudged the large Klingon female off the two males and saw the source of the trouble. A piece of metal, apparently from one of the exercise bikes, lodged in the tall warrior's shoulder. Logical to assume that medical teams had already been summoned, but, … 
It was a good thing not all of Sakarra's senses had been focused on stopping the bleeding, at least temporarily. Crouched next to the injured male, she felt the displacement of air just in time to relax before a very angry Klingon fell backwards, having received a blow that sent him flying for 1.3 meters before crashing into a small Vulcan.
Ah, just splendid. Ow.
Stuck between two rather big and, yes, heavy, thank you very much, Klingons, Sakarra attempted to breathe. Something was stuck in her side, right under the lowest rib. Rather large, and quite painfully, too.
As a pool of emerald liquid began to mingle with the red on the deck plating, Sakarra remembered the feeling of splintered wood and bit her lip to stop the most inappropriate chuckle wanting to emerge.
Of all the things, it had to be another Klingon and another destroyed wooden table. Talk about irony.

Dylan had had enough. He mustered every last bit of lung power and shouted as loud as he could. "Attention On Deck!" Most of the remaining combatants stopped and turned to him. The only other two who had not were a Klingon and a Romulan still grappling. Marcus walked up and slammed the palm of his hand into the Klingon's chin, and an elbow into his mid section; sending him to the floor. "I have had enough! what is this? Monday morning on the Ferengi stock market?" He tapped his comm badge. "Marcus to security. Send 2 teams of guards to the mess hall to arrest the lot, NOW!" There were days that he actually missed Being a Lieutenant. He walked over to Sakarra. "You alright Lieutenant?" He asked.
"I'm afraid the answer to that is no, Commander. Although I am rather pleased to report that I managed to stop …" she tried to turn and identify the Klingon she had tended to and realized that moving might not be wise at this moment "stop this gentleman's bleeding before my unfortunate encounter with… something. Presumably what is left of the ping-pong table. However, I would be gratified if someone could remove this other… gentleman. The pressure he is exerting on the wood is becoming quite bothersome."
D'Vana moved to help the 'gentleman' as she put it away so that the pressure he was exerting on the wound would become less 'bothersome' to the smaller though strong Vulcan who she had seen kick some serious ass herself...
M'Narth looked over the destruction of the Gym and all the blood from the combatants and he was still amazed that he was not hurt in anyway then he was also fresh out of Rei'Krannsu Academy and he had been trained since birth to be a Romulan Special Forces Soldier for the Glory of the Empire by his father and his grandfather. "Commander I believe we need medical teams on the double unless Alice is going to transport them to sickbay and have security meet them there? Sir" M'Narth just looked at the Commander and keeping his hand now on his Pistol to make sure nothing else was going to be happening.
Dylan nodded as he tapped his comm badge again. "Marcus to sickbay, I need medical teams to the mess hall now. We have several injured."

[End Log]
Commander Dylan Marcus
Chief Security Officer
Lieutenant D'Vana Xavier
Assistant Engineer
Lieutenant Sakarra Tyrax
Chief Helm Officer
Farien M'Narth i'Ramnau tr'Lhoell
Bodyguard, Rei'Krannsu
USS Charon