Wednesday, October 14, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.14 Duty log MCAPT Harry Tatlock Assistant security officer

=/\= Officers lounge =/\=
Harry was taking it easy, reading a copy of the ships orders, he noticed that every crew member had to have a physical this also entailed getting any required shots too.
Tatlock hated doctors and shots even more.
but orders were orders so he had to comply.
He was still in the officers lounge enjoying a few hours break, he had with him some Carpathian cigars but noticed no-one else was around, maybe the bad habit was banned on this ship,or even there was a secret place that people went to, he would have to ask .
The standing orders book was very intresting, Tatlock would have to get hold of a copy , this book was a valuable asset to have as it contained a ton of information
Harry went back to his drink, it was a soft drink of grenadine juice and a soda called half and half with ice, it was a cool and refreshing drink there wasnt a name for it so Harry thought to name it after the book he was reading 'the standing order' Harry smiled as he thought of that name.
Back to studying Harry thought. He would have to visit the sickbay to get his stuff done there but it was a turn up and wait appointment, Harry thought that was just fine.
He ordered another of his newly named 'Standing order drinks ' and continued reading.

From The Tatlocks:)

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