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[USS Charon] SD:240910.11 |Personal Backlog Part I| EnA t'Khellian | CCOMS

[t'Khellian estate,i'Ramnau, ch'Rihan] /\ 44 years ago /\
The Noble Senator Maec tr'Khellian stood above on the balcony of his beautiful estate house in the captial of the Empire surveying all that he owned. The elder senator couldn't help but smile as he saw his young daughter and the houses rianov (Weaponsmaster) dueling in the courtyard.
Rhiana stood apart her vrelnec (saber) held at mid guard across her chest as she stared over at S'tak her weapons master. "Whats wrong old man am I to fast for you now?" she taunted him with a impish smile as she spun her vrelnec around behind her and launched into a graceful and perfectly timed swing for the elder man's sword arm.
S'tak waited with perfect poise as the young eighteen year old charged him with her near liquid fluid attack. Her style and technique were flawless but over the years he had gone past flawless and achived underhanded and artful, a fact which he demostrated as he kicked out hard to her stomach and as she doubled over from the force let a large slice go across her forhead. "Oh dear that looked like it hurt my eri'hfirh. (heir to the house) This slow old man didn't hurt you to bad I hope?" he said barely breathing hard.
Rhiana picked herself up off the floor and touched her forhead where the green blood had begun to leak from the wound and scowled. "That wasn't excately fair in a duel S'tak." she said sullenly as she seathed her blade.
Maec stepped down into the arena and looked the two combatants over. "In life my daughter your enemies will not fight fair, you must use every weapon at your disposal." he said in a stern voice as he looked at the wound on his daughters forhead.
S'tak bowed low to his old friend and war buddy. "She will learn in time my old friend, I appolgize for the cut but she needed to be awoken to the realities that is life." he said as he put his saber away.
Maec smiled and clapped his friend on the shoulder. "Nothing to be sorry about my friend, It is I should appolgize for my daughters poor preformence." he said as he eyed her coolly.
S'tak shook his head softly and said, "Don't be to hard on her the Galae will put the polish on her my friend." he nodded to the girl they were speaking of and not to eventhough she was only a few feet away.
Maec nodded, "I'm sure she will. Well if you will escuse us S'tak I must take her to the fortress now for processing." he said with a smile and moved away from his old friend and over to his daughter and scowled. "Get yourself cleaned up I don't want you showing up to the academy a bloody mess."
Rhiana bowed respectfully to her father, "Of course rekkhai I won't embaressess you as I have just done." she said over her shoulder as she went to get cleaned up.
Maec smirked as he pressed the send button on his ISD, "Of that I am certin my dear." he did love her of course but he was slightly dissapointed to not have spawned a son.
[Sometime later outside the Galae fortress]
The massive complex that was the Romulan naval academy loomed like a silver spear toward the heavens as Rhiana approched it from their hovercraft. "The pictures certinly do not do it justice father." she said with true awe in her voice.
Maec nodded as he minipulated the controls of the craft. "It's one of the greatest structures on our world aside from the senate complex of course. You've had the best training money can buy my dear but that doesn't mean this wont be one of the most difficult things you have done in your young life." he said with all seriousness to her as they pulled up to the steps of the building.
Rhiana nodded as she stepped out of the cab of the hovercraft."I will remember and bring honor to our familes name father I sware by the elements." she said as she slung her bag over her shoulder and headed off toward the doorway to her new life for the next few years.
She of course never had any illusions of staying in the service and her father and mother made sure to inform her that her duty was to the senate and when her term was up she was to return to the house and become  her fathers assistent until the time when he stepped down. Rhiana thought that was what her future was going to be and not a bad future at all as she was better then most of the young Rhiannsu she passed on her way to the training grounds.
Her illusions of surperiority were quickly dashed as she and her fellow recruits were ushered in under the whip of a trained Gai'shan sargent to the changeing room and they were all forced to strip down and dress in the uniforms of a galae farin (cadet). Thoughs who were to slow getting dressed were lashed by the powered whip and bawled out to hurry up that they were making their platoon leader wait.
Rhiana managed to come away unscathed by the whip but the sense of urgency to get things done fast and accurate was brought home by the boy standing next to her who hadn't managed to get his boots on fast enough and was thrashed by the pain amplified whip beside her. The look of agony on the boys face stayed with her for many nights to come.
The meanist looking man Rhana had ever seen in her life stood at military ease on the raised platform as the recruits were lined up shoulder to shoulder standing shivering at attention before him. The eire'Riov looked down at the shivering line of new recurits and said in a cruel tone. "Welcome to the first day of the rest of your lives warriors of the empire."
[To be contenued]

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