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[USS Charon] SD 240910.15 || Joint Personal Log || LtCmdr Foster & Lt Xavier (Part 5)‏


"It is said that the spirit of a warrior resides in each song, the anthem holds the spirits of the empire, We battle forever," the older Klingon replied as he sheathed his weapons and sat on a fallen pillar.

"Had my blood on fire as well. That was a good work out." D'Vana said with a grin.


=/\= Some time later, Foster & Xavier Quarters, USS Charon =/\=

Quickly the doors to the quarters slid open and Ch'tan strode in, quickly followed by D'Vana, Kulg'Rek had left them and gone back to the cargobay to crack some skulls together, "Well, I think that was fun, we should do it again sometime," he said as he stepped over to his stands and placed his weapons back onto them, as clean as when he had taken them out.

"I think so as well." She grinned softly putting her clean mek'lets and bat'leth, both cleaned of course, away. "So how about dinner?" She asked softly remembering how he said 'after training and after dinner' their hinting fun would start...

"What would you like?" Ch'tan asked as he stripped his sweat soaked shirt off and threw it in a basket they had for the clothes, he didnt bother to put a clean one on, afterall he would just get it dirty again, he needed to have a shower, but his stomach was rumbling and the human sense of hygiene was overridden by the universal sense of hunger, "I think i'll have a pizza and garlic bread," he chuckled as he moved towards the replicator.

"Mmm make it two large and cheese sticks with the garlic bread and we have dinner." D'Vana growled and kissed him hungrily. She liked the way he smelled, he smelled of battle and the wind through grass...

"Any topping of preference?" Ch'tan asked as he wrapped an arm around D'Vana's waist and kissed her back, pulling her close to him, "I think i'll have a seafood,"

"Seafood on one Veggie meat combo on the other?" She asked with a soft smile...

"Computer, one large seafood pizza and one large veggie meat combo pizza, a large side order of garlic bread and a portion of cheese sticks," Ch'tan said before taking a step back and wai ting for the replicator to start, it would replicate the items in the order he asked for them, with a pause inbetween each to give him time to remove them.

As each item was replicated she slicked her lips and helped by moving them from him to the coffee table where she had arranged pillows for them to sit and snuggle together while they ate. "Oh and don't forget a kind of dessert." She grinned as she came back for the veggie/meat pizza...

Ch'tan let out a quick laugh as he bought the last plate over, "Lets eat this first and see, anyway, the kind of dessert I want cant be replicated," he replied with a wink as he placed the plates down, sat down next to her and kissed her hungrily.

"Mmm you sure know how to make a girl feel special." She growled and kissed him back nearly forgetting about her hunger for food. Nearly. She pulled away reaching for a slice from the veggie half of the pizza...

A light chuckle passed through Ch'tans lips as he reached down for his seafood pizza and took a big bite out of the slice, with his other hand he picked up a peice of garlic bread and shoved it in after the pizza, his cheeks bulging from the amount of food in his mouth.

D'Vana couldn't help but laugh as she saw what he did. She didn't fear he'd choke on his food, but he did look like a wild maned chipmunk. She took another bite of her pizza and reached for a cheeze stick..

"What?" Ch'tan mumbled, his mouth full of pizza and garlic bread before swallowing it and letting out a quick burp, "I'm hungry," he added as he stuck his tounge out before shoving another piece of pizza in.

"I can see that." She said laughing still as she finished off her slice. she may not be shoving it whole into her mouth but she was still taking decent size bites... she dipped the cheese stick into the marinra sause and that she did stuff into her mouth...

Slice after slice of the pizza dissappeared from Ch'tan's plate as did some of the garlic bread and a cheese stick, his appetite had certainly gr own since he left sickbay, he let out a loud burp and coughed lightly , "I think i'm about done," he said as the last slice of pizza made its way down his throat.

She agreed she was about done too she finished off the last slice that she was going to eat and couldn't help the burp that escaped her as well as she covered her mouth and giggled. Half of her veggie remained while all of the meat side had vanished. as did half of the cheese sticks she had even stolen a slice of his garlic bread before he finished it off. "Mm I agree." She grinned...

Suddenly, Ch'tan reached over, grabbed D'Vana's thigh and pulled her over so she was sat with her knees either side of his thighs, grinning back he ran one hand through her hair and pulled her face down to kiss her hungrily before he broke it for a few seconds, "Now for dessert," he chuckled before kissing her again.

D'Vana kissed him back growling softly, now this was a dessert she could truely enjoy. Her hands tangled in that mane of dark hair and pressed closer to him before break ing the kiss and biting him on the cheek with a grin...

A low, gutteral growl was coming from the depths of Ch'tan's throat as he felt the blood seep gently from the bite on his cheek, the light stinging sensation only caused him greater pleasure as he pulled his mate's face back down to his and kissed her again, tasting his own blood on her lips.

D'Vana growled and kissed him back tasting him, and enjoying their kiss and his touch so much more. She pushed him back onto the floor continuing to kiss him hungrily unzipping his uniform jacket and ripping the undershirt to get at the muscular flesh underneath...

(End Log...)

Lieutenant Commander Ch'tan Foster
Chief Tactical Officer


Lieutenant D'Vana Xavier
Assistant Engineering Officer

USS Charon

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