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[USS Charon] RE: SD 240910.14 |Joint Log Bad Blood| EnArrian Rhiana t'Khellian COMMS & LtCmdr Ch'tan Foster CTAC


Subject: RE: SD 240910.14 |Joint Log | EnArrian Rhiana t'Khellian COMMS & LtCmdr Ch'tan Foster CTAC
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 02:09:34 +0000

[Holodeck 2]
Rhiana had finished with her meditations in her chambers for the evening and was feeling the ache of dulled muscles in her formerly well toned body. Nearly eight months in a coma had ravaged her systems, though through no falt of the Human Medical staff she was sure. If she had to agree on one thing, the humans took good care of their patience no matter their race. Needing get back into the swing of being fully active the young EnArrian moved from her quarters toward the Holodeck to start a rigiourous training regiment, Doctor King be damned.

After clearing it with the Computer again, Ch'tan had decided to train in the holodeck again, this time on his own, his legs were feeling much stronger and he felt he could handle it himself, he strode up to the holodeck doors and started up his program, his blades attached about his person, the bat'leth on his back and the pair of mek'leth on his hips, as he stepped in and drew bat'leth, a pair of warriors charged him and shouted out a challenge.
Rhiana moved up to the Holodeck flexing her arms a bit ready for the program she had in mind and stopped as she noticed a program already running in the Holodeck she had booked for the evening. "Well this is most inconvient.." she muttered to herself and desided to just make her way in, she had booked the suite and whoever had desided to jump line was going to get an ear full.  As she stepped inside she noted the Klingon Cheif Tactical officer being charged by two holographic warriors and rested her hand on her Vrelenc's hilt to see what would happen.

With a burst of speed that is normally unusual in a Klingon, Ch'tan launched himself forwards, his razor sharp bat'leth shattering one of the warrior's weapon and cleaving a hole in his chest, the flesh and blood Klingon ducked under a swing by the second officer and bought his leg around to kick him backwards.
Rhiana watched as the firist target was eviserated by the rageing Klingon warrior and had to pause a moment to reflect on his skill. As Ch'tan kicked the second target to send him reeling she in one beautifully fluid motion removed her saber from its scabbard and brought a delicate slice across the flaling enemies neckline. As she stepped up beside Ch'tan the second of his two enemies landed on the ground headless from her graceful stroke.
"It seems we both had the same idea Commander, Not only the same idea but the same Holodeck scheduled.." said the beautiful Romulan officer to the already more then likely Battle Lusted Klingon. She remained on guard incase his instincts to attack overwhelmed his judgement.

The growl rose up from the depths of his stomach as he saw a Romulan blade sever the head from his opponent, it grew as she spoke to him and he felt his muscles tighten as his instincts told him to crush the enemy that stood beside him, "Computer said holodeck was free when I booked," he grunted as he turned slowly, "Computer, pause program,"
Raised a slender black eyebrow an eighth of an inch and surpressed a smirk as the beast tensed even more hearing her voice. It's a shame she didn't own this one as well, she could teach it manners and how to do tricks like a good dog. "Strange it said the same thing to me as well. And this is the only Holodeck avaliable today. How should we deal with this dilema?" she asked with vaugely disquised disdain for the beast before her.

"You being in my holodeck or you being on a Federation ship?" Ch'tan replied as he slid his bat'leth onto his back and drew his paired mek'leth, his skin crawled with the Romulan nearby, it was never so bad with t'Rehu, because she was a Starfleet Officer and his duty came before his anger, however... this one wasn't and as soon as he had his blades drawn, he felt his arms tensing for a strike.
Rhiana laughed coldly at that and gripped her sabers prommel tightly, "Be careful what you say Klingon...I wouldn't want to hurt one of the Federations tamed dogs...They might fine me. As to this being YOUR holodeck I think you have delusions of grandure, However I have something that might fit both our needs for this place, How would you like a live opponent?" she taunted him and made sure she was in her combat stance seeing him tense up..This could turn out to be more intresting then she had hoped.

"I think you will find me more than a tamed dog Romulan," Ch'tan roared as he spun around, a mek'leth in each hand and set about attacking with a speed that was again, unexpected for a man of his size, "A Dead one would serve a better purpose," he laughed as she barely dodged the strikes.
Rhiana was taken off guard at the explosive speed of the large Klingon warrior she tucked and rolled away from the brute and his deadly blades just barely being gashed open by the brutal assault. As she rolled away she pivioted up on her heels and sent a quick slice down for the wrist of his right arm hopeing to score a blow that would slice deep into the tendon and remove the threat of one of the blades.

The smart tactics were not lost on Ch'tan and even through his battle lust he could see the attack coming, swinging around he bought his right arm out of the way and bought the blade of the mek'leth in his left hand down ontop of the Romulan blade with such force the echo didnt die away for a few moments before he spun away and crouched into a defensive stance.
Rhiana held on tight to her blade as the ringing blow of the Mek'leth on her saber. She gripped it as hard as she could feeling the massive viberations ring up her arms. She would give the Klingon this..He was strong..But strength wasnt everything she let the weight of the blow send her down to her knee and stabbed foward at the commanders left knee as he spun away.

The half breed Klingon let a small smile cross his face as he saw the looks of discomfort cross the Romulans face and he was prepared for her next attack, using his defensive stance he parried away the attack as his knee and moved out of the weapon's reach.
Rhiana scowled as her attack was once again deflected and climbed back up to her feet stareing across at her opponent. "How well you dance Klingon, do you know any other tricks? Sit perhaps? Roll over maybe? Oh wait...I know...Play dead." she said and spun her blade around in front of her and stepped off toward Ch'tan's left closing the distance between them slowly.

"Whats the matter Romulan?" Ch'tan replied as he tracked her movements with his blade, making sure that he could react to any attack that might be launched against him, "I don't think you expected skill from a Klingon," he laughed before sighting her along his blade, the second held across his chest, ready to swing around and strike.
Rhiana smirked at that watching his movments. "I never expect skill from the Klingons...And you haven't displayed any yet..Even a dog can defend itself from a deadly enemy." she countered and then feinted left with a side swipe toward his left side with her blade, but as she got very close changed hands and swooped around toward his right forarm attempting to catch him off guard.

Ch'tan noticed the change in attack just in time and bent over backwards, his knees bending so his hands touched the floor in the crab position, the perfect position to bring his right foot up and connect cleanly with the Romulan's chin before he collapsed from the crab and rolled back to his feet.
Felt the massive boot of the Klingon Tactical officer crash against her chin and she feel back with a hard thud. The force of the blow made her bite her bottom lip and she spit out a bit of coppery green blood. As she shook off the effects of the uncanningly dexterious blow by the klingon she narrowed her dark eyes on him. 
She reached up and tried to reset her jaw back in place and as she seemed to slowly stand back up eyes locked on his she sprang foward on the tip of her toes attempting to send her elbow into his disgusting Klingon halfbreed nose.

The young half blood let out a laugh as he sidestepped her attack and bought the pommel of his mek'leth down on the back of her skull, sending the Romulan crashing back to the deck, "Had enough?" he taunted as he stepped back out of her reach, where he could anticipate any attack coming his way.
Rhiana hit the deck again hard dazed by the hit on the back of the head and stopped moving face down on the floor of the Holodeck. It appared she was no longer breathing at the moment as her hard breathing came to a sudden halt before the taunting Klingon's eyes.

Ch'tan noticed the lack of breathing and his Starfleet training overruled most of his brain, but he still only sheathed one of his weapons and kept a distance between him and the Romulan lying on the deck, "Lieutenant Commander Foster to sickbay, emergency transport from Holodeck Two, one Romulan injured," he said quickly, "Computer, End Program,"
As the Klingon was busy calling sickbay and she heard his weapons seathed she spun over on her back in a blinding flash and threw her Saber Directly for the Klingon's Left shoulder blade to lodge in just above his lungs with a mighty throw."NEVER DROP YOUR WEAPONS KLINGON!"

Sidestepping again quickly, Ch'tan bought his second mek'leth round in an arc and smashed the saber out of the air, sending it clattering to the deck at his feet, "A nice attempt, but I thought your hearing was better than that," he chuckled as he reached down and picked up the blade at his feet.

"I think we are done here," he added as he sighted along the blade and smiled, "Its a little bent, you may want to have it repaired, Sickbay, cancel the transport, I was.. misinformed," the young Klingon continued as he threw the weapon into the far corner, "Computer, End Program."

Rhiana glared at the Klingon and stood up still a little dizzy from the blow to the head but she damn sure wasnt going to show the Klingon weakness by stumbleing. She moved over to retrive newly bent blade watching him with death in her eyes."This isn't over Klingon that I can assure you." she spoke with a cold dread in her voice

The young half blood just laughed as he stepped through the doors and onto the deck, a few beads of sweat running down his ridges.
Rhiana waited untill the half breed left the Holodeck and a few moments later after he was well away down the hall she moved out as well heading back toward her quarters.
/\ END LOG /\

Lieutenant Commander Ch'tan Foster
Chief Tactical Officer
USS Charon
EnArrian Rhiana t'Khellian
Chief Communications Officer.
USS Charon

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