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[USS Charon] [USS Charon] SD:240910.12 |Personal Backlog "The Seeing Spear"| EnA t'Khellian | CCOMS‏‏

[Tal'Shiar survival training, ch'Rihan] /\ 40 years ago /\
 Rhiana had been in the field doing starvation training in one of the more inhospitably locations on the beautiful planet of ch'Rihan. Two weeks eariler the Tal'Shair had stripped her down to but a basic covering and gave her only a spade like tool to survive with. The Frozen land was home to many dangerous beasts one of which begun to stalk the half frozen erie'Eredh a few days into her survival test. As Rhiana huddled under a very rare outcropping of rocks taking shelter from the storms the beast (A large Kadul like creature simlar to the ones of Astate Colony) pounced down at her slashing toward the half frozen Romulan woman with seven inch razor sharp claws. The Blow was aimed with murderous intent on disembowling her in one swipe, though she was ambushed and slowly starting to suffer from frostbite, Rhiana managed to duck to her left in a slow roll. The move hurt her as her Coppery blood began to pump against the freezing weather and winceing she brou ght her only weapon to bare, the Spade.
The Creature snarled and it's hot breath washed over the nearly naked Rhiana. Not waiting for it to make up for it's mistake Rhiana charged it head on slashing down hard for it's neck with the sharp end of the spade knowing full well in this weather and her exposure she would have to kill it quickly. However the beast had other plans. As Rhiana's mighty blow swept foward the creature curled down into a tight ball and the metal spade slammed into it's hard scales sending Rhiana off balance and down to the ground. The large scaly cat like creature unfolded and pounced down on her sinking it's hind claws into her stomch and attempted to bite its massive fangs down into her neck to lap her blood while she was still alive. Rhiana managed to get her spade up to block the incoming fangs as the talons dug into her tender flesh and begun to rip her open.
The beast contenued to attempt to get a strangle hold on her smelling the coppery blood in the air as the green blood slowly crystalized on the creature's massive claws. Rhiana struggled under its weight, It was a powerful creature and its every movement nearly wrenched her arms out of socket but finely she had a bit of success. While the creature was once more lunging to get a choke hold Rhiana brought the spade up and lodged it's tip deep into it's left eye which exploded in a mass of yellow and red puss. The large cat lept off of her yowling in pain and clawing at its eye, wounded but diffnately not out of the picture. Rhiana bleeding badly scrambled to one knee as the beast thrashed in it agony and with all her considerable might plundged the spade into it's left flank cleaveing it's scaley hide and peirceing deep into its vital organs. The beast let out a powerful and long howl of dispare that echoed deeply into the mountians as it died before the freezing Rhiannsu woman .
Rhiana fell back panting from the ordeal and knew she had very little time to bind the wound or she would succumb to blood loss and slip into a coma, one that would be fatal given her situation. Pulling herself back up she scooted toward the fallen and still bleeding beast. She took the edge of her spade and begain to hack at the beasts outter hide with as much strength as she could muster and peeled off a few strips of the beast's flesh and scales. She didn;t have time to acutally make something fancy out of it so she slapped the slab of bleeding flesh to her wounds winceing in pain as she applyed pressure to her gashes.
[Two Hours Later]
After her wounds had at least stopped bleeding horriably she begain to get to work on the carcass before her. As she stripped it of its fatty hide and and slabs of meat she once more used her only tool the spade and attempted to ignite its gathererd fur on a stone to create a fire. Her Ancestors had managed it so it was concivable that she would to. After a few mintues of trial and error she managed to create a small flame which she quickly nurtured and begun to heat up her spade. Ten minutes later she was applying the heated metal to her wounds effectively sealing them and hopefully destroying any surface infections the beast's skin might have left. It was one of the most painful experiences of her young life and it brought tears to her eyes, which were quickly turning to crystals on her cheeks.
After cauderaizing her wounds she begain to sear the beast's meat so that she could have a meal at least and fashion a rudimentry covering for her body out of its fat and scaly hide. It wouldn't do much to cut out the cold but every little bit would help. A few hours later with a full stomach and better clothed then she started out she begain her trek toward the Check Point as stated by her SOP for the mission.
[ 30 miles and two weeks later]
Rhiana finely after a long grueling trek across in nearly inhospitable frozen area had traveled down the mountian side toward the check point. She was praying for a long warm bath and a decent meal after being checked medically for frost bite and how much she was damaged eariler by the Kadul beast. However her hopes were quickly dashed as the loud speaker containing the voice of her instructor rang out.
"erie'Eredh you have two minutes to dig a pit large enough to hold yourself safely." he said cordiually to her.
A few seconds later she found out why he had asked.. Across the distance large tracked vechicle's were approaching their location. They resembled the tanks of Earth centuries ago, their loud engines roaring across the frozen base of the mountian side. Rhiana gasped and quickly as she could dropped to her tired knees and begain to dig out the frozen ground with her worn spade. Though bitterly cold sweat beaded on her brow as she dug to save her life, the massive machines contenued on like a wave of juggernaughts snapping trees and rocks under their enormous power.
The deadline of two minutes was approching fast and she could feet the rumble of the massive tanks as they begain to loom over her. Rhiana quickly turned face up and laid down as flat as she possiably could in her makeshift trench praying to all the elements to protect her knowing full well that if she had not dug far enough down she would be crushed under the unmerciful tracks of her Tal'Shiar brethern. Rhiana kept her eyes fully open as the tanks begain to make their way across her ditch her limbs were utterly tired and she felt elderly but she would meet her death if need be with her eyes open.
A short time later as the rumbleing of the tanks was heard in the distance the filithy weak Romulan woman raised up with her last ounce of strenght and looked up at the observation tower and slammed her fist to her chest in salute. The Tal'Shiar instructor acknowlaged her gesture and leaned into the microphone.
"Well done Eredh..You survived your promotion, Medics will be along soon." and with that statement his shuttle took off back toward the Tal'Shiar Complex leaving her in the freezeing ground for a bit longer as the medical teams arrived to treat her.
/\ End Log /\
EnArrian Rhiana t'Khellian
Cheif Communications officer.
USS Charon.


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