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[USS Charon] SD 240910.12 || Joint Personal Log || LtCmdr Foster & Lt Xavier (Part 3)


D'Vana had none, her father may have raised her, but she did know her klingon heritage from visiting her uncle and grandparents who were Klingon. she could eat as much as either her uncle or her grandfather, both big strong warriors.


=/\= Some Time Later, Converted Cargobay, USS Charon =/\=

The three Klingons, or should it be, One Klingon and two half Klingons, stepped into the Cargobay that had become the home for the displaced Klingons, it stank as one would expect it to, Klingons not having personal hygiene high on their list of priorities, the beds, which were nothing more than sheets of metal were over to one side and in the centre was a large gap, normally used to duels or for the bloodwine, whichever was preferred.

"Get over here now!" Kulg'Rek bellowed, so loud that the bulkheads rattled with the sound of his voice, "Ch'tan has something to tell you!"

"You will stop fighting with the Romulans, the next one to do so will be thrown out of the nearest airlock, or sent back to Qo'Nos the easy way, in a torpedo tube," Ch'tan growled as he took a step forward, "For those of you who want to know, my attacker was not Romulan,"

D'Vana stood beside Ch'Tan if he needed her, but the strength of his growl and his voice as he yelled and threatened at the older Klingons kind of turned her on. She let a low growl roll from her throat, for his ears only to let him know.

"Now, This beside me is my Mate D'Vana, she will be taking my place as the liason between you useless lot and the Federation officers onboard this ship," Ch'tan added with a quick wink to D'Vana acknowledging her growl, "If there is any more trouble, she has no problem with ripping out the offending Klingons heart and feeding it to him, do I make myself clear?"

"So your saying... this... woman, is going to be the one keeping us in line?" came a voice from the end of the line of Klingons, "I could snap her with my thumb!" he roared as he stepped forward.

"I'd like to see you try petaQ! I'm stronger then I look." She growled angry that this klingon would assume she was weak.

The Klingon who had spoke charged at D'Vana and swung a fist at her, it wasn't fast and it wasn't pretty, it was a swing designed to cause damage if it hit.

D'Vana didn't move out of the way instead she ducked and brought her fist up into his solar plexus effectively forcing the air from his lungs then she literally grabbed him by the throat and lifted him off his feet only to slam him into the deck of the cargo bay. "Next time you take a swing at me petaQ! I will rip your heart out and feed it to you before you die." She growled glaring into his eyes, in true Klingon fashion...

Ch'tan glared at the rest of the Klingons and they all shrank back slightly, he heard an rumble of approval from Kulg'Rek who grabbed the man who had attacked D'Vana and threw him back over to the group, "Good, now that we understand each other, the three of us are going to go and train, I suggest you do the same and prove to the Captain that you are worth keeping around," he growled as he turned and stalked towards the door.

She felt an adrenaline rush through her as she turned and stalked away from the other klingons managing to hold on to her shaking until they were outside the door then she let out her breath in a slow sign and looked to her shaking hands. "wow that felt different." she said more to herself. "well felt different from when we fist met." She smiled at Ch'Tan remembering the arguments between the two of them and how she had bitten him and then he had dragged her off...

"Feels good doesn't it, the adrenaline, the power, the refined anger," Ch'tan laughed as the three walked back out of the cargobay to the sounds of arguing between the other Klingons.

"Are they fighting amongst themselves now?" She asked as she heard the sounds of arguments, starting to get the feeling that it was what Klingons do. "You know I've gotta say your growling was quite a turn on." she growled softly linking her arm through Ch'Tan's and giving him a naughty smile...

"The one who attacked you was my second in command," Kulg'Rek said as they walked back toward the turbolift, "When he challenged your authority and lost, he lost his position as well, they will now fight to see who is the strongest," he added with a laugh.

"Oh hehe well maybe the next one will be stronger." She said with a grin, though noticed that Ch'Tan hadn't responded to her hinting and slipped her arm back from his to thinking...

The younger male Klingon had noticed her hinting and took hold of her hand as she tried to slip her arm out, linking their fingers together, he smiled back at her and growled lightly, "Later, after we've trained more and had dinner," he said lightly as the trio stepped into the lift.

"Mmm I'll hold you to that Ch'Tan." She growled and kissed him as they stepped into the lift enjoying the taste of him and wondering what kind of training program he would normally run.

(To Be Continued...)

Lieutenant Commander Ch'tan Foster
Chief Tactical Officer


Lieutenant D'Vana Xavier
Assistant Engineering Officer

USS Charon

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