Thursday, October 1, 2009

[USS Charon] [Quantum Fury] BACKLOG | SD240908.20 | Dr. D. King & LT A. Roberts | Part 2

=/-\= Begin Log =/-\=
Location: Guest Quarters, USS Quantum Fury
Timeline: Roughly 2 hours before rendezvous with USS Charon

"I've never actually participated in a mission like Charon's, actually," he replied before finishing off his tea. Given the lines of work he had been involved in, it was usually a given to be in or around 'civilized' space.


"Neither have I. I've always stayed where I would be close to Klingon space." She was very close to her family, always liking the comfort of being close, to an extent of them. This new mission that they would be on with the Charon would take her extremely far away from her family, but being around David made up for it. Standing up, Aubrey went to the replicator again, this time ordering a Klingon piece of fruit before she went to go sit down again.


"Well, I'm looking forward to being out on the line again," the man said with a soft sigh, his hand moving to set the cup on the table in front of the couch. "I've spent so much time in offices and laboratories; it'll be nice to actually do some real work again."


She started to slowly munch on the fruit, looking out the view port he had once been looking out at, and then she turned back to him. "Not to mention all the down time you've had lately." She referred the last 6 weeks as well as the time that they had together before they were both on the Warrior.


"Definitely goes without mention," he agreed, leaning back against the sofa again. "I'm ready to get back into the routine again, working in a sickbay and actually accomplishing things."


"Oh, good things tend to happen when you get off time." She said, with a smile remembering when they had met in a bar on a space station when she had been on a LOA and he had been in between posts. Finishing her fruit, she leaned back, moving her body next to his. Her stomach was finally satisfied. "I don't like getting hungry like that." She said as she took a calm breath.


He shrugged, laying his arm across her shoulders, "I didn't say all the leave time was a bad thing. It was enjoyable while it lasted, but it's good to feel useful."


"I know hon." She said, relaxing into his body. "It will be nice to settle down into a normal day to day pattern for more than a few weeks." A hand covered a yawn from Aubrey's lips.


David glanced down at her and raised an eyebrow, "Hey now, none of that. We'll be arriving shortly. There isn't time for napping."


She gave a soft laugh. "I know, I know." She stretched some again, but still kept close to him. "Distract me then." She told him as she got comfortable next to him. "Tell me something..."


"Hmm..." he started, leaning his head back while trying to come up with a topic. "I'm interested to see what the Sickbay on Charon is like. I've never been on one of the Luna-class ships. Being developed as a long-range exploration vessel, there have got to be some differences in the medical facilities, as they're not exactly in range of a Starbase for emergency support."


Aubrey had already been aboard a Luna class, not serving of course, but she had been able to look around. She wasn't going to disappoint him by telling him this though. "What are some of the other things you're looking forward to on the Charon?" She asked curious.


David motioned to the viewport as he replied, "Being out here, where I can be tested again instead of doing the testing. Who knows the kinds of things they'll run into out here?"


"Instead of you doing the testing?" She asked somewhat curious, looking out the viewport.


"I've done a lot of laboratory work over the recent years," he said, another of his half-truths. "I've overseen interns and junior officers, putting them through the paces of becoming true medical practitioners and medical researchers. I'm ready to practice real medicine again."


His half-truth went past her; she had so many of hers as well. "I hadn't thought of that." She said, resting her head on his arm around her shoulder. "This will be a perfect chance for you." She said relaxing. "And it will give me a place to actually sit still for awhile before uprooting again."


Moving his head to the side in order to look at her properly he again raised an eyebrow, "I'd really like to hope that the up-rooting will be coming to a minimum." David hated to think that all they had done together, and all the boundaries they had crossed would come to mean nothing.


"We will see," Aubrey said calmly. She had put too much effort into their relationship, to much emotion as well to leave him so easily. She just didn't want to be completely dependent of him, or at least that was what she was telling herself for now.


Looking over at the chronometer displayed on the wall David let out a long sigh, "You'd best go get your stuff ready, beautiful. We should be arriving within the hour."


Giving a light moan, she started to get up. "Of course my stuff is still all over the place." She finally did make it up off the couch back into the bedroom area grabbing her uniform, she stepped into it zipping it up. "Damn uniform...." She muttered.


Standing up himself, he moved to the doorframe between the two rooms, "I'll meet you in the transporter room in an hour?" It wouldn't take him near as long to get his stuff ready. Everything had still been packed before he left Warrior, and was still in the same boxes.


Aubrey nodded. "I will try to be on time." She stressed the word -try-. "Hopefully I will be." Aubrey finished zipping up her uniform, then sliping on her shoes. "One Hour."


Reaching out David took her hand and pulled her in for a quick kiss, "I'll see you there then."


She lightly kissed him in return. "Of course," She told him before she turned to leave.

=/-\= End Log =/-\=
Commander David King, M.D.
Replacement Officer
USS Charon
Lieutenant Aubrey Roberts
Replacement Officer
USS Charon