Thursday, October 1, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.01 JOINT LOG MCapt HTatlock and Ens M'Riarr ASST Helmcat

[USS Charon, shuttle bay]
The large, golden furred Caitian sat atop the "Bellatora Fortis", checking on Shenn's handiwork. The shuttle gleamed as if her Andorian friend had polished it with his bare hands and one would hardly believe it had been little more than wreckage a few days ago. Purring happily, M'Riarr tensed her muscles and jumped onto the roof of the next shuttle. Workout and shuttle inspection in one. Maybe after she was finished she could do some climbing, too. Not as if anyone was here who could mind.
With their characteristic hum, the doors to the shuttle bay slid open and a human walked in. One that M'Riarr hadn't seen before and he was..  a marine? She hadn't known they still had one. Or gotten a new one.
She peeked down at the man from the shuttle roof, her furry face displaying a friendly grin.
"Hello Mr marine. You looking for something?"
The marine looked up a little shocked, Tatlock didn't think there was anyone in this compartment.
He had never seen this species before .
"I'm Harry " he answered, "I am just having a look around." he added.
"Ensign M'Riarr." the bipedal lioness answered, tail swishing happily.
She pondered jumping off the shuttle but the human already looked a bit startled so she decided to carefully slide down the side instead.
"Nice to mrow meet you. You one of our new people from the Fury?"
Extending a friendly paw like she had seen humans do it, the green eyed Caitian sauntered towards the man with the nice name. Sounded a bit like a purr, actually.
"Pleased to meet you, actually I came in from USS Enterprise" Tatlock replied.
Explaining that he requested a billet more suitable to his talents than getting involved with the race called Prix, Harry told the ensign that he was from a place called Carpathia and had two other brothers who were in Starfleet also..
M'Riarr listened to the marine introducing himself, her ears moving a bit like they always did when she was curious about something new.
"Enterprrrrise? Hm, I've thought about requesting her, but a two year exploration mission was just too good to pass up." she purred.
"So, you're doing a bit of explorrrring yourself? Have you found the recreation deck yet? Miss Betty is making some verrrrry nice barbecues there until her kitchen is fixed."
"No I haven't got that far yet " Harry said he added that barbecue was very good tasting, it was one of his favorite meals.
Harry enquired as to what had been going on before his arrival.
"Ooooh that's a story and then some, Mr Harry" the golden furred Caitian chuckled. "One thing I can tell you is that life on Charon hasn't been boring and my whiskers tell me it won't get borrring any time soon."
She looked back at the two shuttles she hadn't inspected yet and then smiled at the marine again
"If you'd like, I'll just finish up herrrre and then give you a little tour to the rec room. Does food and story swapping sound good?"
"Sounds good to me "Tatlock replied and followed the ensign.
Ensign M'Riarr
Assistant Helmscat
(NPC apb I-Chaya)
USS Charon
Marine Captain Harry Tatlock


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