Thursday, October 1, 2009

[USS Charon] [Quantum Fury] BACKLOG | SD240908.20 | Dr. D. King

=/-\= Begin Log =/-\=


Location: Quest Quarters, USS Quantum Fury

Timeline: Immediately after arriving at Lyrilla


As soon as Aubrey had left the quarters that Captain Kanryth had assigned to him for their month-long voyage into the Beta Quadrant, David had moved back into the living area and recycled his cup into the replicator before moving back to change into his duty uniform. For just an instant he debated stuffing himself into the overly-uncomfortable dress uniform for reporting in to Commodore Rehu, but decided against it. There was no need to inconvenience himself over something so small, and highly doubted she would have appreciated it anyways.


Her reputation far preceded her.


This time he had no duffle with his closest belongings, no extra change of uniform. With the frustrations that had occurred during his reporting-in to Acting Captain Moore on Warrior, this time he had kept everything packed away in the storage containers, removing only a pair of uniforms he could change between when needed. During most of the trip he had stayed in his guest quarters and the small room that served as a crew lounge on the Quantum Fury, so civilian clothes had served well enough.


With a sigh he tried not to think about the fiasco that had been his only mission among their crew. First Contact situations were among the most serious that a starship ever faced, and for one to go so sourly was…well…it was as close to disgrace as one could come. In fact, this time they had been lucky a full scale war hadn't been started.


Not that there had been no reasons for what had happened. David assumed that just about anyone serving in Starfleet would have objected to eating the flesh of another sentient being. The Doctor had even politely refused at first, requesting to be dismissed from the formal dinner on the planet's surface. But his request had been denied by the command team. Then others had voiced their complaints in not-so-diplomatic manners, which had offended the Daresians.


"Computer, location of transporter room two?" he asked after checking through his belongings. It seemed that the few things he had pulled out during the trip had all been securely returned to their packing.


"Transporter room two is located on deck four, secton twenty-five."


With a firm nod he left his belongings sitting in the center of the guest quarters before moving to exit into the corridor. A quick turbolift ride took him up to deck four, and a minute later he was walking through the doors into the transporter room.


Aubrey had not yet arrived, which really didn't surprise him.

"Chief, please see that my things are beamed over to the Charon," David said to the transporter chief as he moved to stand next to the console to wait for Aubrey.


While he stood there his thoughts again drifted off back to the floundered diplomatic relations with the Daresians. After the crew had been exiled back to the vessel, and Moore had been taken 'captive' until she could pay penance for their insults, they had launched an ill-planned assault on the Daresians in order to 'rescue' her. The Doctor, of course, had been against any aggravated actions, but that didn't change anyone's mind. And the attack only made things worse.


And then, to top it all off, the senior officers (despite what their involvement was) had been confined strictly to quarters and had been required to go through the cultural sensitivity material again. It was like they were expected to have just sat there and enjoyed their meal, despite the main course being 'roasted child with a pineapple marinade.'


David's transfer request had been submitted before the starship had arrived at Deep Space Nine, and he had taken his leave within an hour of its docking. It seemed that his connections with Admirals Jones and Enor (the latter of which had been his Commanding Officer for a long while at one time) had been strong enough to get him a good posting.


And so he was waiting to beam over to his new assignment, Chief Medical Officer on one of Starfleet's prized Luna-class starships.


The woman behind the transporter control console spoke up interrupting his thoughts, "Yes, sir. I'll see to it as soon as you're aboard…"
=/-\= To Be Continued... =/-\=
Commander David King, M.D.
Replacement Officer
USS Charon NCC-80111