Thursday, October 7, 2010

[USS Charon] [USS Quantum Fury] SD241010.07 - "Ego vobis valedico"

[USS Quantum Fury]

"The Charon has entered the wormhole."  Kaen said wearing a thin smirk- he turned and smiled at Khiy "that Captain of theirs is always in a hurry it seems.  Should we follow them?  Those Tal'Shiar ships are getting awfully close- not that I wouldn't mind meeting them up close to see if they are as terrible as the tales say...but, that experiment can wait for another time eh Captain?"

"We are not finished here."  Khiy said pointing to the seat next to him "you will probably want to sit down Onarin- I do not need my Executive Officer stumbling around the bridge."  The young Romulan looked at the reptilian manning tactical "prepare a firing solution- target the stations' orbital stabilizers and prepare to decloak us."

"Orbital stabilizers..."  Kaen's smirk grew wider "I guess you truly are as cold as your mother."  The Cardassian plopped down in the chair next to Khiy and pressed his commbadge "Vekelse please increase power to internal forcefields- we are going to play for a little bit."  Onarin looked at Khiy "right Captain?"

"Play?"  Khiy frowned at his XO "this is not a game."  He said coldly and turned his attention to the view screen "Lieutenant Alia- bring us about and towards the targets as assigned by tactical.  Nik Nok decloak us and open fire."

[Ralaar'laehval, Command Center]

"How long until the Tal'Shiar ships reach us?"  erie'Riov tr'Hauka asked nervously as he peered over the main operations console.

"They are still occupied with outlying system defense- it may be some time.  An hour perhaps?  It is difficult to say for certain but...wait the Federation ship is following the Endless Sky into wormhole!"

tr'Huaka chortled "damn the Gai'Shian- such failures."  He shook his head "but we have no time for them.  We must think of a way to convince the Tal'Shiar not to kill us..."

"The weapon.  We still have the wormhole weapon."

The erie'Riov's face lit up "yes of course!  We have the weapon.  We can use it to barter our safety.  They will want it.  Genius!"

The station suddenly rocked.  Panic set onto tr'Huaka's face "have they arrived already?!"

"No...another Federation ship has decloaked!"  His subordinate violently slammed his fingers on the console "they have destroyed one of our orbital stabilizers..." his voice trailed off as the station rocked violently again "another!"

"Return fire!"  tr'Huaka shouted at the tactical station.  His eyes moved to the view screen where it focused on the small ship attacking them.  Green disruptor beams laced out towards the bug but it continuously dodged them like some annoying fly avoiding its rightful place beneath a swatter.  "What are you doing!  Destroy them!"

"We can't!  They're too fast!"

The station rocked violently again but this time the view screen image tilted heavily and what was once the periphery of the planet began to grow.  Now the blue glow of I'Rak prime was dominating the view.  Huaka looked stricken "what is going on?!"

"The orbital stabilizers are gone!  We're falling towards the planet!"

Huaka's jaw dropped as the planet seemingly began to grow closer on the viewsceen.  Finally he turned and ran out of the operations center.  In his wake alarm klaxons blared issuing an evacuation order.

[USS Quantum Fury]

"Orbital ssstablizersss dessstroyed Captain."  Nik Nok hissed as the Romulan starbase fell towards the planet.  Khiy nodded his head "destroy the wormhole device and take us in before it collapses." 

The Quantum Fury let loose a flurry of weapons fire into the starbase ripping the device to shreds before twisting around and cloaking as it dived towards the collapsing wormhole.

[I'Rak Prime]

Ahela t'Nuarel raised a hand to her sun beaten forehead to wipe away dirt that had accumulated- when she looked up she noticed just across the horizon that a massive fireball was flying through the sky.  Her mouth hung open as the fireball soon smoldered above them causing the ground to quake.  She shouted and shoved her head to the ground.  Moments later the quaked with great ferocity.  When she looked up a down the valley she witnessed a giant mushroom cloud climbing into the turquoise sky.  "Elements..." she whispered.